Micro French Nails 2022: The minimalist nail trend you should definitely try this fall

by Kremy

Do you remember the time when the classic French manicure was THE nail trend par excellence? Even in the 1930s, there was hardly a Hollywood starlet who didn’t wear this timeless, classic look. Today, the French manicure is no longer the big nail trend. The simple but chic looks are gone in favor of bold, creative designs that stand out and turn heads. But guess what? The French manicure is back in Fall 2022! And it has evolved to match the modern aesthetic we know and love today. And so the Micro French Nails 2022, also called Skinny French Nails, was born.

Micro French Nails 2022 vs Classic French Manicure

versatile nail art trend for short nails

The Skinny French Nails are a minimalist version of the classic manicure, where the nail tip is decorated with a thin line. The designs vary greatly depending on tastes, starting with the timeless natural nails with white tips, to experimenting with colored tips or creating nail art on a micro French manicure base.

This manicure is also known as skinny french nails


Micro French Nails 2022 have also got celebrity followers –  Bella Hadid, Ashley Graham, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Arianna Grande. They’ve all been spotted experimenting with this fabulous nail trend — from the classic white polish tip to a daring pop of color.

How to do micro french nails at home like a pro

But what’s not to love about Micro French Nails 2022? This manicure is stylish, elegant and sophisticated. It gives you the freedom to choose between subtle and daring looks – even on short nails! This versatile nail art trend can be done with classic or gel polish and works on short natural nails as well as on long extensions. It’s a stylish manicure that will take you straight from the office to a party without having to worry about a thing!

Who invented Skinny French Nails?

nail trend 2022 the nail tip is decorated with a thin line

Famous nail artist Harriet Westmoreland is the creative genius at the forefront of this beautiful trend. When she wanted to modernize the French manicure for her regular client Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Westmoreland created the micro French manicure. Just visit the revolutionary nail artist’s Instagram page and you’ll see photo after photo of gorgeous Micro French Nails Designs, that you’ll be asking your manicurist for at your next appointment!

Who is this manicure perfect for?

The french manicure is back fall 2022 trends

The Micro French Nails 2022 are perfect for minimalists. The narrow, barely-there strokes of color along the edge of your nails on a neutral base are perfect for those who want to take a hands-on approach to nail art. Also for everyone who lives according to the philosophy “less is more”. It is also great for lovers of natural nails and short nails as you don’t need much length to wear it.

Deconstructed French Nails are very fashionable right now. Find out what they look like here!

How to do micro French nails at home like a pro?

Micro French Nails 2022 are perfect for minimalists

  1. Clean your nails: A classic French manicure should look clean. So it’s not just about the painted line, it’s also about a well-prepared nail. Wash your hands and remove old nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover.
  2. GIVE YOUR NAILS YOUR FAVORITE SHAPE: Although French manicure is suitable for any type of nail plate and any shape/length, nail experts recommend that medium almond shape or short square shape works best for French nail tips. You just have to make sure they don’t have broken edges so your line is symmetrical.
  3. Buffing the nail plate: A little manicure secret is that the polish will hold better if you buff the nails lightly. There is a misconception that buffing is bad because it removes layers from the nails. But this is only the case if it is done incorrectly and excessively.
  4. Hydrate your hands and cuticles: Soak your cuticles in oil before pushing them back. Then, exfoliate your hands with a body scrub and apply a hand cream. Before applying the base coat, dry the nail plate with alcohol or nail polish remover to remove any hand cream from the nails.
  5. Applying the base coat: Now we come to the actual painting of your nails. For Skinny French Nails you need two shades: one for the nail and one for the tip. You can have a lot of fun with the French manicure. First, start with a thin layer of base coat.
  6. Paint the tip of the nail: A straight or curved stripe depends on you and your nail shape. However, if you want your nails to appear longer, let the polish form a curve. Start with a fine brush at the growth points. From the left and right side, draw a line as a “smile” towards the free edge. Then bring them together and draw a thin “smile” line on the free edge. When working free-hand, it’s best to hold the brush still. Just roll with your finger to get a nice, even, curved line. You’ll also have a steadier hand if you hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger while resting your index finger on the top of the cap.
  7. Complete your manicure with a light shade of pink: this is the proven way to make your Micro French Nails 2022 look much more natural. A plain shade of pink will help hide imperfections or yellowing of the nails.
  8. Finish with a thin layer of top coat: After removing all the remains of varnish, you need to make this art last as long as possible. To set your French manicure in place at home, finish by applying a thin layer of a glossy top coat.


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