How to organize the perfect Sunday brunch – menu ideas and tips

by Kremy

how to organize a brunch party tips and menu ideas

How to organize the perfect Sunday brunch? How to plan the time and menu? We shall give you some useful tips and ideas, as well as guidelines so that you have wonderful time with family and friends.

To begin with – what is a brunch? The simple answer is that this is a traditional Sunday breakfast, which smoothly turns into lunch, and that is why it is called brunch. The name was formed from the words “breakfast” and “lunch”. It is the famous writer Lewis Carroll who invented the term “brunch”. As a student, he invited faculty and students at Oxford University to get together on weekends at breakfast to socialize in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The meetings took place outside the school and teachers and students came together to discuss exciting topics for delicious food and drinks.

brunch ideas for menu and drinks


Gradually, the idea spread to other educational institutions in Britain and brunch became popular in 1896 after a post in the English magazine Punch. The publication was dedicated to Sunday brunch and its benefits. In the 30s of the XX century, the tradition of having a late breakfast spread throughout America. Nowadays brunch is served in many countries of the world and on weekends, many restaurants and cafes offer a special menu.

What do you need to know about the perfect Sunday brunch?

How to organize the perfect Sunday brunch menu ideas and tips

When you want to organize the perfect Sunday brunch, you can do it as a special occasion party or as an informal family gathering. It can be Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc. A family brunch it is the perfect opportunity to spend a day off together, get together and relax after a long working week. Almost all restaurants have their own menu for family breakfasts but you can organize it at home, of course.

What do you need to know about Sunday brunch

The brunch is a weekend meal, even if you have a free work schedule. You can invite friends or colleagues with families to communicate in an informal, friendly environment. A late Sunday breakfast is a good way to pay attention to loved ones, family and children, without being distracted by business and home routine. On weekends, you don’t need to rush and having a brunch allows you to relax and enjoy every bite without worrying about anything. It involves a variety of food and drinks and lasts for several hours, because the most important thing is the real pleasure of eating and talking, without fuss and haste!

How to organize the perfect Sunday brunch at home?

classic Sunday brunch menu

A late breakfast during the weekend is not a fussy and official gathering. Yet, it does require some planning. The basic rules that combine brunch with lunch include:

  • light dishes in the menu;
  • Relaxed atmosphere and easy communication between guests;
  • short duration.

Here are some useful tips how to organize the perfect Sunday brunch at home:

brunch menu ideas what to serve

It is important to know that a brunch is held in the interval between 11:00 and 15:00. Such a time interval is not accidental. Traditional English breakfasts start at 8 a.m. but after a fun Saturday night, nobody wants to get up early, so Sunday breakfast transforms into brunch. Do not confuse this event with a party which extends into a dinner.

All food and beverages are served on a buffet table and there is no change of dishes. If you want to cook something special, check the recipes beforehand. You will know how long it will take to prepare each dish and you can organize the process better. However, keep in mind that spending the whole day in the kitchen is not at all what we expect from a pleasant Sunday brunch.

family brunch ideas for the menu

Do not rush. Sit down at the table, enjoy a leisurely conversation and try whatever you like without thinking about the diet. Today is your day off with your beloved!

Sunday brunch is a special meal. This can be emphasized not only with the dishes, but also with the decor. Choose beautiful napkins, use your favorite dishware, place a vase of flowers on the table and your Sunday breakfast will be not only tasty, but also beautiful!

Brunch menu ideas – what to serve to your family and friends

bread rolls bagels Sunday brunch ideas

As far as brunch menu is concerned, there are no strict mandatory rules or restrictions. There is a large choice but the emphasis in the choice of dishes is on light morning food, although lunch dishes are also included in the menu. When you organize a brunch at home, it is best if you order a variety of dishes from a catering company or prepare a smaller number of dishes. Many companies, restaurants and cafes offer special menus and depending on the number of guests, taste preferences and your budget, you can order professionally prepared dishes that will be delivered to the table on time.

Sunday brunch ideas how to organize and what to serve

The classic brunch includes a variety of snacks, eggs of any kind, bacon, pancakes, toasts and pastries. Be sure to have fruits, natural juice and healthy desserts on the menu. Many include casseroles, cereals, even ice cream. The list of dished for a Sunday brunch may include:

  • Eggs Benedict;
  • Poached eggs;
  • Waffles;
  • Pancakes;
  • Tortilla with chicken, tomatoes, jalapenos and cottage cheese;
  • Corn bread;
  • Sandwiches;
  • French fries;
  • Cheesecakes;
  • Ravioli;
  • Croissant;
  • Eclairs, etc.

Mimosa cocktails for Sunday brunch

Perhaps the most unique brunch rule is that you can serve alcohol. Some restrictions exist, of course, which means that you can drink low-alcohol drinks that contain juice, tea or coffee. The most common brunch cocktails are:

Mimosa (champagne with orange juice), Bloody Mary (vodka and tomato juice) and Bellini (sparkling wine and peach puree). If you feel like improvising, you can serve Irish Coffee, for example.


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