How to Style Bermuda Shorts Like a Celebrity? 20 Inspiring Outfits

by Kristiyana

If you haven’t heard by now, bermuda shorts have officially made a comeback into the fashion world. Celebrities like Bella and Gigi Hadid, as well as Irina Shayk and Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted wearing the trend, which is set to be one of the biggest this summer. A lot of you may be wondering how to style bermuda pants, and that is completely normal. They are not the easiest clothing item to pull off. However, by the end of reading this article, you will be confident in your skills of how to wear these shorts like your favourite celebrities. Whether you are looking for a more casual attire, or something fancy – at we have it all!

How to Style Bermuda Shorts Like a Celebrity?

bermuda shorts women's

So, what kind of look do you want to achieve with your favourite pair of bermuda shorts this summer? Maybe combine distressed denim pants with a black blazer for a casual chic outfit? Or are just looking for the best travel/ vacation outfit ideas to look stylish, but be comfortable at the same time? Either way, we have it all right here. What you need to remember is that the key to properly styling bermuda shorts is to create an outfit that looks pulled together. Here’s how:

Bermuda Shorts Paired with Blazer & Heels

bermuda shorts with blazer


Want to achieve a high or low urban chic look? Combine cut off denim bermuda shorts with a basic white T-shirt, black oversized blazer and heels or heeled strappy sandals. This type of bermudas pair really well with graphic tees and sneakers as well. Complete your outfit by accessorizing with a black belt and sunglasses, a small structured white handbag and layered necklaces.

Casual & Stylish Summer Outfit with Bermudas

bermuda shorts with white top

If you are looking for a casual chic way to wear bermuda shorts in summer, combine a distressed denim pair with a white short-sleeved flowy blouse and heels. Layer the outfit with gold hoop earrings, oversized necklaces and bracelets, and a colourful handbag.

Black Denim Bermuda Shorts Outfit for Summer

black denim bermuda shorts

How to style black denim bermuda shorts? Black bermudas can easily be combined with a basic white tee, heels, a structured handbag and sunglasses to create a cute outfit perfect for summer. These type of shorts can also sit well on girls with curvier figures, especially if they are high-waisted.

Chic Denim on Denim Bermuda Shorts Outfit

bermuda shorts with heels

The denim on denim look is also having its moment on the fashion scene. If you are lacking inspiration of how to style your denim bermudas, pair them with an oversized denim shirt, black heels and sunglasses for an eye-catching outfit.

How to Wear Bermuda Shorts on Vacation?

bermuda shorts summer outfit

Bermuda shorts are one of the most common clothing items you will be sure to find in the suitcase of anyone on their summer vacation. They are comfy, can be casual, and a longer pair can easily be put over your swimsuit or crop top. Complete your getaway look with flip-flops or sandals and an open shirt of light material.

More Ideas on How to Wear Bermuda Shorts Like a Celebrity

how to style bermuda shorts

Chic brown bermuda shorts with pink jumper

brown bermuda shorts outfit

How to wear distressed high-waisted bermudas?

how to wear bermuda shorts in summer

Wearing black denim bermudas to the office

bermuda shorts black

Chunky loafers and long bermuda shorts

long bermuda shorts outfit

Stylish monochrome look with bermuda shorts

bermuda shorts white

Casual chic outfit with bermudas & blazer

styling denim bermuda shorts with blazer

Wearing bermuda shorts with flats in summer

bermuda shorts outfit for summer

Cut off denim bermudas with black blouse & flats

how to wear bermuda shorts

How to wear white bermuda shorts in summer?

white bermua shorts for summer

Mid-rise denim bermudas with graphic tee

bermuda shorts jeans

Distressed denim pair with black blouse & heels

how to style bermuda shorts in summer

Wearing cut off denim bermudas with black 

how to style bermuda shorts like a celebrity

Elegant bermuda shorts outfit for a formal occasion

white bermuda shorts outfit

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