Full Moon in Pisces 2023: How Will It Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

by Kristiyana

What does the Moon in Pisces 2023 mean? When will it occur, and how will it affect our lives? All you need to know about August’s upcoming Supermoon. 

Full Moon in Pisces 2023: What Does It Mean?

full moon in pisces 2023 full moon in pisces august 2023

August 2023 has so far enriched our lives with a little magic and powerful energies thanks to the Sturgeon super full moon, but it seems that the fun is only just beginning. This month brings us two supermoons, the next one being in the astrological sign of Pisces. This full moon will give us the opportunity to finally let go of what no longer needs to be held, and set a new and clearer path for ourselves. The Piscean energy is deeper, more reflective, and mature. Combining that with the luck and optimism brought up by a super full moon will ease your decision-making. But how will each zodiac sign handle the Supermoon in Pisces? Let’s dig deep.

What Day Is the Full Moon in Pisces 2023?

When to expect the upcoming full moon in Pisces? The next August supermoon is set to occur on the 31st of August, Thursday, at 01:35.

Full Moon in Pisces 2023 Meaning for Each Zodiac Sign

full moon august 2023 astrology full moon august 2023 spiritual meaning



I know you fiery Aries are always up for action, but this full moon in Pisces will influence you to stop for a moment and look within yourself. The late August Supermoon will offer you with the chance to get to know yourself better and relax for a bit. This task will be easier for you if you engage in physical activities like some form of exercise or even a craft or hobby. Make this time all about you and finding your peace.


Often, full moons act as a lie detector and can reveal to you truths that you might have not been prepared for in the past. The Piscean Supermoon energy will act as a flashlight to reveal Taurus’s flawed relationships with their social group. This is the time when you will let go of negative assumptions you might have had about some of your friends. You might even realize that there’s been someone holding you back from your true potential…


Have you had doubts about your choice of career path lately? Well, my Geminis, this Pisces supermoon will give you the answers you’ve longed for so much! This full moon will help you to better tap into your intuition an asses your career opportunities. Want a raise? Or a new job offer? Now is the time to strive for them. If what you are currently working doesn’t align with your beliefs and sense of self, this might be the time to finally seek change.


Cancers are about to experience an unfamiliar concept for them – stepping out of their comfort zone. While the little crab has got used to its beachside home, this supermoon will remind you that a new experience can help get you back on the path to yourself and your true needs and wants. So go out, and chase after what you’ve always wanted!


What’s the Pisces full moon got in store for Leos? Not only will there be a high chance of Leo falling in love this August, but the full moon’s illuminating energy will also shine on their other relationships. How do you treat them? What do they offer you with? Now you might want to be more supportive of those closest to you, but also make sure that you are on the receiving end as well.


Virgo, it’s high time you made a thorough inspection of your relationships! And this goes for both your personal and professional ones. Are they aligning with your needs? Do they stress you out? You might even let go of some people who you feel like no longer do you good. Approach these situations with empathy and vulnerability.


For Libras this supermoon will shed a light on how they really feel about their job and their professional relationships. Now is not the time to procrastinate and indulge in escapism tendencies like binge-drinking and smoking, but reflect on what you want out of life. Take a moment to examine your health and physical well-being. Strive for balance.


For me and my Scorpies, the Pisces full moon will give us the opportunity to tap into our creative energies and think about what really gets us moving. What warms your heart? Also think about which hobbies might even be holding you back from a having a fuller experience. Likewise, take the time to reflect on your love life. Are you receiving the kind of love that you want? Once you know what’s for you, don’t hold back and make it a reality!


Sagittarius might love to gallivant through life and not dwell too much on questions of security and home life, but this full moon will not let you go that easily. It’s time to address the flip side, and think about what gives you real comfort and support. This supermoon might also highlight your unfulfilled desires and past wounds. Take a moment to self-reflect.


How will the Piscean super full moon affect Capricorn? Now will be the time to take a closer look at those seemingly mundane aspects of your life. I am talking about the places you go to and how you communicate with people in your daily life. The full moon energy will allow you to be more appreciative towards the small things. If you feel like you’ve fallen into a monotonous routine, now is your chance to change it.


This might come as a shock to some Aquarians, but for you, the supermoon will light up the sector associated with your personal possessions and finances. How do your valuables make you feel? Are you placing too much importance on specific items? Find the time to strike a balance between what you possess and what makes you feel good.


A lot of Pisces might be reluctant to make a change about themselves, but this supermoon that bears their name will provide them with the powerful energy they need to release any outdated notions of their identity and embrace their authentic self. You may find that your self-perception is different from what your family sees, and that is perfectly okay. Be confident about who you are.

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