Messy bob with bangs: Flattering looks and styling ideas for your casual bob!

by Anjelina

Hair trends change like everything else! It’s been a while since we’ve had to strive for super sleek, neatly styled hairstyles, although we don’t mind them either. The point is that nowadays, messy hair is not a rare thing, and it’s most likely that it won’t produce a big shock in anyone. Even on the contrary, it is believed that these casual hairstyles are the new hit in the fashion world because many people find them extremely attractive and cute! Today, we’re going to pay special attention to the messy bob with bangs, as it’s a relatively popular hairstyle that is certainly worth considering getting in the new year!

Messy bob with bangs – cute ideas and looks

short bob with bangs above the eyebrows messy hairstyle dark hair color edgy

The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular among short hair lovers. There are many variations of it so far, as hairdressers love to experiment with each style, to add something of their own and so new ideas and trends are created, which is quite normal, actually. The casual bob is also gaining popularity for being comfortable, easy to style and looking really trendy and chic! The casual look can be achieved on any hair type and with any length, which is another plus point of the hairstyle. In addition to the cute haircut, women often choose to get bangs, which further adds to the casual look! Let’s now take a look at a few variations of the messy bob with bangs so that you too can be inspired by the beauty of this combination!

Short messy bob with highlights

short messy bob with a fringe brown main color blonde highlights here and there


Did you know that a short haircut rejuvenates people tremendously? That’s why more and more women decide to give it a go. We will pay special attention to a short, messy bob with bangs that has cute highlights here and there! The combination is more than wonderful! Besides the hairstyle, the lighter locks create an extra accent in the hair that cannot go unnoticed! Really a very youthful and casual look that is worth considering!

Curly messy bob with bangs

curly messy short bob idea with bangs blonde hair with highlights

Who doesn’t love beautiful curls? And when they’re messy, they’re even more eye-catching! If you’re one of the lucky ones with naturally curly hair, then a messy bob with bangs is the perfect solution for your hair! You won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to style and come up with a gorgeous look! You’ll actually be able to do it with minimal effort! However, if your hair is straight or not as curly as you would like it to be, then you might consider using a curling iron. It’s a very trendy way of styling your bob right now! It’s definitely worth trying this lovely casual hairstyle suggestion!

Choppy layers

choppy long bob with bangs beachy wavy hair in layers of different lengths

Speaking of messy hairstyles, we just can’t help but mention the choppy bob, which is a modern version of the classic one. It’s gaining immense popularity right now, and women of all ages are loving it! What is it exactly? Usually a bob cut is done at first, then the hairdresser starts creating many layers of different lengths. The choppy layered bob is especially suitable for women with thin hair, as it creates volume and depth. It looks great on thick hair as well! To your attention, we present a modern variant for the choppy long bob with cute layered bangs. This is a great hairstyle idea, especially for ladies who are not into very short haircuts!

Asymmetrical bob

asymmetrical short bob copper hair with bangs trendy look messy hairstyle

The asymmetrical bob gives a fresh look to your face. It’s no coincidence that we put it on our list of messy bob ideas. This hairstyle is mostly preferred by daring and glamorous ladies who love to attract attention to themselves. The combination with bangs and copper hair color cannot help but cause a storm of positive comments! Be prepared! In fact, the asymmetrical bob suits both business and casual looks perfectly. Asymmetric haircuts suit not only young girls, but also older women. The messy asymmetrical bob is ideal for those with thin and lifeless hair. Thanks to this technique, the hair looks thicker and more beautiful!

Long bob with curtain bangs

long messy bob hairstyle with curtain bangs ombre technique blonde hair beachy waves

If you’re not a fan of straight bangs, then maybe curtain bangs are just for you. As their name suggests, they resemble open curtains as the bangs split in the middle and each half is pulled to the sides. This puts the emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones, as the bangs blend perfectly with the rest of the hair. Thanks to it, the best facial features are revealed! The combination of this type of bangs with a messy bob is a win-win for any girl who goes for this particular hairstyle! The casual yet romantic look is an extremely sought after effect by ladies everywhere! And what better way to achieve it than with a gorgeous bob, to which you can add some highlights or apply techniques like balayage or ombre that will make the hairstyle even more amazing!

Messy bob with bangs – Photo Gallery

short bob with a fringe straight line layers casual look dark hair

Messy bob on red hair

messy bob with bangs curled locks red hues shades in the hair medium length

Shaggy bob and highlights

shaggy bob hairstyle on fair hair layered hairstyle with blond highlights

Blunt cut on black hair

short black straight hair blunt cut bob with curtain bangs modern hairstyle idea

Cute bob with curtain bangs

medium length haircut with fringe ombre technique slightly curled hair

Curly bob with layers

blonde hair curled in layers with bangs messy appearance casual everyday look

Short straight bob 

clean and refreshing short straight dark brown hair with fringe

Messy bob with bangs

short messy bob with bangs slightly curled casual everyday look

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