Bob hair with bangs 2023: Trendy bob hairstyles + inspiring looks and ideas!

by Anjelina

The bob will be one of the most fashionable hairstyles in 2023. It stays relevant thanks to the large number of variations and the ability to add more beauty and youthfulness to the look. You can always adapt it to your face type and clothing style. In today’s article, we will pay special attention to bob hair with bangs 2023 because it is an extremely winning combination that is definitely worth considering!

Bob hair with bangs 2023: Trendy hairstyles and inspiring ideas

mid-length platinum blonde hair bob hairstyles with curtain bangs

Do you want to get a stylish and interesting haircut, following the latest fashion trends? If so, then let’s take a look at the gorgeous combination of bob hair with bangs 2023 together now, because the new year definitely has something new to offer us! We have months ahead of us, during which several variations of bob hairstyle will be an undeniable hit. Some of them achieve an elegant look, while others demonstrate the unbridled nature of their owner. And therein lies the real reason the bob is among women’s favorite hairstyles – because it’s so versatile!

The mixie bob and short bangs

mixie bob haircut with short bangs trends 2023


In 2023, the mixie bob will be all the rage. Bringing back the 70’s vibe, it’s a mix of the past and the present. This hairstyle is a combination of a mullet and the pixie cut, which has been fashionable in recent years. The hair is in short, choppy layers in the front, while at the back it is longer. When you add short bangs, you get a unique hairstyle that is suitable for girls who want to achieve a rebellious look! Some of the best benefits are that the hair is extremely easy to maintain, and you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror with all sorts of hair tools and appliances!

The French bob

trendy French bob with thin blunt bangs romantic look

The next bob variant is in complete contrast to the mixie. It is the French bob with blunt bangs. It is a short straight haircut with the hair reaching up to the chin, but in many cases it is even shorter. The ends of the hair are usually slightly curved to create a natural, messy look, ideal for the French style. This is one of the most stylish and popular hairstyles designed for girls with sophisticated taste. The bangs are a must for the French bob. If they are too thick, style them to make them look more airy. Don’t make the bangs too short, it will give your style a different feel. This hairstyle solves the problem of unruly hair, helps to arrange the curly locks beautifully and adds volume to thin hair.

Long layered bob

long layered bob with bangs pink hues

The long bob in layers is a great haircut idea for women who don’t like too short hairstyles. The combination with bangs gives an even more stylish look to the hair and overall rejuvenates and highlights the facial features people are most proud of! Layers are an excellent way to add volume to thin hair, especially if you use a blow-dryer for styling. Your hair will instantly take on a wonderful, bouncy look! With the help of layers, an experienced hairdresser can also take away the excess volume if your hair is too thick. You can see for yourself that this haircut is extremely suitable for any hair type, and by choosing it, you will be sure to keep up with fashion because it will be at the peak of popularity in 2023!

Curly bob and a fringe

bob hair with bangs 2023 curly bob with a fringe

Curly hair look spectacular and beautiful. However, only its owners know how difficult it can be to maintain and style it. That’s why a haircut is extremely important to make it all easier. A curly bob with bangs is a great option for these girls. In fact, the hairstyle looks amazing on both wavy and very curly hair. Cutting the bob in layers gives the hair volume that looks great, and the short strands at the top of the head highlight the neck. The transition from short to longer side locks is soft and elegant. The hairstyle visually elongates the silhouette of the round face. It is also suitable for ladies with elongated faces by emphasizing the elegance of their face.

Short shaggy bob

short shaggy haircut with side swept bangs highlights

As mentioned before, layers will be in vogue in 2023. Therefore, if you opt for a short shaggy bob hairstyle with bangs, you won’t go wrong. The messy look which has been such a sought after effect lately portends easy hair maintenance, which is one of the top reasons you’d want to give this particular hairstyle a try. What’s more, you can experiment with different hair coloring techniques. For example, beautiful highlights amongst auburn hair would look even more stunning, considering the fact choppy layers would attract even more attention and blend the two colors perfectly!

Bob hair with bangs – Photo Gallery

cute messy bob with bangs dark short hair

Messy and cute bob hairstyle

shaggy look chopped layers trendy hairstyle 2023

Elegant bob with bangs

Bob hair with bangs 2023 trends emma stone haircut

Short bob on thin hair

short length hair with thin a fringe wavy fine hair

Blunt bob and bangs

straight blunt cut 2023 dark hazelnut color

Straight bob haircut with long curtain bangs

short straight haircut with elongated curtain bangs

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