Light makeup for women over 50: Try out these essential tips for your everyday makeup routine!

by Gabby

Mature women often have the habit of trying to hide their wrinkles and other age-related changes with a lot of make up. What they don’t realize is that too much of it can have the exact opposite effect. It often creates a heavy or bland look that is either overdone or makes you look older than you are. So what you should keep in mind as you age is the rule “less is more”. Instead of wearing lots of layers of makeup and colors, stick to more subtle, light makeup for women over 50. Let’s see the basic tips and tricks!

How to prep your skin well before applying makeup?

light makeup for women over 50 how to prep your skin well before applying it

Before applying makeup, you always have to make sure your skin is well-prepared. What do I mean by that? You have to use the right products so you know that the makeup will look flawless and will last all day long. Make sure that the base for your makeup will flatter your skin and not the other way around!

How to make sure you have radiant complexion?

In order for your aging skin to shine and look young and radiant, the right skin care is essential. So, before you cover blemishes and wrinkles with makeup, make sure that they don’t appear in the first place, or are reduced to the minimum. Regular care for aging skin includes:

  • Daily cleansing of the skin with products for your skin type
  • Regular exfoliation (frequency depends on skin type – thin and dry skin should be exfoliated less often)
  • Light moisturizer – it should be nourishing but not greasy and heavy as this is not a good base for the makeup

Only well moisturized skin can radiate and be a good basis for your makeup. If you notice dry patches on your face despite the light cream, don’t make the mistake of resorting to a heavier moisturizer. Instead, apply a foundation that absorbs quickly, preferably with a gel texture. Another advice is to try using a dewy foundation, instead of one with a matte finish.

Light makeup for women over 50: Is it possible to hide the wrinkles?

makeup for women over 50 best foundation to use at this age covering the wrinkles


No matter how much makeup you put on your wrinkles, you won’t be able to hide them completely. There is a risk of accentuating them. Even if you think the makeup is flawless, somehow throughout the day, the wrinkles tend to show up. So what is the best option for a light makeup for women over 50? Let’s find out!

  • You need a sheer foundation that also moisturizes.
  • After the foundation apply a concealer. For a mature skin, products with a creamy texture are optimal (no powdery ones!).

With the concealer you cover:

  • Red spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • The eye area (dark circles) and especially the inner corner of the eye. The inner corner of the eye is usually darker than the outer corner, keep that in mind when applying the concealer.

How to choose the right makeup colors?

what makeup colors for women over 50 are the best ones how to choose the right foundation (1)

You should also add some color to your “no makeup makeup” beauty routine, especially after the age of 50. This applies to the products that we have already mentioned above. With age, the skin frequently becomes paler and if you choose the same shade for your products as per usual, this can lead to you appearing older. Instead, you should counteract this by opting for a shade or two darker.

It is important now, however, that you do not only concentrate on the face when applying makeup, otherwise you will get this “mask wearing” effect. Instead, blend the foundation and concealer down to the neck, creating an even transition. A foundation brush is ideal for this, or a beauty blender if you want a natural finish. You can give your face a little glow and some tan by applying a bronzer with a warm undertone. Where to apply it?

  • below the cheekbones
  • along the sides of the nose
  • forehead
  • under the chin

This will ensure a radiant and fresh look and you can include it in your everyday makeup routine. However, if you also want to put on a little more eye-catching makeup for an evening, you can use the same technique. And if you want to know how to make your face look really lifted without Botox, you should try this makeup for women over 50 that will make you look young.

Light makeup for women over 50: How to apply blush?

how to apply blush for women over 50 makeup ideas tutorial

Makeup can look really different when applied to mature skin. However, if applied correctly your skin can look rejuvenated. Also, when it comes to the blush, you should now proceed a little differently than you may have done before. Do you also use the trick of smiling while applying it? Although it’s a tried and true trick, it’s no longer optimal after a certain age. Instead, try doing this:

  • Apply blush to the top of the cheekbones.
  • Then blend the blush inwards/downwards.

Opt for creamy textures and muted pink tones. Applying it above the cheekbones draws the attention toward the eyes, and it can really highlight their color.

Eye makeup for women over 50

eye makeup for women over 50 how to apply it ideas trends

When we reach a certain age in our life, it is normal for the skin to loosen up a bit. This happens a lot around the eye area, and even if we have big eyes, then tend to look smaller. How to create the illusion that we have bigger eyes, using makeup? Let’s find out!

  • Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes (as close to the base of the lashes as possible).
  • Apply mascara. For a light eye makeup, be sure to avoid clumping of the eyelashes by using an appropriate product. The spidery eyelashes will make you look older. Ideally, the product that you use should be also nourishing, as lashes become more brittle with age. Contrary to popular belief, black eye makeup, if applied correctly, is also suitable for those over 50. The wrong shade of brown, on the other hand, can make you look tired. A contrast between eye color and eyelashes/eyeliner is important.
  • Eye shadow is not absolutely necessary in everyday life. If you decide to apply it, it is best to apply it to the outer corner of the eye and blend inwards (it should get lighter towards the inner corner of the eye). That also opens up the eyes a lot.

Now that you know some of the best techniques for applying makeup, you should start checking for some trendy outfits. Find some of the best outfits for women over 50 in 2023, so you look like a true fashion icon this year!

How to do the eyebrows?

how to do your eyebrows women over 50 makeup advice ideas 2023

The eyebrows also lose volume with age and with the right styling you can optically counteract this, by applying the right makeup.

  • Don’t over pluck them. Leave them a little bit thicker, and then trim them using an eyebrow scissors.
  • Use brow tint that imitates hairs when applied. The product should be applied carefully, so that the brows don’t end up looking too artificial, but as natural as possible.
  • Don’t forget to take care for the eyebrows with growth-promoting products.

Light makeup for women over 50: How to do the lips?

light makeup for women over 50 lips lipstick what are the right colors for mature women

Lips age too. In addition, they often become asymmetrical. How to make them look plump and juicy again?

  • Use lipstick that is soft and glides on well. Avoid using matte lipsticks.
  • Choose a natural color for your lip liner/pencil and lipstick. In some cases it may also be another deeper or lighter shade. Check out what are the best lipstick colors for women over 50 that you should absolutely try in 2023!
  • Apply the lip liner starting from the outside of the lip: from the outer corner of the lip to the cupid’s bow, or to the middle of the lower lip. This way, you are making sure that your lips look even.
  • Then fill in with the lipstick – also from the outside inwards.
  • If desired, a gloss can be added for shine and hydration. However, it should be light and not sticky.

“No makeup” makeup for women over 50: Tutorial

Now, you want to see how to achieve this light makeup look for women over 50? It turns out it will not take more than 10 minutes to try the “no makeup” makeup trend! Check out the video for a full tutorial!

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