What Is the Coquette Style? A Guide to the Viral TikTok Trend

by Kristiyana

What is the coquette style? How to implement it into your own personal aesthetic?

coquette style soft aesthetic

If you can’t go a day without your routinely intake of vigorously scrolling through TikTok, then the term coquette style should be nothing short of new for you. We’re talking about those aesthetically pleasing images of dreamy pink silhouettes, lacy dresses, ballerina skirts and shoes, and many many cutesy bows and ribbons. The style has taken over social media and fashion trends by storm, but what exactly is it all about? What is the coquette style? 

What Is the Coquette Style?

coquette style clothes

For anyone who has listened to more than one Lana Del Rey song, read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov or watched any of the film adaptations, or had a Tumblr in the 2010s, you should be pretty familiar with the coquette style’s aesthetic. While the Merriam-Webster dictionary may define “coquette” as a woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men, the trend itself focuses more on the romantic and playful aspect of the term. The spotlight falls on hyper-feminine pieces that work their way to give you a soft, flirty and girly look. Staples include milkmaid tops, baby doll dresses, ballet shoes, bows, ribbons, short pencil skirts, pastel colors, curled locks, and much, much more. If you want to embrace this adorable and whimsical style for yourself, follow our guide for much-needed inspiration!

Coquette Style Winter Outfit Inspiration

coquette winter fashion 2024

You can still feel warm while looking super cute and girly at the same time, you know? The key is layering! Wear your long lacy skirts paired with pastel pink sweaters, and layer the outfit with a soft chic pink coat. Don’t forget your ballerina shoes and white stockings!

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Hairstyle Inspo for a True Coquette

coquette style hairstyles

When it comes to hair, the coquette aesthetic focuses on laid down locks mostly styled in waves or curls, pinned with a cutesy bow in white or pastel pink, or braided pigtails tied with satin ribbons. A bow or ribbon in red can also work to add contrast to your white coquette outfit.

The Coquette Style Nails

coquette style nails

Oh, and the nails! Of course, it’s all about pink pink pink! Surely, white nail designs and such featuring other pastel colors apart from pink are also encouraged. Add accents like tiny bows, pearls, rhinestones and anything else that you think might give you that flirty girly look.

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More Instagram Inspiration for Your Coquette Aesthetic

coquette style fashion inspo

Coquette style shoes inspo

coquette style shoes

Pretty in soft pink

coquette style outfit

Classic coquette style outfit for fall/winter

coquette fashion guide

Big bows in white or pastel pink for your hair

coquette style hairstyle with bow

Lace and pink accents for a coquette style 

coquette style outfits

Coquette style aesthetic

coquette style aesthetic

A soft pink coquette winter outfit

coquette winter outfit 2024

Pretty feminine harelips to hold your wavy or curly locks

coquette style aesthetic inspo instagram

Coquette fashion doesn’t have to be just pink

coquette style inspiration

The perfect coquette winter outfit

coquette winter outfit

Coquette hairstyle: Pigtails with silk ribbons

coquette hair pigtails

Pastel pink coquette sweater

coquette winter fashion inspiration

Long curled locks pinned with a girly bow

coquette style hairstyles ideas

Cutesy pink bows and ballerina skirts

what is coquette style

Coquette winter outfit inspo

coquette style winter fashion

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