Pixie haircuts for women over 70: Try these hairstyles in 2023 that will transform you instantly!

by Gabby

The pixie cut is one of the most popular hairstyles among older ladies, as it not only gives them an appealing look but is also very easy to maintain. In addition, as the hair starts thinning over the years and many ladies face the problem of hair loss, short pixie haircut is a good way to add volume to hair or style it to make women look younger. Here are all the trending pixie haircuts for women over 70 in 2023 (with pictures)! See how these hairstyles can transform your look easily!

Pixie haircuts for women over 70: Curly hair

pixie haircuts for women over 70 with curly hair in 2023

Embrace your natural hair texture, since it will help to reduce the time spent styling it. The first thing you should do is to choose a pixie haircut that goes well with your natural curls and use products that moisturize and define them. A short haircut that is gently curled draws attention to your most attractive features, such as your eyes. This short hairstyle for mature women over 70 makes you younger instantly! For more inspiration, you can check out which bob haircut for women over 70 will go perfectly with your curly hair.

Pixie haircut for gray hair

pixie haircut for gray hair women over 70 hairstyle ideas


This haircut is easy to maintain. You can keep it short with some texturizing products at the parting to create the illusion of volume. A fairly common feature of women over 70 is the presence of gray hair. How to give it life? Try the Pixie haircut in 2023! Still, keeping this pixie cut along with the silver hair color results in a beautiful change in the contours of the face and creates a modern look that can be adapted to a variety of attires. Check out which are the best short hairstyles for gray hair in 2023, that will instantly make you look younger and rejuvenated!

Pixie hairstyle for thin hair: How to get that volume effect?

pixie haircut for thin hair how to add volume naturally

A haircut for an older lady should have some volume at the top and frame the face to add texture to the hair. The best hairstyle for mature women is a voluminous Pixie like this one. It also makes it easy to achieve any type of styling with tools on the hair. This Pixie cut is one of the better options for ladies over 70.

Side swept bangs

side swept bangs for women over 70 how to achieve the perfect haircut for mature ladies

This is a stunning example of a Pixie haircut that can be worn by ladies over 70. Pretty much like most of the hairstyles, they often have their hair feathered and tapered. If you don’t have much time to get ready in the morning, you can give your hair some texture by running your fingers through the hair and misting it with Texture Spray.

Is balayage still trendy in 2023?

balayage 2023 for women over 70 pixie haircut

This is an example of a chic Pixie haircut suitable for women over 70. If you want to add extra style points to the look you want, some waves and a nice balayage for added volume might be options to explore. Women over 70 who want a short haircut aren’t just limited to white or gray hair.

Pixie haircut with layers

pixie haircut with layers for women over 70

It is important to know that thick hair is not a must in order to get a Pixie haircut with layers, which is one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 70. It also goes well with thin hair, by giving it volume and drawing attention to the beautiful features of the face. Go for this layered cut if you want a fashionable hairstyle that requires little maintenance and still looks good on you.

pixie haircuts for women over 70: Salt and pepper hairstyle

salt and pepper pixie haircut women over 70

If you like the length of your hair but want a little more volume, this is a fantastic choice for you. First thing in the morning, apply some mousse to your short hair to give it some texture.

Pixie haircuts for women over 70: Try the Bixie haircut 2023!

bixie haircut 2023 what is it exactly how to wear it

If you are looking for low-maintenance and trendy hairstyles, go for this option – the Bixie haircut will make you look younger! To understand what is the Bixie haircut 2023, you can find more here. It will be one of the biggest haircut trends this year!

Long hairstyles for women over 70

long pixie hairstyles for women over 70

Do you want to keep the same length? Switch to this cut as it offers enough length for your fingers to fit through while still maintaining a manageable profile. This type of hairstyle is often chosen by mature women, because it flatters the facial features and makes them look younger.

Pixie haircut for white hair

pixie haircuts for women over 70 with white hair

If you are over 70 years old and comfortable with your white hair, you should try this elegant Pixie. If you have fine or thin hair, a haircut like this can help you get the volume you want. After applying a texturizing spray or wax to wet hair for a cool look, roughly blow dry the hair to give it some movement. After the hair has dried, use a curling iron or flat iron to style the hair properly.


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