Winter 2022 manicure trend: What nail polish color to choose? Here are 10 sublime shades!

by Kremy

What nail polish color for winter 2022 should you choose to stay on top of the latest trends? Good news: this season, you will have the possibility to choose from 10 key shades and you will certainly find the one that makes your heart beat. Are you a fan of lighter shades or more of a fan of darker colors? No problem, because there is something for all tastes and for every skin tone. Here is a list of the winter 2022/2023 manicure colors that we will see on all the nails in the months to come.

winter nail art 2022 2023 colors trend

Winter 2022/2023 manicure trend: The 10 key shades that will make the season!

With autumn already here, we can’t miss taking a look at the trends that will make winter 2022/2023. On the agenda today: the winter 2022 nail polish color in 10 remarkable shades promising to sublimate our hands during the cold season. But to enjoy a pretty manicure worthy of the name, it is also important to think about nail care at home. It is best if you use natural products that pamper not only the nails, but also the budget.

Burgundy – the essential varnish color for the cold months

what color of nail polish for winter 2022 burgundy


A sophisticated color, burgundy never fails to make a splash on the nails. Rich, deep and timeless, it elegantly sublimates our hands and harmoniously complements our winter silhouettes. Burgundy is one of the colors you never get tired of.

The nude palette – a range that emphasizes the natural beauty of the nails

nude shades ideas gel nails

It’s no coincidence that we like to say “When in doubt, opt for nude”. A natural shade, nude is a must-have this season, but we love to wear it all year round. The Nude nails 2022 are available in a wide range of shades that pamper all skin tones and reveal the natural beauty of nails. You’ll love this trendy 2022/2023 manicure!

Winter 2022 manicure color trend: Bright red

2022 2023 nail art brilliant red

Brighter and bolder than burgundy, bright red is also a winter 2022 nail art idea to adopt with your eyes closed. This flashy and glamorous shade subtly and luxuriously dresses the nails while giving them a wintery minimalist touch.

Pastel yellow varnish – a trendy 2022 manicure to die for

trendy nail polish colors yellow pastel

Contrary to popular belief, the winter nail decor doesn’t have to be in dark and deep shades. On the contrary! In 2022, we add pastel yellow to wake up, color and energize our hands during the dark winter days. Whether it’s a total pastel yellow look or a reversed French manicure, the winter 2022 manicure trend is guaranteed!

Winter 2022 manicure trend: We love pearly white

nail art trends 2022 winter colors pearly white

Although it is rarely worn, pearly white embodies the snow and therefore seems the most logical choice in terms of trendy winter 2022 nail art. Delicate and versatile, this immaculate color subtly dresses up festive nails and goes with all outfits. Whether it is a gel nail decoration or a traditional varnish, you will not regret your choice.

Baby Blue or the seductive pastel shade

baby blue nail art winter 2022 blue pastel manicure color trend 2022

One of the greatest advantages of pastel blue is that you can wear it no matter the season. However, the soft and very light pastel blue has this little je-ne-sais-quoi that refers to winter. Our editors’ tip: don’t hesitate to wear it with very fine sequins for a glamorous and icy touch.

Neutral colors: The trendy nail art 2022 for all tastes

idea manicure winter trend color 2022 neutral shades

Grey, beige, brown… neutrals are essential in the winter 2022 manicure trend color and with good reason! Similar to the nude palette, the range of neutrals goes with all outfits and enhances all hands, regardless of age.

Moss green – an unexpected manicure trend

nail art winter 2022 moss green reversed french manicure what nail polish color for winter 2022

Given their ability to go well with all skin tones, green nails continue to grow in popularity. The star shade of the 2022 manicure trend is moss green, which promises to be a sensation this winter!

We warm up winter 2022 nails with mocha varnish

gel nails color winter 2022 mocha nails manicure winter 2022 2023

The mocha varnish is the ideal choice to warm up your manicure in winter while making it look classy. There are a few star shades to choose from, allowing for all kinds of boldness.

Black – the great classic of winter 2022 manicure

Winter 2022 manicure trend colors black

The latest winter 2022 manicure trend color turns out to be black, the great classic that we almost never choose. This season, you have the chance! Think about revitalizing the total black look by adding silver glitter or by wearing it in French manicure style.



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