Are Claw Clips Back in Style in 2023? + 5 Chic Claw Clips Hairstyles You’ll Love

by Radost P.

Incorporating hair accessories into your routine is an easy way to keep your hair in good condition. They come quite helpful, especially when you want to make your hair look its best. Besides, with the latest fashion trends and innovations, every woman can find the right accessory for her hair type. So, the options are almost limitless. However, it is still important to use only professional, high-quality products. Recently, experts predicted that the hair accessories industry will become even more relevant in the next years. Women know the power of taking proper care of their appearance, and so they want to use only the best products available. Are claw clips back in style in 2023? In this article, we’ll give you the answer as well as some ideas to try.

hairstyle with claw clip are claw clips in style

Are claw clips classy?

The short answer is yes. In fact, this hair accessory is both stylish and practical. You can easily throw your hair up. Besides, you can use the accessory, in combination with all your favorite clothes. No matter if you’re going to work or hanging out with friends, claw clip hairstyles are always a good idea. So, you can never go wrong by using them. If you want some chick and easy ideas, keep on reading this article.

Beautiful and Stylish Claw Clip Hairstyles That’ll Enhance Your Femininity

are claw clips classy ideas for hairstyles with claw claps


Claw clips are so trendy because they come in different shapes and designs. There are the standard ones and variations in the form of butterflies, for example. So, it is really easy to use claw clips for many different kinds of hairstyles and purposes. No matter what your preferences or style might be, there’s a suitable claw clip for you. Also, that’s the simplest way to throw your hair up. There are many other accessories, like elastics or curling additions, that may cause hair breakage. I guess, you would not want that if you are planning to grow your hair long. On the other hand, claw clips are kind to your hairs. Famous women, like Hailey Bieber, incorporate this trendy accessory in their routines. So, why not give it a try? Here are our favorite ideas for hairstyles with this beautiful and simple accessory:

Classic Curls Hairstyle

curls hairstyle messy curls stylish look

This one is an effortless and chick hairstyle that is suitable for all occasions. Generally, curly hair allows you to experiment with many different kinds of hairstyles. Yet, this is probably our fave. In fact, you can even go on a date like that. Leave some hairs in the front part falling and secure the bun with a claw clip. The hairstyle will enhance your femininity and make you glow up. In addition, it complements all kinds of make-up you may choose. You’re ready to go.

Creative Hairstyle with Clips

creative hairstyle with claw clips

If you’re a creative person who doesn’t like being put in a box, this one could be for you. So, here’s what’s trending – using several colorful claw clips and just putting them wherever you prefer in your hair. Then, add some simple make-up, and that’s it. Yet, don’t forget to take your dry shampoo with you. Using claw clips in this way gives the impression that you’re a flexible and open-minded woman.

Quick, Messy Bun

messy bun hairstyle idea with claw clips

This is a quick and simple way to throw your hair up when going to the gym or running outside. In these cases, having your hair down can be annoying, especially if it’s a hot summer. The only thing you want is to feel comfortable, don’t you? For this hairstyle, you would need a large claw clip so that it can hold all hair together. Make sure to use a high-quality claw clip in order to achieve the best look.

A Beautiful, Twisted Bun

twisted bun ideas for hairstyles easy and simple haircuts

Claw clips in the form of butterflies are so sweet and beautiful. Some people think that this is a childish hairstyle, yet this is not true at all. Here’s an idea on how to use the accessory – you need a ponytail at the back part of your hair, twist it, and put the claw clips.

Classy and Chick Hairstyle

are claw clips classy ideas for hairstyles with claw claps

This suggestion is especially suitable for ombre hairs, as it’s shown in the picture above. It creates a stylish, vibrant effect for your hair that just can’t go unnoticed. Also, this kind of hairstyle is compatible with all hair types. We highly recommend you consider this hairstyle at the next party or official event that you’re going to.

In a nutshell, claw clips never get old. What is great about them is that they don’t lead to hair breakage, like other more complicated hair accessories. Sometimes, simple is better than sophisticated, isn’t it so? Claw clips come in different designs and variations, so you can easily incorporate them in your hair routine. We hope that we gave you some inspiration for your next claw clip hairstyle!

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