15+ Long Bangs Hairstyles for Short, Medium, and Long Hair

by Kristiyana

Thinking of getting a new and chic hairstyle to be ready in time for Spring 2023? Don’t you think it’s high time you did something different with your appearance? Well, you have come just to the right place. For any of our devoted readers, you know that Deavita.net is always here to offer you with the latest and best haircuts. In this article, we will focus on the glamorous long bangs trend! When it comes to bangs, there are numerous options to go with. You have curtain bangs, side-swept bangs, eyebrow-grazing bangs, etc. Each of these choices can be combined with a fab hairstyle to create a unique cut for Spring. Have a look for yourselves and make your choice!

Long layered hair with curtain bangs

long layered hair with curtain bangs

Why not spice things up with your long layers by going for long curtain bangs? Curtain bangs are trending like crazy in 2023. They create a very chic, feminine look that will get you a few head turns while you are walking down the street. You can style your hair with a round brush for even more volume and retro vibes.

Long bob with curtain bangs 2023

long bob with curtain bangs


Speaking of big trends, a lot of women can’t wait to go down to the hair salon and get a long bob haircut. The long bob, or lob, is very stylish, and low-maintenance. It’s a superb look for the warm spring weather. Plus, a set of long curtain bangs would make this hairstyle all the more appealing. Wouldn’t you agree?

Side-swept bangs on short hair

short hair with side swept fringe

Looking for a long bangs hairstyle for your short hair? We got you covered for that as well! Opt for a textured pixie cut, and leave the top layers long to pull them forward into thick, side-swept bangs. Chic, elegant and sexy.

Long hair with classic straight bangs

long hair with long straight bangs

And who better to draw hair inspiration from than the hairstyle chameleon Zendaya? Her long layered cut, completed with a set of classic straight bangs, is worthy of the red carpet. Very girly and glamorous.

Mid-length curly hair with long bangs

curly mid length hair with long bangs


Long bangs aren’t just for girls with straight or wavy hair texture. Curly manes can pull them off as well! Opt for a mid-length shaggy hairstyle and finish it with these face-framing long curly bangs. This haircut will give you a playful, yet chic look.

Curtain bangs on short hair 2023

short hairstyles for women 2023

Looking for ways to hide a wider forehead and wear a short hairstyle? The blunt bob with curtain bangs would be ideal for this situation. For straight hair, have the cut done with a straight razor. The bangs will add a soft touch to the edgy hairstyle.

Top knot bun hairstyle with bangs

top knot hairstyle with bangs

Or maybe you want to wear your long bangs with a casual, yet stylish top knot bun hairstyle? Easily made possible. Tie your hair in a high bun, and opt for the curtain bangs look for your fringe. You can even add e texturing spray to keep your hairstyle in place.

Long chin-length bangs for summer

chin length bangs on long hair

Rumours are that chin-length bangs are going to be THE bangs look for summer. Opting for such in a bright pastel colour like this fairy pink here will give you the perfect hairstyle for your summer vacation.

Long bob with layers and bangs

long bob with layers and long bangs

Or maybe you want to try a long bob, but with layers and long bangs? This hairstyle is suitable for any hair type. If you have finer hair, it will give you more volume. It is very low-maintenance, yet trendy.

Bangs on long curly hair 2023

curly hair with long bangs hairstyle

What about trying long bangs on long curly hair? Also, possible! Opt for a long and messy curly shag to get an effortless, retro hairstyle. With curly manes, you might have to put in a little more effort into styling if you are cutting bangs.

Long fringe on short sleek hair

long bangs short hair

Or maybe you want to give a try at Riri’s 2007 MTV VMAs short sleek bob cut with eyebrow-grazing bangs? This hairstyle with long bangs is sexy, yet sophisticated, and can be worn on any occasion.

Curtain bangs for women over 50

long bangs haircut for women over 50

Can women over 50 pull of curtain bangs? It appears so! A curtain bangs hairstyle can make you look younger, and conceal some of the wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes. When styling, better lie low on the tools involving heat, as with age our hair gets thinner and dryer.

Mid-length layers with curtain fringe

medium length hair layers curtain bangs

Create a messy, effortless look with your mid-length lengths and a set of chic curtain bangs. Shaggy hairstyles are currently having their moment. This haircut is suitable both for long and medium-length hair. Style the bangs with a round brush to give them the flowy look.

Long side-swept fringe on short hair

side swept bangs short hairstyle

Complete your short and sexy hairstyle with this fabulous cheek-grazing fringe. Wear it side-swept like Halle Berry did to get that Y2K look.

Wavy, long hair with curtain bangs

beautiful long wavy hair with curtain fringe

The ideal hairstyle for Spring! Opt for highlights with your long wavy strands. Highlights will give you a sun-kissed look, perfect for the warm weather. And you can’t have this hairstyle without curtain bangs now, can you?

Short voluminous hair with long fringe

voluminous short hairstyle with long bangs

If you seek to achieve more volume with your short hair, then I would advise you to get this haircut. The hair is cut in layers, creating a messy and effortless, yet stylish look. The super long fringe just adds to its appeal.


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