Mix and match nails – eclectic nail design ideas for an instant mood boost

by Kremy

Do you like original manicure designs? Sure, everyone woman has her favorite styles, colors and patterns. When we add the trends of the year to your favorite designs… well, we agree that it can be really difficult to choose just one. Do you know the feeling? If you can’t decide on a theme for your nail art, why not combine a few? The mix and match nails trend is just for you! You will love this design as it allows you to have all your favorite patterns or colors on your hands. Can you do that without being kitschy? How to mix and match a beautiful manicure? We have all the answers and you will find them in the paragraphs below.

What are mix and match nails?

mix and match nail art manicure ideas eclectic design

The days when you painted your nails in one color are long gone! Nowadays, the trends feature creative nails designs which allow women to express their individuality. Can you try several colors at the same time? Of course, you can! Can you try several patterns at the same time? Absolutely! And that is exactly what mix and match nails are all about! They are bold, they are fun and you can get really creative in combining your favorite patterns! You like floral nail art? This is a wonderful spring manicure. How about adding a nail with a blue sky, sun or even a smiley? You love animal prints and you wonder if you could have more than one on your nails? Why not? If that makes you happy, go for it!

creative nail design ideas colorful mix and match nails


As you have already guessed, mix and match nails is an eclectic mix of nail designs which is different on every finger. What is the best about this type of manicure? On the first place, it is never boring. In addition, you can be as creative as you want and the only limit is your imagination.

Mix and match nails – design ideas for your perfect manicure

nail art trends mix and match patterns colors

Elegant and stylish women of all ages are aware that well-groomed hands always attract attention. With mix and match nails you can realize any manicure ideas. However, we have to mention that, in some situations, this nail design is not quite appropriate. It is not suitable for those who observe a strict dress code and it may not seem quite appropriate in winter. Despite the fact that this eclectic manicure is popular as spring-summer nail art, there are a lot of ideas for individual nail design in fall-winter time. As we mentioned earlier, this nail design combines different colors, textures, prints and patterns. But how to combine everything harmoniously in one design? Let’s see!

How to combine nail polish colors?

mix and match nail art in pastel shades

When you mix and match nail polish colors you can select shades from one palette, for example blue, green or combine colors that go together. Obviously, the choice of colors will depend on the particular design but mix and match nails are usually bright. The whole idea is to attract attention, so nude and neutral shades are not the way to go. If you are not a fan of wild or primary color combinations, pastel shades are a good option.

What patterns and prints can you mix and match?

how to mix and match nail design ideas patterns colors

Can you choose more than one pattern or print for your manicure? With mix and match nail art this is a must! It’s up to you to decide what designs to decorate your nails with. Here are some ideas:

  • Mix and match rainbow and floral designs.
  • Animal prints – leopard and cow print combination
  • Fruits – you can choose a theme for your nail decoration. For example, summer fruits, citrus fruits, etc.
  • Flowers – floral nail art comes in a huge variety of designs. You can think of spring flowers themed manicure, summer flowers or one particular variety – daisy, rose, sunflower, etc.
  • Cartoon characters
  • Swirl nail designs
  • Polka dots and geometric lines

the best mix and match nails ideas how to combine colors and patterns

Mix and match nails are the perfect choice for the woman who likes to stand out from the crowd and doesn’t want to be like anyone else. This manicure is suitable for long and short nails and all shapes. If you prefer a more subtle version of mix and match designs, painting only the tips of the nails is a good idea. You will still have an eye catching design bit it will not attract the attention directly to your hands. In case you do not need to follow a strict dress code, you can combine the patterns or prints as you wish and demonstrate your imagination and creativity.

Nail design for long nails

mix and match nail design for long nails

Pastel colors and different patterns

pastel colors nails art ideas spring mix and match trend

Mix and match nail art on short nails

short nails trends mix and match nail art transparent base

Original combination of colors and patterns

What patterns and prints can you mix and match nail art trends

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