Industrial decoration living room 2022: the practical guide to furnishing your home at a low price!

by Kremy

Are you interested in interior decoration? Are you eager to discover the new trends that are emerging and those that remain at the top? This is the right place then! The DeaVita team is full of interior design enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for chic (and cheaper) decorating ideas! We can’t wait to share with you some inspiring information and photos about the super practical living room 2022 industrial decor! First, we’ll learn more about the origin of this style and then we’ll talk about the essential elements needed to create it.


What is industrial decor? A brief history

how to decorate a living room in industrial style

The industrial style decoration, or the “industrial chic” decorative style, is directly inspired by the factories built at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The materials used to build these factories were very sturdy. The spaces were large, to be able to accommodate a greater number of people who worked. Concrete, brick, iron and steel buildings were designed to last a very long time. However, in the 21st century, they were no longer really needed, as new jobs appeared. So something had to be done with these buildings. They were mostly located in the big cities, and the townspeople settled there to have a clean canvas to decorate. For years, these buildings have been transformed into magnificent living spaces.

Industrial decor trend living room 2022: practical ideas

industrial living room decor


Here are the four essential things you need to consider before redecorating your living room. Especially if you have a limited budget! The industrial style may seem grim and rather cold to some, but it has many positives. It indeed contains many components of other interior designs such as hygge, modernity, vintage style, rustic, etc. There are a few rules to get that spectacular look out of a magazine, but ultimately you’re going to live there, so might as well add your own personal touch everywhere! Watch it, copy it, change it, make it yours and thrive in it! Besides, to get a lot of items, go to the flea market in your city. You can find a lot of super practical stuff there at low prices! Here is the list!

The materials

modern industrial decorating ideas living room

The materials used in industrial interior decoration are mainly copper, stainless steel, wood, iron and brick. What is so special is that the skeleton of the house is on display. It looks unfinished and rough. Still, it is extremely alluring, as it is very different from modern interiors or vintage decors. Usually the colors are rather gloomy. However, if you don’t like them and want something lighter, choose a light red brick wall or try to incorporate as many white or pastel colored decorations as possible! Add decorations like paintings, rugs, warm blankets, vases with flowers, lamps, coffee tables, etc. The windows are dramatically large for good reason. Given the dark interior, the space needs plenty of light to balance it out and make it comfortable and pleasant to live in.

Industrial living room furniture

living room vintage industrial decor ideas

The industrial style living room does not immediately give this impression of comfort. However, you can make it cozy! If you spend a lot of time at home, you need to make it as pleasant as possible. This means: soft fabrics, large cushions, velvety carpets, etc. The wooden materials also give that warm and cozy chalet-style vibe we all know and love. Especially with fall and winter coming, it’s the perfect choice if you want a drastic change, but still want to be comfortable in your own home.

Industrial decoration: the essentials

living room decorating trends

If you find your interior too raw, add flowers. Decoration with plants has been a trend for about ten years and its popularity continues to grow. Also, if you don’t have very large windows, large lamps are advisable. Stainless steel appliances are always welcome in this type of design. Bricks: a necessity to give a rustic look.

living room design and decor ideas

You can absolutely copy the look of the industrial design living room by using pastel colors and softer materials while still keeping the spirit. Think about the shapes of the furniture and the materials. Wood is essential and it is a robust material that works with almost any type of design.

Industrial style: characteristics

materials colors industrial style decor ideas

We have already talked about what constitutes this particular style. But let’s sum up:

  • bricks
  • large windows
  • large lamps

living room 2022 design trends Industrial decoration

  • metal surfaces
  • wood
  • soft fabrics
  • high roofs
  • lots of space

Photo gallery: industrial decor living room 2022

industrial decor living room 2022

Industrial decor living room 2022: add a little color to the gray interior.

decorating living room on a budget

Large living room lamps are a very distinctive element of this style.

loft style design large windows

An example of industrial minimalism.

living room decor trends 2022 2023

Industrial decor living room 2022: you can also decorate small spaces.

contemporary loft decor

Chic industrial style decor: a beautiful harmony of colors.

living room decor trend autumn 2022

Scandinavian industrial style: invite the cocooning spirit into your home!

warm industrial style design ideas

Bricks, paintings, large windows, glass, these are the typical materials

cozy industrial style home decor ideas

Loft-type spaces are the most common.

modern home ideas industrial style

Trendy kitchen decor 2022: why not redecorate?

hardwood flooring living room ideas

Industrial decor living room 2022: get inspired by our superb ideas.

Industrial decoration living room 2022

Play with shades and examine the color trend of 2022.

Industrial decoration living room 2022 basic features



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