What are the bedroom color trends 2023? Top 6 colors to look for in the upcoming year!

by Kristiyana

This year has almost come to its end, and soon we will have to welcome the new and refreshing 2023! The coming of a new year is a great opportunity to focus on the changes that we want to make in our lives. Could be to aim harder at the promotion, deciding on a new diet to lose those last 10 pounds/4,5 kg, or something simple as changing the colour of your bedroom walls. A lot of great ideas occurred in interior design this year, and a lot of them will also have to go. The new 2023 will make space for new fabulous trends, that we have to keep up with, don’t you agree? Let’s then discover some of the top bedroom color trends 2023! Are you curious?

1. Dusty pink color trend 2023

dusty pink color trend_pink walls ideas

Rumours are that the new 2023 will be focused on incorporating warm and earthly natural tones into the bedroom. The tones can be bright, or subtle, but the main focus of the trend will be to add warmth to the bedroom. Pink has been trending for quite some time now, and it’s no wonder that its earthly tones will be a hit in the coming year. This shade called dusty pink creates a sense of ease and tranquillity, hence it is the choice for you if you want to create the perfect cocooning bedroom! The dusty pink color also adds elegance and sophistication to the room.

2. Bedroom color trends: Lilac purple

new bedroom color trends_lilac purple bedroom


My mother has had lilac purple walls for her bedroom since forever, so I guess she is the trendsetter of this one. However lovely, purple is not a colour we see too often on bedroom walls. Maybe because it’s kind of unconventional for some people. Nonetheless, the psychology behind this colour associates it with romance, peace, and luxury. Hence, going with lilac purple for your bedroom will make it look serene and elegant. Plus, there have been talks that digital lavender will be the colour of 2023, so you can’t go wrong with deciding on purple tones for the bedroom!

3. Emerald green bedroom trend 2023

trendy bedroom colors_emerald green color trend

This year has been big for natural and earthly tones, so it’s no surprise that the trend will continue on in the next year as well. There is no other color that calls more to nature than green. Emerald green is just one of the many tones of this color that are going to be trending during 2023. Going with the emerald hue will certainly add lux and style to your bedroom, along with a sense of tranquillity. Go for deeper tones such as this one or midnight green, or select something more neutral like the Spanish moss. Rumour has it, the latter will also be one of the top color hits in 2023!

4. Bedroom color trends: Amber yellow

bedroom color trends 2023_warm yellow color trend

As already said, the bedroom color trends of 2023 will be inspired by natural tones that bring warmth to the room. One such color that can definitely do that for you is my all-time favourite yellow, specifically amber yellow. This shade is said to absorb the negative energy in a room, and release a calm and pleasing one in return. Amber yellow calls to vibrant tropical flowers, and brings joy and a feeling of renewed energy to the bedroom. And if the color seems too bright for your taste, you can always go with a softer warm or earthly yellow tone.

5. Taupe walls color trend 2023

taupe bedroom walls_new color trends

According to designers, colors for the bedroom like white and gray will have to go for next year. However, if you still want a neutral tone for your walls, we have the answer for your problem -taupe! Taupe is the top neutral color for bedrooms this year, and it is very likely that trend will continue in 2023 as well. The color is considered to be a mix between dark brown and gray, which makes it a great base for a room. Another earthly tone, taupe is a simple choice that will add elegance and sophistication to your bedroom.

6. Bedroom color trends: Terracotta

terracotta walls_terracotta color

It is no surprise that the terracotta color will be trending during 2023, as it did this year. A perfect choice for those who enjoy red tones, but are looking for something softer and closer to nature. The warm red will welcome you into the room and will make you think of the earth, giving you moments of peace away from the loud world. The terracotta color is also for those who enjoy making a bold statement, as they are stepping away from traditional bedroom colors like white, gray, and beige. You can incorporate materials made from wood to accent the terracotta.

Now you know the latest information on the upcoming bedroom color trends for 2023, and can get to working on your personal design and ideas for the perfect bedroom makeover! And hey, if you happen to wonder which were the top 10 bedroom wallpaper trends of this year, you can always check our article on them! Enjoy!

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