Fascinating Coquette Nails Ideas: 20 Sublime Designs That You Must Try

by Kremy

Coquette nails ideas that remind of the Regency-era “Bridgerton” series are all the rage! The coquette style became popular last summer, but mostly in fashion and room interiors. Later on, the coquette aesthetic conquered makeup, and now it’s nail art! The hashtag #coquetteaesthetics has already racked up 1.4 billion, so it’s time to try the trend. Can you master coquette nails at home? Well, if we have to be honest, the answer is no, and we will explain why. In fact, the coquette nail trend is characterized by the excessive use of various “girly things”: stickers, rhinestones, pearls, bows, etc., so it is best to visit a nail salon and have your nails done professionally.

20 fascinating coquette nails ideas

Coquette Nails Ideas in Delicate Pink

coquette nails ideas in delicate pink

Pink is an important part of the coquette aesthetic, and many nail designs are in this color. Neutral is another option if you prefer the glazed donut for a base, which is also a staple of the nail art trend. However, the focus is on the embellishments. Coquette nails offer unlimited options, from pearls to 3D hearts, bows, charms, rhinestones, cherries, strawberries – all in soft pink, lilac, white, and nude.

black french tips for your coquette nails

Can you choose a different color for your manicure? Of course, you can! You can never go wrong with a red manicure, but you have to make sure that it corresponds to your outfit. The latest coquette nails even feature silver and black, so, as you see, the trend is evolving.

What Is the Best Coquette Nails Length and Shape?

what is the best coquette nails length and shape

You will notice that most often, coquette nail art is done on long nails. The shape is either square or oval, sometimes stiletto, almond, or coffin. Can you have this design on short nails? Yes. Your manicure will not have an abundance of embellishments. You can try different coquette nail ideas that are a little bit more restrained but in the same aesthetic.

Unique Coquette Nails Ideas for Short and Long Nails to Inspire You

unique coquette nails ideas for short and long nails

From pink to white, from pearly to bolder shades, from intricate decorations to delicate accents, these fascinating coquette nail ideas will give every fashionista a unique look!

Lace Square French Tips

lace square french tips

The long square French nails with gorgeous lace tips and nude base are adorned with pearls and white bows. The design is perfect for a wedding manicure as well.

Silver Glitter Ombre French Tips

silver glitter ombre french nails

This manicure is so feminine. If you are bored with the classic French, make it shine. The silver glitter adds glam, and the bows, hearts, and rhinestones are the staples of the coquette nail trend.

Pink French Tips on Long Nails

pink french tips on long nails

Long nails look very spectacular, even if they have a very simple design on them. The clear base and the pink French tips remind of the Barbicore trend, while the white pearls and bows are unmistakably in the coquette aesthetic.

Pastel Pink and Blue Nail Art

pastel pink and blue coquette nail art

The combination of pastel blue and pink and the delicate nail decoration reminds of the Ballerinacore trend with the pointed shoes and tutu design. Pearls and bows complete the coquette look and style.

Red and pink coquette nail design

red and pink coquette nail design

Short coquette nails

short coquette nails

Black French tips, bows and pearls

black french tips bows and pearls

Delicate coquette nail art with pink French tips and pearls

delicate coquette nail art with pink french tips and pearls

Voluminous hearts and bows

voluminous hearts and bows

Short coquette nail design

short coquette nail design

White French tips and pink glitter nail art

white french tips and pink glitter nail art

Cherry coquette nails

cherry coquette nails

Pastel blue coquette nail art

pastel blue coquette nail art

White French tips and blue polka dots

white french tips and blue polka dots




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