15 Thanksgiving quotes that remind you how wonderful life can be with a little gratitude!

by Kristiyana

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we are all expecting to spend quality time with the people we love most and enjoy an extravagant festive feast! However, this holiday is not just about the roasted turkey, or delicious pumpkin pie. What Thanksgiving is really about is being grateful for everything you have in front of you. Whether you feel for gratitude for your achievements, the roof over your head, or your loved ones, now is the perfect time to express it! Let’s take a journey through some beautiful and uplifting thanksgiving quotes, which we can later share with our family and friends!

Thanksgiving quotes 2022

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Let’s begin strong with a beautiful quote that tells us how being thankful will make not only those closest to us happy, but ourselves as well.

Quotes about gratitude

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The most important part of the Thanksgiving holiday is to express gratitude. A quote like this one, reminds us that when you are grateful you open yourself to numerous possibilities and are a better version of yourself as a whole.

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To appreciate what you have is not something you should do only on Thanksgiving, but something which must become an essential part of our lives.

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No matter how busy your daily schedule is, always try to find the time to express how much you care about someone.

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A short sentence, or even just a word full of sincerity and gratitude, can change someone’s life if you have the courage to say how you feel.

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Saying something out loud doesn’t necessarily make it true. But living by the things you say is a whole other thing. Actions speak louder than words.

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This Thanksgiving quote reminds us that where there is gratitude there is virtue, and from gratitude all else blooms.

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No matter how much you give, that will not lower your fortune. But giving back to your community will surely make you feel rich at heart and mind.

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To finish off with the quotes on gratitude, we have this beautiful long Thanksgiving quote which expresses that what is of most necessity is just to keep saying “thank you” whenever you can and as long as you can.

Positive Thanksgiving quotes

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By far one of my favourite Thanksgiving quotes, this inspirational and positive saying makes note of how this wonderful holiday can help us to build a new and better life for ourselves.

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Another inspirational quote, that tells us that even when you think you have little, for some you may have the whole world. Always look on the bright side of things.

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Looking for more positive Thanksgiving quotes? Here is one that says how it is not of great importance if your glass is half full or half empty, but that you have a glass at all!

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Don’t dwell too much on the past about what could have been, but focus on what it is now and what you have in front of you.

positive thanksgiving quotes_inspirational sayings

When you are mindful and pay close attention to even the smallest of fortunes in life, you will feel like you have the world!

I hope these remarkable and festive Thanksgiving quotes did for you, what they certainly did for me. It is always nice to be reminded of how wonderful life can really be when you feel grateful for what you have and strive to always look on the bright side of things. And if you are looking to lift your spirits even more, why not check out our 60 happiness quotes, that will surely make you smile! Happy holidays everyone!

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