How to Prevent Body Acne? – Main Causes and Easy Treatment for Flawless Summer Skin!

by Stephanie Yankova

Summer is here, and you can’t wait to wear your favorite strappy tops, backless dresses, and bikinis. But what do you do when your body acne gets in the way? You may be surprised to find out that this is a very widespread occurrence that can be treated effectively in no time! In just a few simple steps you can get rid of these stubborn spots forever! Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of body acne and how you can prevent it!

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Why do I Keep Getting Body Acne?

There are many different types of body acne, so it’s important to know the exact one you are struggling with. The reason why body acne occurs is that areas such as your face, back, chest, and other areas are all covered in oil-producing glands. The blockage of those glands leads to the formation of blackheads, bumps, and blemishes. The most common triggers for body acne in the summer are:

Congested Skin

One of the most common causes of body acne is congested skin. This is a case of a buildup of dead skin cells that clogs the pores. Usually, this leads to the formation of tiny white spots or blackheads on the chest or more lumpy spots on the back. What causes the skin congestion? During the summer we tend to moisturize our skin more frequently. Products such as coconut and cocoa oil and butter tend to clog the pores, leading to body acne. In order to avoid that opt for a moisturizer with a light formula. It’s best to aim for a non-comedogenic non-pore-blocking product that will nourish your skin without causing congestion.

Fake Tan

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Fake tan is another product that can cause your pores to clog. If you have clear skin, it’s highly unlikely that a self-tanner will cause any breakouts. However, if you are already struggling with body acne, self-tanners can accelerate that. It’s common practice for people to try and hide acne scars with fake tan. If you see that your skin is giving a negative response, you should swap it for a product with a lighter formula. It’s best to use a self-tanner with fewer oils and if you’re breaking out, leave it on for less time.

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How to Prevent Body Acne?

I know that body acne causes a lot of discomforts, especially during the summer when your skin is on display. I assure you, this is not a permanent condition! The main things you need to adapt to your lifestyle for acne-free skin are:

  • Wear organic fabrics – If you have sensitive and acne-prone skin it is mandatory that you wear natural and breathable fabrics during the summer!
  • Introduce exfoliation to your shower routine – Any micro-peeling products or natural exfoliants such as coffee are perfect for unclogging your pores! This will prevent sedum built up and protect your skin from developing acne.
  • Wash your bedsheets regularly – Bedsheets, especially cotton ones, trap a lot of bacteria and sweat. That’s why over time if you don’t change them frequently, they will cause your skin to break out. We suggest you change your bedsheets once every two weeks, and your pillowcase once every week.

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How to Prevent Body Acne from Working Out?

It’s very common for people who work out frequently to struggle with body acne. But how do you get rid of it without sacrificing your training regimen? The answer is very simple – regular showers! As soon as you finish your workout take a hot shower. The steam will open up your pores. Use a gentle body wash and an exfoliator to remove all the dead skin cells. Afterwards, change into a freshly washed set of clothes. Make sure this becomes an inseparable part of your training routine!

How to Treat Body Acne?

If you’ve gone past the prevention stage and you are currently struggling with body acne – don’t worry! Body acne is just as normal as the face spots we all inevitably get at some point in our lives! All you have to do is treat them with the same caution you treat your face blemishes. Let’s have a look at some of the best products on the market developed specifically to help you combat body acne!

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cerave moisturising lotion anti body acne against skin blemishes gentle formula

CeraVe’s moisturizing lotion has a light and gentle formula ideal for people with acne-prone skin. It’s non-comedogenic, non-pore-clogging and you can use it all year round!


la roche posay effaclar micro peeling body wash treating body acne

La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar is a revolutionary micro-peeling body wash specifically developed for treating body acne. In order to achieve maximum results follow the application steps below:

  • When you get in the shower, dampen the blemished area.
  • Apply the peeling and leave it on for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Gel Wash

acnecide face body wash anti acne unclogs pores

The Acnecide body and face gel wash is a miracle worker when it comes to unclogging pores. Just make sure that you wash it off carefully and thoroughly. If there is any product left on your skin, it will bleach your towels, clothes or any other fabric that touches your skin.

Body Spray

paulas choice clear acne body spray bacne salicylic acid

Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Body Spray is guaranteed to become your new favorite product in the battle against body acne! It’s super gentle on the skin and incredibly effective with visible results in just a few days! Simply spray onto a cotton pad and sweep it over the blemished area, and voila! Acne – gone!

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