What causes dry skin – symptoms, easy and simple care tips

by Kremy

Easy treatments for dry skin at home

Problems with dry skin cannot be classified as severe diseases. However, such conditions should not be ignored. What are the reasons for dry skin? What are the typical symptoms that we need to be careful for? How to treat this problem and avoid it, if possible? We shall answer these questions and give you some simple care tips for the skin of your face, hands, elbows and lips.

Dry skin may look deceivingly flawless – thin pores, milky porcelain or soft peach color without oily sheen. However, most often we start feeling itching, irritation, we notice dull color and aging. Improper care and inappropriate cosmetics can turn your life into a nightmare. In addition, dry skin is prone to wrinkles. It is moisture content that provides the attractive appearance of the skin. Even normal skin loses moisture over the years. How to determine if your skin is dry? Here is a short list of the typical symptoms:

How to take care of dry skin

  • After washing the skin feels tight;
  • Small pores, delicate, non-porous look;
  • Many fine wrinkles, especially under the eyes and in the corners of the lips;
  • Irritation, itching and peeling;
  • When pressing on the skin with your fingers, the marks do not disappear for a long time;
  • It looks dull and slightly transparent;
  • The skin is sensitive to external influences.

Proper skin care and high quality cosmetic products

Dry skin does not cause any special problems and does not require special care up to a certain age, usually, up to mid-twenties. Closer to 30 years of age, dry skin needs gentle care. Of course, all people have different skin types, and dry skin types can come from nature. However, it is good to keep in mind that if you notice any of the listed symptoms, it is better to take some measures.

What causes dry face skin?

What causes dry skin symptoms easy and simple care tips

Skin beauty is a sign that the body is functioning properly. It is important to approach the dry skin problem in a comprehensive and serious way. Dryness, peeling and redness of the skin, chapped lips – these are some of the common troubles that women face with the coming of the cold season. Skin is greatly affected by the environment. For example, constant contact with water and aggressive cleaning agents, being outdoors without gloves in the cold season and using to poor-quality care products. However there are many factors that can cause this problem, both external and internal.

common reasons for dry skin

Lack of moisture in the body – Dry skin suffers a permanent lack of moisture and needs intensive hydration. If you do not drink enough water, consume spicy and salty foods, as well as tea and coffee, the result is visible. Make it a good habit to drink about 2 liters of water per day. It will be useful to replace the usual coffee with herbal infusions and freshly squeezed juices.

Improper care and cleansing will result in dry skin

Dry skin can indicate changes in your body. Sometimes it is a sign of trace elements, vitamins and minerals deficiency. Review your diet and add foods rich in vitamins A, E and D – nuts, raw vegetables, vegetable oils, fruits, etc.

Improper care and cleansing – the use of alcohol-containing products, washing with ordinary soap and products that are not intended for skin care, using scrubs too often.

Inappropriate cosmetics have a negative effect on the skin

Inappropriate cosmetics and products containing aggressive chemical components also have a negative effect on the skin. Creams with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration of the skin are very fashionable now. But here lies the catch. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the outside, but if this is not possible, then the acid will “draw” moisture from the skin. This means that you can use hyaluronic acid but it is a must that you moisturize the skin.

Aggressive environmental effects – frost, dry indoor air, salty sea water, chlorinated pool water, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Hot shower and sauna can dry out your skin as well.

Using laxatives and diuretics without a doctor’s prescription causes dehydration.

Bad habits – alcohol and smoking.

How to take care of dry skin?

What causes dry skin symptoms and home care tips

Dry skin requires a special approach and a lot of attention. The main goal is to prevent redness, itching, irritation, chapping and generally speaking, discomfort. Here are some tips for you:

Dry skin requires a special approach and a lot of attention

Avoid chlorinated tap water. For washing the face, use filtered water or if using tap water, wipe your face with a non-alcoholic tonic. Otherwise, the remnants of the salts contained in the tap water will dry the skin.

Dry skin needs a protective layer in the cold season. On cold days apply a protective cream as well as an SPF cream. The solar factor indicated on the protective cream should be at least 20.

Steam bath is beneficial to your skin

Dry skin should be protected from stressful situations, as a result of which sweat is released. Such loads include visits to the baths, saunas and power sports. Steam baths are recommended instead of sauna. After visiting the bath, apply a thick layer of oily cream with moisturizing effect on the face.

Chlorinated pool water is not beneficial to the skin. This does not mean that you should never visit the pool and practice your favorite sport. You can use a moisture-resistant cream and apply a nourishing mask immediately you get out of the water.

Proper skin care – it is better to wash your face with cool water and remove makeup only with special dry skin products. Use sulfate-free cosmetics, as natural as possible.

Take care of indoor air quality. Use a humidifier or place a container of water near heating appliances.

Change your daily diet and consume fruits and vegetables

Proper nutrition and balanced diet – consume foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, fatty acids. They contribute to moisture retention and cell rejuvenation. Include fish, natural oils, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily menu.

It is a must to wear rubber gloves when using household chemicals. Apply cream, wait half an hour until the product is absorbed and only then put on the gloves and use household cleaning products.

apply a protective cream as well as an SPF cream

Eliminate bad habits. Quit smoking and reduce coffee and tea consumption.

Always apply a protective cream before going out into the cold and before sunbathing.



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