How to Choose Shorts for Curvy Woman? Advice and 17 Designs to Try

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Can’t wait for summer now, can you? Same here girl. However, as a woman with a fuller figure, I often have struggles and fears of the clothes I am going to have to wear as the warmer weather approaches. You feel me? I mean, when it’s hot, you want to wear as fewer clothes as possible. Plus, if they can be made of a lighter material, all the better. One of the top choices for summer clothing are shorts. But finding ones which will look good on your curvier body type can sometimes be difficult. Luckily for you, I have researched the topic thoroughly and have found the best shorts options for curvier women. Look good and feel confident by following our guide for wearing plus size shorts this summer!

What Shorts for Curvy Woman to Choose?

what kind of shorts for plus size

When you are looking for the perfect pair of shorts to fit your curvy figure, you might face a lot of struggles. We’ve all been there. You take like 8 pairs of cute and summery shorts, try them on, and you feel like the mirror in the dressing room is mocking you. Probably you would want a pair that can hide some of your tummy bulge? And one that can make your legs look longer? High-waisted denim shorts are always a good option for plus size women. But there are many more other choices you also have. Keep on reading to discover them!

What Type of Shorts Are Slimming?

If you want your legs to look slimmer and longer, and to conceal your belly fat, opt for a pair of high-waisted or mid-rise shorts. You can go with a classic blue denim option or choose black denim shorts. Make sure you pick a pair that is fitted close to your body. Another great option to create the look of longer legs are A-line shorts in a neutral colour.

Top Choices for Summer Shorts for Curvy Women

high waisted curvy jean shorts

Ready to look through some mesmerizing pairs of shorts for curvy women? Up first, we have a classic pair of high-waisted blue denim shorts. High-waisted shorts have proven to be a timeless classic, especially for girls who are looking to conceal some parts of their body they don’t would prefer to hide. These shorts will make your legs look longer, while at the same time are super comfortable to wear.

Black Denim Shorts for Curvy Woman

what kind of shorts for wide hips

A pair of black denim shorts is a must-have for the summer wardrobe of any girl who is sporting a fuller figure. I myself have like 3 or 4 pairs, all of which have a great slimming effect. It’s a wide-known fact that black can make you look thinner. If you have wider hips, you can opt for a black denim pair that stops right above the knees. This will make your hips look smaller.

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Best Belted Shorts For a Fuller Figure

best denim shorts for curvy figures

Belted shorts are a great way to accessorize a standard pair of denim and to highlight your waist. There are pairs that you can buy with a belt already sowed into them, or you can always pick one of your favourite belts to style your shorts. A pair of belted shorts can flatter your legs, making them look longer.

A-line Shorts for Curvy Woman

a line shorts for curvy woman

A-line shorts are a game changer when it comes to looking good with a fuller figure. What are A-line shorts, you ask? This pair of shorts starts with a narrow waist which spreads out into a slight flare, moving from your hips to the legs. The name comes from the A shape they create for your body. These shorts will flatter your curves and work well for your legs.

Pleated Plus Size Shorts for Summer

pleated shorts curvy woman

Wondering how to work with a muffin top? Pleated shorts are here to rescue you this summer! A pair of these shorts can conceal your belly fat and draw more attention to your waistline. You even can opt for a pair in a more eye-catching colour like this bright blue denim, and complete your warm weather outfit with a white top and some cute sandals.

Cute Flowy Shorts for Curvy Women

flowy shorts for curvy woman

Who said curvier girls can’t pull off a pair of feminine flowy shorts? I mean, it can be more difficult. There have been times when I’ve tried so many pairs of flowy shorts in one day, that I have felt close to giving up. But we shouldn’t! The key here is to find a flowy fit that is tighter around your hips and has a flare from the thighs. Also look for a pair with an elastic waistband and with smaller pockets.

Skorts for an Ideal Summer Look

what type of shorts are slimming

If you haven’t guessed it, skorts are a hybrid between a skirt and shorts. This type of clothing will again make you look slimmer and elongate your legs, plus, also give you a super chic and girly look. Not only will you create a gorgeous and elegant outfit, but you can feel comfortable in skorts at the same time. Wear skorts above the knee and finish the outfit with a short-sleeved blouse, and again sandals.

More Shorts Options for Curvy Women

plus size shorts

Orange flowy shorts for curvy woman

summer shorts for curvy women

Girly white and pink bleached belted shorts

belted floral shorts for curvy figures

Deep blue belted skorts for a fuller figure

blue skorts curvy woman

Flowy flower print shorts for curvy woman

can curvy girls wear shorts

Cool high-waisted denim shorts with white stripes

high waisted curvy shorts

Amazing yellow tropical print flowy shorts

shorts for curvy woman designs

Baby blue pleated shorts to add some colour

pleated shorts for curvy figures

Cute summery skorts for plus size women

skorts for curvy women





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