Comic nails are the coolest nail trend for winter 2022 that you should definitely remember for your next manicure!

by Kremy

Chrome nails, nude nails or classic French nails – the nail trends for winter 2022 are fun and more versatile than they have been for a long time. We don’t know about you, but for us there is probably no better feeling than leaving the nail salon with freshly painted nails. After all, our hands are our calling card and a chic manicure adds the finishing touch to our outfits. But just when we thought we’d seen it all, a whole new nail design caught our attention. Forget the classic and monochrome manicure! Comic Nails are THE coolest nail trend that has already taken social media and our hearts by storm! What’s all the hype about and how can you get the look yourself? All this and the most beautiful nail designs can be found in our article!

What are Comic Nails?

what nail polish colors are trendy what are comic nails winter 2022

Granted – every few weeks there are new nail trends that get our hearts racing (thanks, TikTok and Instagram), but this one is just out of the box.. well, technically the book. As the name suggests, Comic Nails look as if our fingernails were straight out of a comic book. The nail design in pop art style is a real eye-catcher and provides a lot of good mood in the gloomy winter.

Nail Trend Winter 2022 Pop Art Nail Design Comic Nails


With this nail trend, you can be as simple and minimalist or as bold as you like. Sometimes in bright neon colors, in soft brown tones or as classic French Manicure – Comic Nails come in a wide variety of designs and variations. No matter which way you go, the result is an extremely cool look that immediately catches the eye. However, all nail designs have one thing in common: the drawn light reflections and shadows as well as the thick, black frame.

DIY comic nails: It’s so easy to achieve the trend look

French Nails 2022 Comic Nails Trend Winter

While many nail designs are difficult to replicate at home, Comic Nails are actually super DIY-friendly. With a few simple tricks, you can easily create the trendy look. All you need are nail polishes in the colors of your choice, a thin nail brush, and white and black nail polish. And here comes our “DIY Comic nails” tutorial.

Apply top coat and base color

Nail designs short nails pictures comic nails

Like any other manicure, with Comic Nails we need to create a base first. To do this, apply a thin layer of top coat and let it dry completely. Then you can paint your fingernails with a trendy nail polish color of your choice. Whether bright pink, sky blue or beige – anything you like is allowed.

The black lines

Comic Nails Trend 2022 short nails images

This step requires a bit of finesse and patience. But as the saying goes – good things take time. Take a thin nail brush and apply the black nail polish all the way around the nail. Give yourself time and try to work as cleanly as possible. Unfortunately, if something went wrong, no correction pen will help you, because it will also erase the base color.

Comic Nails: create light reflections and shades

 2022 Nail Polish Color Trends Comic Nails Winter Trend

The 3D look of Comic Nails is only created with perfect shading. For the optical illusion, the illusion of a shadow is first created on one side of the nail with a darker shade of the base color. On the opposite side, the light reflections are drawn in with a white nail art brush. Here, too, you should give yourself enough time and not rush anything. If you are satisfied with the result, you can seal the manicure with a layer of top coat. And voila – your cool comic nails are done!

Comic Nails: The nail trend for winter 2022 looks so cool!

Christmas nails 2022 comic nails trend winter

It doesn’t always have to be neon colors – the nail trend looks really classy in black as well

comic nails trend 2022 Winter nail designs photos

Comic nails as a nail trend are fun and immediately catch the eye

red nails ideas trend winter

A nail design in blue and black looks super elegant and classy

black blue nail design images comic nails trend winter 2022

If you like it more elegant, you can also wear the comic nails in brown

brown nails pictures DIY comic nails instructions

The manicure comes in different designs and shapes

cool nail designs winter what are comic nails trend 2022

The nail design works perfectly even with short nails

Rainbow nails trend what are comic nails winter 2022

Add some glitter to your manicure to make it shine

nail polish colors trends winter 2022 How to do comic nails instructions

The nail trend is about having fun

Nail polish color trends 2022 and original designs


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