Should you go with knotless braids or box braids? Main differences + 17 hairstyles to choose from

by Kristiyana

Looking for a unique and fabulous hairstyle that will help protect your hair from split ends and heat damage? Are you having a hard time choosing between knotless braids or box braids? Well, that’s understandable, considering both braided hairstyles are super trendy and can be styled in many versatile and fabulous ways. In order to make your decision easier, we are going to provide you with all you need to know about the main differences between knotless braids and box braids, plus 17 amazing braided hairstyles to pick from! Here we go!

What are knotless braids?


Knotless braids involve creating individual parts in the hair to create a neater, more natural-looking braid pattern. The partings aren’t as wide as traditional box braiding techniques and result in smaller sections with fewer extensions used overall. This allows your natural hair to show through more than typical box braiding methods do. Another benefit of knotless braiding is that it comes with less tugging on sensitive areas like your scalp or edge. This is because there’s no tie off at the end of each braid section like there would be with an ordinary three-strand plait braid technique.

What are box braids?

box braids wth pearls_knotless braids or box braids


Box braids traditionally use wider partings that create larger sections, allowing a fuller look without using extra extensions or beads (which can add weight). It also requires tying a knot at each section’s end before starting another one – hence its name “box”. This makes it very time-consuming but extremely secure when done correctly by experienced hair stylists. However, there is a downside to this method. Since tight knots put pressure on both sides of your scalp and edges, if done incorrectly, it could cause breakage or even balding spots along your temples or nape area from excessive tension over long periods of time.

Knotless braids or box braids: Cost

beyonce hairstyle_zendaya hairstyle

Knotless Braids tend to cost slightly more than regular box braided looks. The reason is that they require additional supplies such as treaders and styrofoam feeder pieces for each individual section instead of being able to use just an elastic band for each one. They also take from about 4–8 hours to install, which also adds to the cost. However, considering they are better for sensitive areas when compared with tradition two-strand/three-plait methods makes them well worth the extra money spent. On the other side, traditional box braiding tends to be cheaper. They also require less time for installation. Depending on your budget and preference, you can make the choice between the two.

How to maintain each look?

square knotless braids_hairstyles for black hair

Both braided styles require similar maintenance routines. These include moisturizing regularly (every few days) with water based products, preferably formulated specifically for textured hair types. Better to choose lightweight oil free styling creams. Another thing is to avoid sleeping in any type of material other than satin / silk scarves/pillowcases so as not pull too hard on the strands overnight.

How long do the braids last?

long knotless braids_box braids bun

As far as durability goes, knotless braids typically last around 2 weeks longer than those created using classic 3 stand plaiting techniques. They don’t become loose nearly as quickly, thanks to the lack of tied off sections & weak spots. However, if you properly take care of each of the trendy braided hairstyles, you can expect to see both to last for roughly the same amount of time. This, of course, also depends on how healthy your hair is prior to installation and the process itself.

Overall, knowing what separates knotless braids and box braids will help you determine which one is right for you. If you seek something neat, yet lightweight enough to show off beautiful curls underneath—go with knotless braids! Conversely, if you want to opt for chunkier and thicker-looking locks, you should go with a box braids hairstyle. Whichever you decide, always make sure to entrust the job to a highly skilled professional who is familiar with these braiding techniques. You need to be confident that they will properly braid and take care of your hair, ensuring a long-lasting fabulous look.

In the meantime, have a look through our gallery to make your choice easier about which knotless braids or box braids hairstyle to go with! Enjoy girls!

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Knotless braids or box braids—Photo Gallery

black hairstyles_knotless-braid

What about going for a these beautiful shoulder-length box braids?

shoulder-length-lob-box braids_shoulder-length hairstyle for curly hair

Or some mesmerizing knotless braids with curly ends?

braids hairstyles 2023_knotless-braid-with-curly-ends

Super cute and chic box braided bun look

box braid bun_african hairstyles

Turn into a serene mermaid with this knotless braid high ponytail

knotless braids 2023_knotless-braids-in-a-ponytail

Box braids can also easily be styled into a classy look

box braids hairstyles_classy box braids

Opting for large knotless braids to keep your hair protected


Beautiful goddess box braids that can go with any outfit

goddess-box-braids-with-curly-ends_goddess box braids

You certainly will stand out with these stunning auburn knotless braids!

auburn box braids_long box braids

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