How to decorate the wall behind your bed? These 25 ideas will give you the inspiration you need!

by Gabby

The bedroom is where we like to relax and feel cozy. Undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do when I’m resting is to relax in bed and watch a TV show or read a book snuggled into my myriad of pillows. Our focus when it comes to the bedroom is not only to choose the right colors for the walls and furniture, but also to choose the right decoration. The main question today is how to decorate the wall behind your bed. What are the current trends in bedroom decor? How to keep up the coziness and the nice atmosphere? Let’s find out!

How to decorate the wall behind your bed?

how to decorate the wall behind your bed ideas creative ways decor 2023

Nobody wants to go to bed and wake up in a sterile atmosphere unless they are a fan of minimalism. The decoration on the wall behind your bed is a step in the interior decoration process, because if your room seems unfinished, it is probably due to a lack of wall decoration. Whether you’re working on a tight budget, thinking of taking the plunge with wallpaper, or looking for some creative art display inspiration, the bedroom wall decor ideas we’ve succumbed to will help you polish the look. space.

Metal bedroom decoration

metal wall decoration for the bedroom gold interior design trends 2023 decor ideas


The layers of textiles make things cozy, but the metallic embellishments truly stand out and the unique shaping provides complexity. Of course, the whimsical wall covering is also a piece of art in and of itself. This will give your room the makeover it deserves and will make your furniture look more expensive.

wall decoration for the bedroom decor ideas interior design moon shapes metal

How about a lovely set made of wrought iron that shows the moon’s phases? A headboard made of raw wood and two small chests of drawers on either side complete the coordinating decor. It is very simple and subtle when you first look at it, however it is a perfect if you want something minimalistic.

Textile wall decoration for your bedroom

wall decoration textile rug over the bed decor ideas 2023

This type of decoration is for the people that love something playful and with colors. You can check out what are the trendiest colors for bedrooms in 2023, so you know how to make the right choice. You have a headboard and a mountain of pillows stacked against the wall, but what about the space above? Has it been empty since you moved in? You can, of course, leave it as it is, but if you want to breathe new life into your walls, hang a textile panel with fringes and tassels evoking African art. It will certainly give your bedroom a whole new loo.

Decorate with shelves

decorate your wall with book shelves bedroom interior design decoration ideas

Do you like reading books? If you are like me, you probably buy one or two every week. Well, let me tell you that my bookshelves in my living room are already filled up. So what do we do in that case? If you have an empty space above your bed, you can install shelves and put your favorite books there. It will give your bedroom this cozy feeling and you can reach and grab a book any time you want. You can also place your favorite figurines, picture frames or even plants.

bohemian decoration for the wall bedroom interior design ideas how to decorate the wall behind my bed

You can even create the perfect Boho decoration by placing some of your favorite decoration on the shelves. The simplicity is stunning and very trendy at the moment!

How to decorate your headboard with pool noodles?

DIY headboard of pool noodles decoration ideas for bedroom 2023

You want to DIY some simple decoration for your empty wall? You don’t have a headboard on your bed? I got you! The padded headboard is on the rise in the 2023 bedroom! Indeed, it is a solution that is both stylish and inexpensive. In addition, the advantage of homemade in the field of interior decoration trend is that you will not need to invest in too much material. To create this vintage-style DIY headboard, you will need a wooden board in the dimensions of your future headboard, velvet, glue, a wall stapler and… pool noodles! Of course !

pool noodles how to decorate headboard bed bedroom interior design decor ideas

This monochromatic rainbow design is the perfect thing you can do as a decoration for your bedroom wall. With horizontal or vertical lines, your pool noodles will amaze more than one by creating an original arched headboard.

How to decorate the wall behind your bed? Try with some art!

wall decoration behind your bed bedroom ideas interior design in 2023 trends

The most used thing to decorate the walls are definitely paintings, or any art pictures that are suitable for your interior. You can find unique pieces to place above your bed and give a finishing touch to your furnishings.

How to decorate the wall behind your bed: Other ideas

how to decorate my wall behind the bed ideas creative ways DIY simple interior design decor (1)

How to decorate man’s bedroom? 

how to decorate mans bedroom interior design ideas 2023

Curtain and fairy lights decoration

decoration for the bed with a curtain easy to do fairy lights bedroom

Wallpaper and a mirror bedroom decoration 

easy wallpaper decoration for your bedroom wall in 2023

Boho wall decoration 

boho bedroom decoration for the wall how to make it easy simple ideas

Mountain art DIY decoration 

art mountains above your bed on the wall simple DIY

Wall decoration for kid’s bedroom 

kids bedroom wall decor interior design ideas decoration paintings picture frames bunny cute

DIY headboard for the bed

DIY golden headboard for bed in the bedroom interior design decoration ideas

Textile wall decoration 

textile wall decoration rug hang it bedroom interior design what are the current trends

Elegant wall decoration 

elegant wall decoration for the bedroom white color ideas 2023

Colorful textile decoration for the bedroom wall

decorate your wall with a rug unusual creative art ideas interior design DIY

Unusual ideas for decorating a wall

decorating a wall unusual ideas branches DIY easy to make

Boho wall decoration

boho wall decoration crochet ideas interior design

Bedroom mirror decoration 

mirror boho wallper decoration bedroom interior design ideas art decor

Stickers wall decoration 

stickers wall decoration for the bedroom creative ideas in 2023

How to decorate my black bedroom wall? 

how to decorate my black bedroom wall colorful artwork paintings ideas creative design

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