Wispy bangs: You want to try it out in 2023? Here are 20+ hairstyle trends to inspire you!

by Gabby

Our hair artists say to themselves: the fringe still has a bright future ahead of it! But not just any fringe! In 2023, there will be a boom coming from the wispy bangs. Less classic than the full version, it promises to highlight the natural features of those who wear it. But is it suitable for all faces? How to get wispy bangs? How to style it? And how to adopt it with style? Our hairdressing pros answer all your questions below!

wispy bangs hair trends jenna ortega hairstyle to adapt in 2023

What are wispy bangs?

Before you start, you can seriously ask yourself the questions: What are wispy bangs? Is it made for everyone? Unlike straight, full bangs, the wispy bangs give both character and lightness to the haircut. It will definitely give you a casual look, that we all love. Fuzzy, light and unstructured, this fringe is not equal over its entire length, which makes it possible to adapt to each face shape. Just cut it properly to bring out the natural texture of your hair! Only exception? Do not adopt it on very curly natural hair. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended for brunettes to soften their features, which are sometimes a little too severe and strict.

Why do we love the wispy bangs so much?

hairstyle trends for women in 2023 wispy bangs long hair ideas to try out


If you want to change your look quickly, there’s nothing like some trendy bangs! And the one we are likely to see most in 2023 is undoubtedly the wispy version. Why do we love it so much? Well, because it adapts accordingly to our desires and the facial characteristics of each one, unlike the baby bangs. On straight or curly, long or short hair, it gives lightness into each haircut. In addition, it has the power to refine and rejuvenate the face. Its major asset? It’s easy to maintain, of course. In fact, if we have to define the easiest fringe to live with, it is without a doubt that one! The best thing is to go to your hairdresser to refresh it. However, those who know how to handle scissors can maintain it at home.

wispy bangs haircut trends 2023 for women

What face shape is good for wispy bangs?

With a risk of repeating myself, the wispy bangs go well with all face shapes. Light and feathery as desired, it softens and refines facial features, because it hugs their shapes perfectly. The wispy style is therefore the ideal choice to enhance a round or square face. Cutting wispy bangs to the side will instantly create the illusion of a smaller forehead. But in addition to refining the face, it also has the power to rejuvenate it. It is therefore not only reserved for young girls. Mature women can also try it, since that can help erase a few years. A square cut with curtain bangs will be perfect if you are in your 50s!

What kind of wispy bangs to wear in 2023?

what kind of wispy bangs to wear in 2023 haircut ideas trends fringe

This type of bangs come in several versions. Bardot bangs, mullet or Emily Cooper style bangs… these adapt to each type of hair and can be used on all fronts to enhance your look. Easy to maintain, the following styles are perfect, if you are planning on having bangs for the first time. If you want to adapt the Bardot bangs, I present to you the Brachel haircut, which is a total hit right now. It combines the Bardot bangs and Rachel Green’s hairstyle from the iconic TV Show Friends!

jenna ortega chopped bangs wipsy hairstyle trends bob chic 2023

Are you still wondering if bob haircut looks good with bangs? Inspire yourself with these the trendiest bob hairstyles with bangs in 2023!

Curtain bangs

curtain bangs how to wear them in 2023 styling ideas haircut trends (1)

After being a total hit in 2023, the Bardot bangs continue to be a trend in 2023. The hairstyle quickly became a great classic that everyone is trying out currently. But this year, we’re adopting Jenna Ortega’s version. Thick in the middle and tapered on the sides, her chopped bob is adorned with wispy bangs that descends slightly towards the cheekbones to enhance them.

Emily Cooper bangs

emily cooper bangs how to achieve them are they trendy in 2023

The craze around the trendy Netflix series, Emily in Paris, continues! The last fashionable thing we can steal from Emily Cooper? Her wispy bangs open on the cheekbones that rejuvenate and soften the facial features.

How to get wispy bangs?

How to properly adapt the new trend with wispy bangs? I got one word for you: maintenance! But how to get them if going to the hairdresser is not possible at the moment? Can you cut your own bangs without messing up? Yes, but you have to know how to handle scissors. Cut with the tip of the scissors to thin the bangs. Be careful though, never cut your fringe while your hair is damp. On a dry mane, it is definitely easier to do it. You can check the video for a full tutorial!

A little advice from the editor: avoid doing what Emily from Paris did, who cut her own hair while drinking a glass of rosé. Getting bangs yourself is not an easy task. Once you mess it up, it will be difficult to camouflage it while waiting for the regrowth. Keep that in mind!

Maintenance and styling

how to maintain wispy bangs easy ideas styling tips haircut trends 2023

Subtle and chic, the wispy bangs are very easy to put in place. However, avoid combing it too much, because of the risk of greasing it. Since these bangs highlight natural hair textures, no blow-drying is necessary. We like it straight, smooth or wavy. To make it stay on one place, you can spray a little hairspray on it. If it looks greasy, a few sprays of natural dry shampoo will help to refresh it. And when you’re tired of it, try using different hair accessories. Barrettes, headbands, elastic bands, bandanas… the wispy bangs go with everything. What hairstyles looks the best with the bangs? Everything is allowed. Ponytail, Bohemian bun, pigtails, braids, half-tail, it suits all styles. To give it a new shape, an appointment every two months with your hairdresser will be just fine.

Hairstyle ideas that go perfectly with wispy bangs

hairstyle ideas for wispy bangs 2023 haircut easy

Ready to hop on the trend yet? Not yet ? And if we told you that it allows you to adapt it in several versions? Here are the most beautiful hair inspirations for a modern taper cut.

How to wear wispy bangs on curly hair? 

curly hairstyle ideas in 2023 how to wear fringe trends

Wavy hairstyle

wavy hairstyle camilla cabello trends 2023 haircut with bangs

Trendy hairstyle with wispy bangs

trendy hairstyle with wipsy bangs ideas trends dakota johnson

A mid-length haircut 

mid length haircuts ideas witi fringe or bangs

Bohemian bun with curtain bangs 

bohemian bun with curtain bangs camilla cabello

Straight hairstyle with wispy bangs 

straight hairstyle with wipsy bangs ideas haircut trends 2023 Dakota Jonhson

Is curtain fringe still trendy in 2023? 

is curtain fringe still trendy in 2023 ideas on how to style your hair

Curly bob haircut

curly bob haircut ideas 2023

How to make your long hair look trendy? 

what bangs to do when we have long hair in 2023

How to add volume to your hair? Try wispy bangs!

how to add volume to your hair naturally bangs hairstyle ideas

Are these bangs a good idea for our natural curly hair? 

afro curls fringe wispy bangs hairstyle 2023

Sophie Jonas with wispy bangs 

sophie jonas bangs haircut trendy ideas for red hair

Curtain on wispy fringe? 

curtain fringe wispy bangs haircuts 2023 the trendiest hairstyle


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