Glamorous winter wedding ideas – tips for theme, style and decor

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Organizing a wedding in the winter is a great challenge and a real art. It is traditionally believed that the best time for a wedding is spring, summer or early autumn, but a wedding ceremony in the midst of winter can be an equally impressive event. Obviously, due to the specific weather conditions, the organization has some features that need to be considered carefully. However, with proper planning, you can have the perfect winter fairy tale. Have a look at these glamorous winter wedding ideas!

Do not be afraid of winter weddings. They can be fabulous and interesting and this is the best season for something white and airy, for weightless, fluffy snowflakes, frosty trees and. Winter is the time for Christmas miracles so you have the chance to arrange the perfect festive ceremony in the cold season!

how to plan a winter wedding decor bridal dress tips



What are the pros and cons of wedding in the winter? Well, some people will think you are mad, others will say you are extravagant and some will admire your courage to hold a wedding ceremony in a cold winter day.

December is the most popular month for the celebration because this time of the year is charged with the magical atmosphere of joy and the spirit of fairy tales reigns everywhere. Generally, prices for renting a hall, cars and other wedding services in winter are much lower so you have the opportunity to save on the budget! Of course, everyone chooses a date based on their own interests and preferences. But it should be noted that closer to New Year it will be more difficult to find a free place, and the prices for renting banquet halls are significantly higher. Corporate parties are held in December, so after the New Year, most of the banquet halls will be free. If you plan the event for January or February you will not spend too much time searching for a suitable venue. You can rent a small restaurant, cafe or an old mansion. For a wedding in rustic style, a wooden log house is perfect.

How to plan the perfect winter wedding theme and decor tips

Having made a decision to celebrate a wedding in the winter season, newlyweds may encounter some difficulties. Weather may turn out to be unfavorable for photos in the open so it is a good idea to arrange a photo zone in the banquet hall for taking pictures and decorate it in accordance with the chosen theme and colors.

Winter wedding ideas, theme and color concept tips

winter fairy tale decoration ideas

Winter is a wonderful time of the year and the bride and groom can enjoy a truly unique and fabulous day. There are so many winter wedding ideas for themes, color combinations and decorations that it may be more difficult to choose one than selecting a theme and style for a summer wedding. The basic and most important rule is to create a harmonious combination in wedding decoration. You should keep to the theme or the particular color concept and use decorations in the chosen style. Depending on the chosen style you should carefully approach the design of the banquet hall, photo area, cocktail area, etc. What are the most popular winter wedding themes?

Christmas themed winter wedding decorating ideas

Christmas is the favorite choice of newlyweds. This is a wonderful holiday and you can choose a particular festive symbol as a theme – snowflakes, bells, Christmas tree, etc. The banquet hall and the tables can be decorated with Christmas wreaths, candles and other symbols of the holiday. Mini stockings with small gifts will be the perfect party favors. Brown-white, red-white or traditional red-white-green color schemes are suitable for Christmas themed weddings.

New Year is another favorite holiday which allows you to create a glamorous atmosphere. Sparkle, glitter, metallic sheen, confetti – the options are endless. You can choose silver, gold, copper, add blue, green or purple accents, etc.

white and red wedding table decorations floral arrangements

Valentine’s day is another popular theme for weddings in winter. White, red and pink are the traditional color scheme for the theme and you can use all kinds of hearts as decorations.

Winter Wonderland is the perfect theme for winter weddings

Winter Wonderland is the perfect theme for winter weddings. The banquet hall can be transformed into a magical snowy fairy tale and you can use an assortment of ornaments, garlands, glitter, snowflakes, etc.

Of course, you can choose a particular style and work within its characteristics. Rustic, vintage or Shabby Chic style, for example, are suitable for weddings in the winter. You can rent a barn and decorate with wood, lanterns, natural textile, lace, beads, flowers, tree branches, etc.

Choosing the color scheme for a winter wedding should not be taken lightheartedly. Colors affect the mood so they will set the tone of the party and are hugely important for the festive atmosphere. Let’s see a few options:

all white wedding decor and winter theme ideas

White – this is a traditional color for weddings, especially for those in the cold season. It can be paired with any other shade and the different combinations are suitable for different themes and styles. For example:

wedding table decor in white and blue

White and blue color scheme looks exceptionally elegant and is a great choice not only for beach themed weddings but for Winter Wonderland theme as well.

Valentines day themed wedding ideas and fabulous decoration

White and red, complemented with green look cozy and help convey the Christmas atmosphere. The combination of red and white with silver is always stylish. Against a white background, bright, red accents will look very impressive. Just remember that the selected color scheme should be present in all details The bride may have small accessories or a bouquet of red roses. The groom can choose a red bow-tie, cufflinks, boutonniere, etc. To decorate the hall, you can use both decorative and natural elements. For table decor, you can use red candlesticks, decorative beads of different sizes or dishes with red elements.

table decoration for winter themed weddings

Green color adds freshness. Shades of green vary in saturation from pale, pastel tones to rich and saturated ones. Fresh flowers, for example, will give the necessary amount of green freshness to your wedding decoration.

