What is the lipstick color for women over 50? Find how to ensure a youthful look!

by Gabby

Do you want to look fresh and natural? That’s what every woman over 50 wants. The right makeup proves to be particularly helpful and can take away up to 10 years. We have already revealed to you how you can use clever makeup tricks to conceal droopy eyelids and make mature skin glow. Today, we are going to explain how you can make your lips stand out and make them look bigger. We will tell you which lipstick for women over 50 ensures a youthful look. Let’s dive right in!

Lipstick for women over 50: How to ensure a glowy youthful look?

lipstick makeup for women over 50 ideas tutorial easy tips and tricks looking young

A woman is never too old to wear makeup. In addition to eyeshadow, primer and foundation, lipstick also plays an important role in a fresh look. Similar makeup rules apply here as when you are 20 or 30: find the right lipstick color for your skin tone, experiment with different shades and combine the lipstick with the right eye shadow.

What lipstick color makes you look younger?

Colors like mauve, vivid pink, peaches, and orange shades will draw attention to your youthful spirit. If you want that glowy fresh look, I advise you to try a neon lipstick. Women with golden skin tones have some advantages, since their skin tone allows them to experiment more. Choose caramel lip tints if you have this type of complexion to appear younger.

Lipstick for women over 50: Tips for platinum blonde ladies

platinum blonde women over 50 makeup advice tips and tricks lipstick colors


Do you have platinum blonde hair? Go for a pink lipstick with a blue undertone. The shade suits women with blue or green eyes particularly well, looks very natural and goes perfectly with both light complexion and dark skin. Avoid shades of orange and apricot as they accentuate the yellow tinge in the skin.

What lipstick color goes with red hair?

women over 50 red hair lipstick color that matches makeup ideas 2023

Nude, apricot and orange tones look particularly good on women with red hair. They make thin lips look better and make them appear fuller. Women with fair skin tone should opt for a lighter shade, while women with sun-kissed skin can opt for darker shades.

Lipstick for women with gray hair

lipstick for women with gray hair ideas makeup over 50

Women with gray hair or gray highlights can wear any warm shade. Pink and pink lipsticks look absolutely amazing on them. Light nude tones are also good as long as the skin tone is warm. If you have skin with a cool undertone, I would recommend going for a berry color lipstick.

What lipstick to choose for wrinkled lips?

what lipstick to choose for wrinkled lips makeup advice for women over 50

Wrinkled lips are actually easy to cover with the right lipstick. They go perfectly with a light nude shade. In this way, the small wrinkles can be concealed, the lips look fuller and smoother. Another trick that can help to hide some of the wrinkles around the mouth is to first apply a lip balm. It softens the skin and makes it easier to apply the lipstick. You can also find how to hide the fine lines on your face with the help of makeup.

Lipstick for women over 50: Tips and tricks

makeup tricks for women over 50 lipstick shade color tips advice

How to apply lipstick to thinner lips? Lips become smaller with age because the skin’s elasticity decreases. Wear a homemade lip balm daily made from beeswax, coconut butter, and almond oil, mixed in a 1:1:2 ratio. Add one more drop of essential oil and melt the whole thing in the band of water. Then fill the mixture in small containers. Apply the lip balm daily, 30 minutes before applying the rest of your makeup. You can also check out how to achieve a natural lifting effect without Botox.

How to make your lipstick last all day long?

how to make lipstick last all day long primer easy makeup tips for women over 50

You can apply primer so that the lipstick really only stays on the lips and neither smudges nor disappears during the day. It frames them somehow, so that lipstick and lip gloss later last a long time and does not move.

lipstick primer for women over 50 makeup advice tips and tricks 2023

If you’re not sure which shade suits you, you can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick. Use lipsticks with a creamy consistency and shine. It is best to take products suitable for mature skin. A mate lipstick can also dry the lips, and long-lasting lipsticks are also not recommended.

what makeup to wear when you are over 50 women tips tricks advice 2023

Another great trick is to remove dead skin cells by rubbing lips with a soft toothbrush. As for the colors, if you want to test a new shade of lipstick, wear the lipstick on the inside of your skin and hold your hand next to your mouth. Check how the teeth look with this shade. Apricot, orange, brown and beige in particular make teeth look yellowish. Makeup is not complete without a lipstick. The right shade can certainly make you look younger. At the same time, small blemishes such as mouth creases can be hidden with primer and lip balm. In the end, you should remember that the lips look amazing and attractive even at 50, 60 or 70.

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