How to remove limescale from toilet naturally? Use any of these 5 natural solutions for a spotless toilet!

by Kristiyana

Removing limescale from a toilet is an annoying and tedious task, but it must be done in order to maintain the hygiene of your bathroom. Limescale can form on toilets due to hard water containing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. With regular cleaning, limescale can build up as sediment deposits which are difficult to remove. This leads people to look for effective methods on how to get rid of them without causing any damage. Do you want to know how to remove limescale from the toilet effectively and with natural remedies? In this article, we will discuss 5 natural and effective ways that you can try at home with items that you most likely already have in your kitchen cupboard or pantry!

How to remove limescale from toilet?

how to remove limescale from toilet_how to remove limescale from toilet naturally

Limescale is known to be quite unsightly and a potentially damaging build-up of minerals like calcium carbonate that can form on your toilet. The white, chalky coating is not only unattractive, but can also cause problems in your toilet’s plumbing over time. A lot of people reach for harsh chemical cleaning agents to solve their limescale issue, however these cleaners can often be quite damaging to the skin and leave an unpleasant odour. Luckily, you don’t need any harsh chemicals to remove limescale from your toilet! There are a range of natural products and home remedies that are just as effective, if not more so! Want to find out which they are and achieve a spotless toilet? Here we go!

Baking soda & vinegar to get rid of limescale

vinegar for cleaning_baking soda for cleaning


How to descale bathroom fittings? Remove limescale from your toilet with baking soda & vinegar! This method involves combining equal parts baking soda and white vinegar into a paste-like consistency. Apply the mixture onto the affected area using a scrubbing brush or steel wool pad until all traces of limescale have been removed. You should let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Make sure all residue is washed away from your toilet bowl surface. To ensure optimal results, repeat this process every few weeks if required as part of a regular cleaning routine.

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Clean your toilet with lemon juice & salt

Make sure you wear protective gloves while trying out this toilet cleaning method! Combine two parts lemon juice with one part salt together until they’re both dissolved. What you’ve got now is an acidic solution capable of dissolving even stubborn stains caused by years worth of accumulation of mineral build-up around the toilet edges. Soak a cloth in the lemon juice & salt concoction before rubbing down the affected areas. Leave overnight if possible before flushing out residuals the next morning.

How to use borax powder against limescale?

borax powder for cleaning_how to clean limescale with boraw powder

If the above two strategies don’t work for you, try borax powder instead! Dampen some paper towels before spreading liberal amounts across the stained surfaces. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves as usual! Scrub gently afterwards, leaving for half an hour, followed by flushing out the excesses.

Remove limescale from toilet with sandpaper

In need of another stronger natural solution to remove that nasty limescale from your toilet? Try the sandpaper method! Use a medium-grain sandpaper to gently wear down and get rid of the limescale stains. Just keep in mind to not use this method on brand-new toilets, as the sandpaper can damage the surface, and potentially void your guarantee. Be sure not to press too hard when cleaning. Flush afterwards as with the other methods.

How to use a pumice stone to clean your toilet?

pumice stone against limescale_how to remove limescale from the toilet with a pumice stone

Let’s see how we can use a pumice stone to remove the unpleasant limescale from our toilets! First, make sure that both the stone and toilet are wet prior to cleaning. If not, you risk scratching the porcelain. Also, again, don’t use this method on a recently purchased toilet. Make sure you have enough water on hand when rubbing the affected areas with the pumice stone. Flush afterwards.

Overall, there are multiple natural and effective ways for you to easily remove limescale from your toilet without having to hire professionals or invest in expensive tools or cleaners! Vinegar solutions work best when it comes to dealing with light build-up, while sandpaper and a pumice stone are great against bigger accumulations of hard water residue. Whichever method works best for you, just make sure you follow all the instructions carefully and wear protective gloves. You should have a spotless toilet in no time!

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