Brown and white combination is elegantly complemented by pink, red, blue and green accents.

Gray is a universal color and works in harmony with a large number of shades. Choose silver to add glamor and visual interest to the winter decor design.

Black and white is a classic contrasting combination. You can use it as an accent color for the small details – invitations, accessories, decorations for the hall. Do not forget that it is a wedding reception, so use black color cleverly and most important, moderately.

Pink is a great choice for a shabby chic ceremony and decoration. It is soft, tender and feminine. You can use it for Valentine’s day theme, or for rose gold color scheme.

The traditional white color can be replaced with a shade of ivory. It will add a light vintage touch to the decoration. Ivory works harmoniously with gray, blue, purple and pink. You can add color accents with a silver or gold shade.

What are the pros and cons of wedding in the winter

Sequins and glitter in white, blue and silver will allow you to create a festive atmosphere. You can use them to decorate the table for the newlyweds, invitations for guests, glasses, or even a wedding cake. However, you need to keep in mind, that when you use sequins, beads and glitter, the shiny details must be combined with matte elements.Blink and glitter in large amounts may look vulgar, so be careful and do not overuse them.

Winter wedding decorating ideas

awesome winter wedding decor ideas table setting tips

Various accessories will help to create the feeling of a winter fairy tale in the banquet hall. Even if you have not chosen a particular theme or style, it does not mean that it is impossible to have a fantastic decor. The wedding table can be decorated with bouquets or garlands of evergreens complemented with buds of white roses and red clusters of berries. Spruce twigs are ideal for the invitations, seating cards or as chair decorations. Artificial snow will create the illusion of a snowy winter forest. Fir and pine cones are the perfect decoration for candlesticks and glasses, vases and you can use them for DIY table centerpieces as well.

White balloons with weights shaped as snowflakes can be arranged among the tables. Christmas tree ornaments can be hung on floral centerpieces with fir branches to add a Christmas feeling. Traditional Christmas garlands fixed on the ceiling, windows, columns and doorways are also a great option to add to the festive atmosphere. Crystals and beads in white, green, red, pink or blue can be placed in large vases or decorated with floral arrangements. Cute mittens or mini Christmas stockings are a great idea for party favors and you can find different varieties in the stores.

wedding table centerpiece and decor ideas pomegranate and flowers

Oranges, tangerines, lemons or grapefruits will help you add fresh color accents and a pleasant citrus aroma to the festive wedding decor. Place them in bowls or large transparent vases or as an embellishment of fir garlands, etc. Use them as seating cards – the names of the guests are written on snowflakes or crystals of paper and fixed on tangerines with toothpicks.

Wedding decoration is impossible to imagine without flowers. Even a winter wedding cannot do without flowers. Florists offer a wide selection of floral arrangements – from winter jasmine, carnations, chrysanthemums, pansies, orchids, lilies, with which you can create amazing decorations for tables and banquet hall. Floristry with berries of viburnum or mountain ash also looks very original.

Winter wedding menu ideas

winter wedding cake and menu ideas

Winter wedding menu has to keep your guests warm and cozy. From warming welcome drinks to exquisite desserts, caterers offer a huge variety of starters, main courses and sweet treats to make everyone comfortable. Hot drinks after the ceremony and before the banquet are a great idea. Hot chocolate bar, mulled wine, hot apple cider – these are just some of the options.

You can choose some comfort food for starters. For example, a small bowl of stew can be a great alternative to traditional soup. Mini Yorkshire puddings or brie and cranberry filo baskets, canapes with dipping sauces, glazed sausages – the choices are endless. There are plenty of options suitable for a winter wedding main course for both buffet and sit down menu – roasted meat, game, mushrooms, pies, delicious sauces, etc. Apart from the wedding cake, you can choose traditional winter desserts or arrange stations with multiple choices for your guests.

How to choose the perfect dress and bouquet?

stunning wedding dresses for winter weddings bridal bouquet and accessories tips

When choosing a dress for her winter wedding the bride has a lot of choices. There are no restrictions on choosing dresses for a winter wedding. The main requirement for the bride and groom attire is to be in accordance with the weather. Accessories should save you from the cold. The bride can choose a fur trim, all kinds of capes, fur coats, boleros, etc.

Remember that you need to keep your feet warm, so it will be a good idea to have two pairs of shoes – elegant, white boots for the street and beautiful shoes for the celebration in the banquet hall. Be sure to wear gloves. Since the wedding takes place in winter, you can safely choose long models, only if at the same time you have a sleeveless dress.

How to choose the perfect dress and bouquet for a winter wedding

The bride’s bouquet can also be seasonal. It is better to avoid flowers that can lose all their beauty from contact with frost. Roses and lilies are a good option as they symbolize brightness and sensuality and stand out against the background of a snow-white winter. Chrysanthemums and Calla lilies are also suitable as these flowers are considered quite resistant to frost. A non-standard bridal bouquet can be decorated with ribbons, jewelry, beads, glass details, metal, fabric, feathers, ribbons, cones, fir branches, etc.



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Stunning winter wedding ideas tips for theme style and decor

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