Pink nail designs 2023: Outstanding manicure designs and impressive ideas in pink!

by Anjelina

The pink manicure has long been associated not only with Barbie. Today it is the choice of more and more stylists and celebrities who like to keep up with trends. In this line of thought, pink nails are fashionable, attractive, and most of the time, so romantic and feminine. That’s why in today’s article, we’ll take a look at pink nail designs 2023 and inspire you with lots of ideas for gorgeous manicures in pink tones that will make you feel stylish and beautiful!

Pink nail designs 2023: Trendy ideas and lots of inspiration

trendy pink manicure different techniques nail art ideas 2023

By choosing warm or cool shades of pink, you can create gorgeous pink nails in both winter and summer of 2023. Pink will be in fashion all year round! Feel free to experiment with shades, undertones, make different combinations or create unique designs with rhinestones, glitter and any other decorations you like! Now, let us give you some inspiring manicure ideas that you can do on your own at home or at the manicurist. We offer you trendy pink nail designs 2023 that look irresistible, and you will surely feel up to date if you choose any of them.

Light pink manicure 2023

light pink nails white hearts simple cute idea


Thanks to the variety of shades of gel polishes, you can achieve a specific result and bring a special mood. For example, if you choose a light pink manicure, you will have a very subtle addition to your look. The delicate light shades of pink are suitable for women who strive for stylish, yet feminine and romantic appearance. At the same time, light pink nails look modern and extremely delicate, regardless of the decoration!

Bright pink for a bold, impressive manicure

bright and bold pink nails butterfly decoration

If you’re an expressive person who doesn’t like trivial looks, we suggest you go for brighter shades of pink that you can combine with even bolder decorations, like huge beautiful butterflies! Why not? Of course, such an impressive manicure is not suitable for every outfit, so choose your clothes carefully. After all, your nails will give away that you are a passionate person who loves unconventional looks!

Romantic pink nail design with flowers

pink nail design with flowers white different shades of pink

Pink combined with delicate white flowers is a classic that won’t get old anytime soon. It can easily fit into any romantic look, especially when we talk about warm spring and summer days. You can go for casual floral dresses, skirts, shorts, or cute jumpsuits. Add an adorable hair accent with a beautiful accessory like a headband or rhinestone hair pins for an even more romantic look!

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Pink gradient

gorgeous powder pink and baby blue gradient nails


Looking for a gorgeous manicure idea that will catch the eye and cause a wave of compliments? Then choose the trendy nail ombre, or also known as pink gradient. The iridescent effect creates an amazing design, looks neat and is very trendy! Again, you can choose the classic of white and pink or go all out with a pink manicure, but a combination of two or more shades. In fact, some women opt for more daring versions of the pink gradient by including colors such as blue or indigo, which makes the manicure even more striking and extraordinary.

Pretty French manicure

pink French nails bright and lighter pink nail polishes

The classic French manicure will never go out of style, we’re sure of that, but it still serves as inspiration for many new designs and nail trends. For example, in 2023 we will be surrounded by the so-called French pink manicure. The nail tips are in a soft baby pink instead of white, which makes the design very fresh and appealing. Its big advantage is its versatility, as it is suitable for the office as well as when you go out with friends, and you are wearing your favorite floral dress!

Amazing marble effect

marble pink manicure pink nail designs 2023

Regardless of the length of your nails, you can try great designs that resemble natural textures like marble or granite. Mixed with the color pink, this gorgeous combination is even more impressive and at the same time delicate and trendy! Definitely worth a try!

Rose gold glitter and rhinestones

elegant rose gold nails rhinestones glitter trends 2023

Sometimes women want to add a little more glamour to their look, so foils, glitter and rhinestones come to the rescue. Especially when we are talking about more formal events like weddings, graduations, family celebrations, corporate events, etc. we would certainly want to look our best. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for a bit more details and accents, like combining a light pink polish with rose gold glitter, for example. This way we create an elegant and spectacular manicure and the jewelry can only complement it!

Trendy matte manicure

matte pink nails and rhinestones cute nail design

Pink nails are a top hit for sure. However, if you love the velvety effect of a matte finish, don’t hesitate to use it. This year, adorable matte nails in pink won’t leave anyone indifferent. The muted pink has a special charm and can be suitable for any occasion. But if you want to create a little more accent, then add a cute drawing or some rhinestones. Matte pink with geometric and abstract motifs looks extraordinary and beautiful. You can also go for a combination with gold and even black.

More pink inspiration – Photo Gallery

light pink manicure glossy square nails medium length

Cute Valentine’s Day nail design idea

pink nail design ideas 2023 valentine's day cute hearts white and pink

Romantic manicure idea

delicate romantic feminine manicure idea white pink and flowers

Pink ombre nails

gradient nails light and darker shades pink ombre effect



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