What clothes to wear for a big belly? Conceal your tummy with these 12 stylish outfits

by Kristiyana

If you have a big belly, you may often feel uncomfortable and awkward when picking out clothes. You might think that you have to dress a certain way to hide your midsection. However, there are a variety of options that you can take advantage of if you are a little chubby. There are also many different styles that look good on you and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Many ladies are probably wondering, “What clothes to wear if you have a big belly?”. Here you can find out more about what is best to wear in this case!

Matching outfit combinations for a big belly


If you have a pot-belly, you should stay away from clothes that have a body-hugging shape from top to bottom. In other words: If your top is tight-fitted, you should not combine it with an equally tight-fitted bottom.



If you wear a tight top with a tight bottom, your midriff will be much more visible. This creates an optical illusion. A skirt or loose-fitted trousers will help to conceal your tummy if the top is too tight, and vice versa.

What clothes to wear for a big belly: Colour combinations


This is a brilliant styling trick that you can use to easily conceal your belly! Foremost, you should make sure that your outfit forms a single colour style. For example, you should wear a shirt or blouse in a darker shade with trousers or a trouser suit in a darker colour (or even a skirt). The colour black has been proven to have a slimming effect. However, the colour of your underwear does not have to be black. You can choose any darker colour, for example grey, brown, navy blue or any other colour of your choice.


Here is where the magic happens! Layer the dark top with a lighter colour over it. This layer can be a coat, cardigan, or jacket. It is very important that you wear the garment open in the front so that the lighter jacket and your darker bottom layer create a nice colour harmony to hide the belly fat. Try it out and see how you can conceal your belly in no time with this trick!

What clothes should chubby women wear?


When it comes to concealing belly fat, a high waist can work wonders! If you have a thicker midsection, wearing high-waisted trousers, skirts, or jeans can help to smooth out your figure nicely. This effect is independent of the type of garment.

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Most women with big bellies have a wardrobe full of high-waisted trousers because that’s the best silhouette for them. They are a favourite piece because they can be worn all year round. When you wear high-waisted jeans or trousers, you immediately feel the waist area being smoothed out. This makes you feel much more comfortable and less worried about your big belly.

Fashion for paunchy women—finding the right trousers


Paper bag shaped trousers are one of the most popular trends at the moment, and you see fashion bloggers wearing them everywhere. The problem with this type of style is that the waist is the focus. These trousers are adorable, but they draw attention to your belly, which makes you appear heavier than you really are. If you want to wear certain clothes to conceal your belly fat, you should not wear such trousers. This is a mistake chubby women make when it comes to fashion choices.

What clothes to wear for a big belly? Layer your outfits


Different outfits with layers are one way that can help you conceal belly fat. You should wear a longer cardigan over a blouse or shirt that is not too tight.


To get the best slimming effect from your clothes, wear a contrasting layer. Either wear a lighter top layer with a darker bottom layer, or vice versa.


The contrast this outfit creates will fool the eye into thinking your waist is much slimmer than it actually is.

Combining leggings with a loose top


The loose effect of the top is offset by the tight leggings, making your tummy less noticeable. The puffy design of the top makes your midriff look slimmer.


In general, you should not try to pair a puffy top with loose-fitted trousers, as this will add too much volume to both your top and bottom, which will only make you look bloated overall. This is especially unflattering if you are also short. Instead, it’s better to pair loose-fitted tops with tighter-fitted trousers.

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