Happy Quotes 2023: Celebrate International Day of Happiness and Make Your Loved Ones Smile!

by Anjelina

Every new day is an opportunity to smile at life and feel gratitude for the little things that make our daily lives extraordinary. However, there are some days that are a little more special. Such is the date of March 20, or in other words, the International Day of Happiness! Need some inspiration to get you in the festive mood and celebrate happiness? Then here is our collection of happy quotes. Find the phrase that touches you the most, then set the photo as a screensaver to constantly remind you of the inspirational message. And since happiness is contagious, don’t hesitate to send a happy quote to your loved ones!

Why is International Day of Happiness celebrated?

It has been more than 10 years since the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 20 as the World Day for Happiness and Well-Being. The celebration comes every year to mark the importance of happiness in all its forms. The main objective of this celebration is to remind everyone that happiness is very important and can be found in the little things. A meal with our loved ones, a walk in nature with our pet, a sweet moment on the balcony with a cup of coffee and the song of the birds… We can always find a reason to smile at life and feel happy!

Happy quotes: The best selection

lilly pulitzer quote being happy never goes out of style

We have selected the best quotes about happiness that you can download and send to your family and friends and tell them not to stop looking for it! We will remind you, however, that sometimes it lies in the little things and in the present moments of true joy, which often do not depend on us, but happen spontaneously! Let us now inspire you with some of the most positive quotes about happy living!

Happiness never bores 

happiness never bores happy quotes


Live the life of your dreams…

oprah winfrey the biggest adventure quote

Happiness cures everything

gabriel garcía márquez quote about happiness

Beauty is everywhere

beauty is everywhere bob ross quote

Be happy and be you

be happy be bright be you

Happiness is the greatest form of success

being happy is the greatest form of success

Be in love with your own life

happiness is being in love with your own life

Quotes about happiness and laughter

laughter is the driving force we all need

Happiness and laughter always go hand in hand, so we can’t help but include a few great quotes on laughter. It is one of the most wonderful spontaneous reactions that set us apart from other living beings. When we laugh, it is a state that can soothe, heal, enliven, encourage or even embrace. So laugh more and be happy!

Laughter heals pain

madeleine l’engle quote about laughter which heals hurt

Thoughts on laughing for no reason

norm papernich quote about laughter and happiness

Laughter ignites a fire

stella & blake quote about laughter

Always laugh with the ones you love

we cannot love without laughter quote

Quotes about inner happiness

everyone carries their happiness within themselves

To remind ourselves of the importance of being in touch with ourselves, we have prepared some relevant quotes for you. Happiness comes from within – it’s an inner journey. Balance, joy and well-being come from us, and it is not right to always expect them from others. The best way to find happiness is to give yourself peace of mind and be grateful for who you are and what you have, remember that!

Happiness depends on your own thoughts

happiness depends on your own thoughts

Happiness starts with you 

happiness starts with you happy quotes of the day

Joy is in us all

joy is not in things it is in us happy quotes


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