Adjust To Time Change Effortlessly With Just A Few Easy Steps. You’ll Forget It Ever Bothered You!

by Leanne Edwards

It happens twice a year, the dreaded period of having to adjust to time change. Designed to let us have more sunlight but at the same time, wears us out. I’ve done some research and will attempt to give you some advice to make the changes as smooth as possible. Here we go…

So, here’s a good question: Do all the clocks in the world change?

Adjust to Time Change easily with these tips
So, regarding the switch over, you’d be surprised, but actually there are some countries in the world that exclude themselves from touching the clocks. These are Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean which do not take part in DST (Daylight Saving Time).

Usually I adjust very quickly and hardly even notice it. Basically, I just feel a bit out of myself for roughly 2 days. That of course is just my own opinion. Scientists have found that the average person can adjust anywhere from 2 to 5 days, even sometimes a whole week. Then again, everybody is different, so don’t be alarmed if it takes you longer than others.

So what do we need to do to adjust to time change, and which time change is harder to handle?

sleepy after time change

Well, if you think about it logically, it’s harder when we have an hour of our time taken away from us rather than be given an extra hour to snuggle in bed. I’ve always wondered who on earth came up with the whole idea of changing the time anyway. So, why can’t I adjust to the time change? The reason it’s so difficult to adjust to is simple. Our mind gets completely confused with what’s happening. We, as humans, aren’t programmed to be able to click straight away. So it does take us some time for things to get back to normal.

Some handy ideas of what you can do to help yourself ease in slowly

energetic after the change
More sunlight and exercise during the day! It’s no good spending your life locked away in bed. You’re a human being, not a vampire! If you aren’t wearing yourself out enough and don’t know how to fall asleep faster, then there is no way you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some of my suggestions to get rid of that energy in a healthy way:

  • Go for a walk
  • Swim or partake in some sort of fitness activity
  • Do some housework
  • Go dancing
  • Yoga or Zumba

    Moving on to more ideas on how to adjust to time change…

adjust to time change by eating fish habits
Watch what you’re in-taking during meal times. Another thing to watch out for is dinnertime. It is especially important to make sure that you are eating sensibly before you lay your head to rest at nighttime. Many people are unaware how much food and drink can totally interfere with the quality of sleep. If for instance, in the evening, you’ve decided you are going to be naughty and binge on things such as chocolate, chips, junk food and basically foods that shorten your life-you’re in for a sleepless night. High levels of caffeine can also be found in alcohol/coffee and even black tea. Try and stay away from these. Your best bet is to up the protein but cut down on the carbs. Things such as fish and salad can be both nutritional and filling. Try it and see!

Continuing on our quest for clever hacks, so we can adjust to time change…

no to technology before bed affects sleep
So now that we have discussed exercise and eating habits, are there any other activities or suggestions that we could partake in? Well, I know that some of my friends like to think they are ahead of time already and due to this, they in fact set their alarms half an hour before they would usually wake up a week prior to the change. In a world where technology pretty much runs things, including humans, this next idea can sound pretty frightful… putting the phone down. Using our screens less before we go to sleep has an impact on how our minds work. We can’t possibly fully focus on winding down and shutting off when we are scrolling through random things or entertaining ourselves with videos and late night purchases.

Fact of the day…

dont cry for time to adjust to the time
Even though I can’t physically stop DST, I do hope that at least you’ve learned something new today. Next time you’re thinking about blaming politics or the prime minister for the fact you have to get up earlier or go to bed when you least want to, just remember good old George Hudson and his insect collection!

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