Saturn in Pisces – The Biggest Transit of 2023 and its Impact on Each Zodiac Sign

by Stephanie Yankova

Saturn, the planet of challenge and responsibility, is entering Pisces on March 7th, 2023 and will stay in it until February 13, 2026. This is probably one of the most significant astrological transits of the year, as Saturn changes signs only once every 2.5 years. Saturn, also known as the ‘timekeeper’ of the zodiac, is the only planet that rules two adjacent zodiac signs – Capricorn and Aquarius – and it has been feeling quite comfortable in its domicile for the past 6 years. During this period of time, the energy that guided us was all about restriction, control, building new structures and expanding the social consciousness. With Saturn moving in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, we are about to enter a time of introspection and deep inner work. In addition to this major astrological event, we also have a full moon in Virgo happening on the same day Saturn moves into Pisces. This is the last full moon before the start of the new astrological year. If you have been feeling like you have too many chaotic thoughts circulating in your mind – this is the time to do some spring-cleaning of your inner world, and release all pent-up emotions through grounding practices. Keep reading to find out how this Saturn in Pisces transit is going to affect each of the zodiac signs.

 What is the meaning of Saturn in Pisces?

saturn pisces 2023 transit astrology zodiac signs

Pisces is a mutable water sign. The energy it carries is dreamy, mystical and full of imagination. This water placement embodies the feminine energy and is incredibly perceptive. Don’t be fooled by the carefree appearance of the Pisces natives, there’s nothing shallow about them. Their sensitivity allows them to flow smoothly through everything and connects them with their surroundings on a level that is much deeper than logic. But what happens when the pragmatic Saturn enters the compassionate sign of oneness? We leave all restrictions behind. These two opposing energies put together will force us to fully emerge ourselves in our dreams, find a deeper meaning to our existence, and lay down the building blocks for what we wish to manifest in the upcoming years.

The impact of Saturn in Pisces on the zodiac signs

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While we all live under the same sky, the positions and transitions of the celestial bodies have an entirely different effect on each of us. With Saturn moving into Pisces, there are going to be two groups of people that will feel most heavily affected by its energy. The first one are the people who are about to begin their first or second Saturn return. The second one are those of you who have their Sun or Rising in any of the mutable signs – Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius. This time period will be most relevant to them as it’s going to create some challenging aspects.

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Pisces Sun/Rising

With Saturn moving into your sign, you are being invited to explore your boundaries. Up until this point, you may have been feeling like your energy has been scattered all over the place.  Now is the time to recollect your energy, get disciplined and commit to everything that involves you, your own needs and desires. Be mindful of who you spend your time with, as your empathetic nature makes you prone to sacrificing yourself for other people.

Gemini Sun/Rising

It’s time for the Gemini natives to leave the playground and become more serious and more diligent when it comes to their career. You’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking the last couple of years, and now the time has come for you to take some action. Think about how you want to be perceived in the public eye. What do you want to be known for? What do you want to leave behind? Let go of anything or anyone that is holding you back and keep your focus on the end goal.

Virgo Sun/Rising

The mutable Earth sign placements will be those affected the most on a personal level from this Saturn in Pisces. You are given an opportunity to leave everything and everyone that is not serving you behind. Being the nurturer that you are, during this period you need to really think about what and who you are committing to. Your energy is sacred, and if it’s not being reciprocated, this is the time to cut off anybody who is not serious about their commitment to you.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising

This mutable fiery placement is going to be heavily influenced by the Saturn in Pisces transit in their least favorite aspect – emotions. If you’ve been feeling comfortable pushing down and avoiding your feelings during the last couple of years, this is where it ends! It’s important for you to get more serious about emotional matters and your private life during this period of time. Anything regarding your home life, your family, emotional baggage and values will be an emerging theme for you during the next 2.5 years.

Taurus Sun/Rising

This transit will bring light and positive opportunities to the Taurus natives. Your dreams and actions seem to be aligning perfectly during this period of time. If there is anything that you are trying to manifest right now – don’t hold back! The Saturn in Pisces has got your back!

Leo Sun/Rising

This sign is one of the few that won’t be majorly influenced by Saturn’s movement into Pisces. However, you’re still going to feel an urge to do some self-reflecting. You may feel a push towards finding the true source of your power and redirecting it towards your most intimate relationships.

Scorpio Sun/Rising

There is going to be a lot of positive and supportive energy in store for the Scorpios. If you’ve been feeling lost and uncertain about things lately, this is the period of time when your fire is about to get rekindled. Dream big, get inspired, and let your passions lead the way.

Aquarius Sun/Rising

Another sign in a favorable position is Aquarius. You certainly learned a lot over the course of last 2.5 years while Saturn was in your sign. After figuring out what matters in your life, and what doesn’t, now you’re invited to make the most of your newly established values and boundaries.

Aries Sun/Rising

Great news for the Aries natives! You might feel the need to seclude yourself from the public during this period, but that’s because you’re starting to feel more connected to your inner world. With all this newfound knowledge of yourself, you’re going to completely reinvent your future in a positive direction.

Cancer Sun/Rising

More positive and uplifting energy is coming your way, as well, Cancers! You’re about to see the world from a whole different perspective, as this is a time that invites you to have a more philosophical and spiritual outlook on life. By getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new opportunities, you’re going to rise like a phoenix!

Libra Sun/Rising

The next 2.5 years are going to be all about self-care. Getting your priorities straight, organizing your closet, as well as your thoughts. Keeping your mind, body, and soul healthy is going to be your driving force, so make the most of it.

Capricorn Sun/Rising

Saturn may have left the comfort of its native energy, but you are still being heavily supported, Capricorn! If you’ve been working on any long-term plans, now is the time to put them into fruition. There is going to be a heavy influence on your mental once the Saturn in Pisces transit begins, so be prepared to take up new opportunities for education. You might feel distracted at times due to Pisces’ dreamy influence, therefore it’s good to introduce some grounding practices to your daily routine.

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