What hairstyles to avoid after 70 that make you look older? Which one should you choose ?

by Kremy

After a certain age, choosing a trendy and chic hairstyle becomes more and more difficult. Among the hairstyles most recommended for women in their 70s, there are short and simple haircuts. In other words, the layered bob and the Pixie haircut in all their variations are in the spotlight. The main thing is to add layers in order to bring more volume to the mane which tends to become thinner with age. That said, do you know what hairstyles to avoid after 70 to maintain a younger look? Our editors reveal the 4 hairstyles that make you look older, as well as the top 4 of the most rejuvenating hairstyles!

Hairstyles to avoid after 70: 4 styles that make you look older

hairstyle to avoid after 70 tricks hairstyles that make you look older

It doesn’t matter if it’s a haircut or a hairstyle, the key is to add volume to the hair to hide the sparse areas after 70 years of age. But, today, we are going to tell you about the hairstyles to avoid at this age in order to always look younger. Explanation in the following paragraphs!

We say no to hair accessories that are too “girly”

avoid girly accessories that make you older hairstyles to avoid at 70


We know that hair accessories are very attractive, but it is important not to wear them at a certain age. If you believe that these will rejuvenate you, think again. These include giant scrunchies or imposing hair clips. The same goes for colored clips. On the other hand, consider choosing a simple headband, a satin scarf or the more minimalist beaded barrettes. An elegant bun or a ponytail is also a good idea.

Thick straight bangs are a bad idea

avoid thick straight bangs as they make you look older

Bags for women over 70 is a great idea, as it helps hide forehead wrinkles. But you shouldn’t go for just any bangs. It should be appropriate for your hair type, but also for your body type. The thick straight bangs will weigh your face down and will further accentuate your wrinkles and fine lines. We recommend that you talk to your hairdresser, who will know how best to adapt it to your structure. . Our editors recommend curtain bangs, which refresh and rejuvenate the face beautifully. Also keep in mind that a fringe requires regular cuts to keep its shape.

Hairstyle to avoid at 70: Hair coloring not adapted to your age

hairstyles to avoid after 70 too dark hair color makes you older avoid ash shades

Do you know the hair colors that make you look older? It’s a hair trick you absolutely need to be aware of at 70 to avoid adding extra years to your face. That said, avoid shades that are too dark since they tend to harden facial features and even give the illusion of a sad and sickly look. The same applies for ashy shades that tend to make hair look dull and grayish. The editors of Deavita recommend that you opt for light colors that soften the face and bring light to it.

Hair that is too long is not suitable for all women

long hair makes you look older hairstyles to avoid after 70


While wearing long hair at 70 is not at all forbidden, it would be better to opt for a shorter haircut. It’s actually a pretty important rule after a certain age. But why? Generally, long manes are quite heavy, which will affect the volume, especially if you already have thin, flat hair. In contrast, shorter layered hairstyles add volume and movement to the hair.

hairstyle women 70 years old 2023 ideas rejuvenating hairstyle wavy effect

What are the rejuvenating hairstyle for 70 year olds?

Now that you know what hairstyles to avoid after 70, it is also important to reveal the hairstyles that will make you look younger. An overview below:

  • Wispy curtain bangs: As mentioned above, bangs are a great way to hide forehead wrinkles, but it’s important to choose them wisely. Wispy curtain bangs are probably the best option, as they help hide the signs of time without overwhelming the look.
  • Layered Feathered Haircuts: Cut to resemble the feathers of a bird, these cuts add volume to hair and are a perfect solution for thin manes at 70.
  • Wavy hair: Opt for the wavy effect without heat to give your hair movement while protecting it.




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