Makeup for Thin Lips: Top 7 Tricks to Make Your Lips Look Fuller!

by Kristiyana

Dreaming of a full and expressive pout? How to do your makeup when you have thin lips? Which lipstick for thin lips should you use?

how can i make my thin lips look bigger how to make thin lips look fuller naturally

Full and beautiful lips have become more desirable than ever in recent years. But unfortunately, Mother Nature is not so generous and has blessed only the fewest of us with them. To have a fuller pout, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on overpriced surgeries and procedures. With the right products and a few makeup tricks, you can create the illusion of fuller lips in no time. It’s actually super easy to apply makeup for thin lips and make them look fuller!

Makeup for Thin Lips: How to Do It Right?

Makeup can literally work wonders in some cases. With the right products and techniques, we can cheat away a few years, make our eyes look bigger, and skilfully conceal small blemishes. So it’s no wonder that we can also make our thin lips look fuller with makeup!

Prepare and Care for Your Lips

lip scrub to make lips look fuller how to make thin lips look fuller naturally


Whether you have full or thin lips, the right care and a little preparation can dramatically affect your appearance. Just as dry hair instantly makes it look thinner, the same goes for our lips. So before you apply makeup to your thin lips, always start with a gentle lip scrub. To do this, take a warm, damp cloth or a toothbrush with soft bristles and rub it very lightly over your lips – this will remove dead cells.

how to make thin lips look fuller naturally makeup advice for thin lips to look fuller

After that, you also need to moisturize the lips. To prevent your lips from cracking or drying out, apply an oil-based lip balm or moisturizer like petroleum jelly. Here’s a little insider tip from us – to make thin lips look fuller, use a lip booster with ingredients like ginger, vitamin E and collagen.

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Use a Primer for Your Lips

how to put lipstick on thin lips lipstick advice for thin lips

A lip primer isn’t really a must for everyday makeup. But if you want your look to last all day, it’s a good idea to prime your lips first. You don’t need a special lip primer for this – you can also use a normal, liquid concealer. Apply very little concealer to your lips and around the natural lip contour, and tap it in very lightly with your fingers. The lighter edge will make your lips look visually bigger and make your makeup last longer.

How to Apply Lip Liner Correctly?

how to apply lip liner correctly makeup for thin lips advice

If you want to apply makeup for thin lips to make them look fuller, you can’t go without a lip liner! Never underestimate the effect of a beautifully defined lip contour and, moreover, a lip liner ensures that the lipstick doesn’t smudge and look unflattering. To achieve the most natural and flattering look possible, it is important to match the lip liner to the lipstick in terms of colour.

thin lips makeup tricks natural full lips wth lip liner

And this is how lip liner is applied correctly:

  • First apply the lip liner to the heart shape of the upper lip, drawing the heart shape very slightly beyond the natural lip heart, creating a cross.
  • Next, accentuate the lower lip by placing the lip liner in the centre at the lowest point and gently drawing outward along the contour of the mouth. To create the illusion of fuller lips, place the line minimally above the edge.
  • Finally, from these points, draw the lip liner on the lower and upper lip to the outer corners.
  • And voilà – this is how easy a lip liner is applied correctly!
  • A little tip – for an even more natural finish, use some concealer to hide the lip line beforehand. This camouflages the area and gives you more space to work with.

How to Apply Lipstick Makeup for Thin Lips?

makeup for thin lips makeup for narrow lips

Applying lipstick on thin lips can sometimes be a real challenge. For best results, use a lip brush and always apply lipstick from the centre of the lips outwards towards your lip liner. Keep in mind that it is very important that you do not cover the line of the lip liner.

Use Lip Gloss for a Fuller Lip Look

apply lip gloss for thin lips makeup for thin lips

When it comes to makeup for thin lips to make them look fuller, light reflection is key. A metallic lip gloss or one with fine glitter particles has a magnified effect and provides the perfect pout. However, do not wear lip gloss on your entire lips, but apply it only lightly in the centre.

Apply Highlighter for a Volume Booster

applying highlighter for fuller lip look makeup advice for thin lips

Highlighting and contouring are hot topics among makeup enthusiasts for a reason. By applying them, we can emphasize the beauty of our natural features, conceal flaws and imperfections, and give our face a gorgeous glow. And yes – with highlighting, we can also make thin lips look fuller. For a little volume booster, highlight the heart of the lip with some highlighter and create a light shadow under the lower lip with bronzer.

Which Lipstick Suits Thin Lips?

how to put lipstick on thin lips what lip makeup is good for thin lips

To apply makeup for thin lips to make them look fuller, the right makeup techniques are not the only ones that play a vital role. The right lipstick is also crucial for this, and the following rule applies – the less contrast between the lipstick colour and your skin, the fuller your lips will look. So lipsticks in soft nude colours like pink, peach or beige are always a better choice. And if you want a bit more drama, you can go for red shades – but also a bit lighter ones.


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