How to Wear Pastel Color Outfit? Find All The Rules and Fashion Inspirations!

by Gabby

Are you always looking for some new ways to switch things up in your wardrobe? When the Spring arrived, I asked myself what am I going to wear this season and how to create outfits that I can match easily. Ladies, I know that we want to look fashionable every day and that is why I am going to let you in on a little secret… Pastel colors are here for you! People often relate them to kids clothing. However, this season you will have to make some room in your closet for some of them! Why? Because a lot of the designers were showing their creations on the catwalk, and they were in pastels! Let’s learn how to wear pastel color outfits this year!

Learn How to Wear Pastel Color Outfit with These Simple Rules!

how to wear pastel colors outfit spring summer ideas fashion tips

Fashionistas around the world, are you ready to swap your leather winter clothes for some pastel trendy outfits? Baby blue, powder pink, mimosa yellow and water green: pastel is everywhere to help you give your look a whole new style. But many of us girls are hesitant when it comes to these colors, because we are scared we might look like a little girl. Don’t be scared though, because with these rules here you are going to look like an “it girl”!

What Colors Are Considered Pastel?

what colors are considered pastel


First, let’s start by clearing up what exactly is a pastel color. This is a shade that has enough white mixed in so that it looks kind of pale and soft, but at the same time it keeps its natural bright personality. The most common pastel colors that you have probably seen are the ones shown on the picture. The main shades are yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, and orange. These hues are the perfect way to start off the Spring season with some trendy outfits. Keep on reading to find more about the rules and how to wear them!

How to Wear Pastel Color Outfit? Rule Number One: Keep It Simple!

how to wear pastel color outfits monochrome fashion style

How to wear pastels? I would say that rule number one here is to keep it simple. Don’t go over the top with the color combination and avoid accessories with bright neon colors. If you don’t want to end up looking like a little girl while wearing pastels, then really think about the shades and how they compliment each other. Make sure your style is minimalistic at first glance, while wearing pastel colors. Like that you are going to look chic and elegant! Pastels can look great on mature women as well. They can be the ideal casual chic outfit for women over 60!

Rule Number Two: Monochrome Outfit in Pastel Colors

monochrome outfit pastel colors how to wear them fashion tips rules

If you are wondering how to wear pastel color outfit like a true fashionista, the best and easiest way is to pick a shade and go for a monochrome outfit. As you know, when wearing monochrome outfits the shades can be different but the color should be the same. You can see on the photo, pink short with pink blazer and a hot pink polo is a super trendy combination! Monochromatic outfits are one of the most stylish trends this year!

How to Wear Pastels? Mix and Match!

how to style pastels ideas spring fashion trends 2023

You don’t want to wear only one color and you are not a fan of the monochrome outfits? Don’t worry, we have the ideal pastel color combinations for you to try this Spring/Summer! One of the most important rules while wearing pastels is that you can mix and match different hues that go with each other. Check out some of the best combinations:

  • Baby pink + mimosa yellow/baby blue
  • Lilac + sea green / mint/ mimosa yellow / peach
  • Peach + baby blue / water green
  • Baby blue + baby pink / mimosa yellow
  • Mimosa yellow + mint

Rule Number Four: Pastels With a Pop of Color

pastel color outfits for spring summer ideas 2023 yellow

Are you a fan of the bright colors and you cannot say goodbye to them? You don’t have to! You can implement your favorite bright color into your pastel outfit easily, if you know how to match the shades in the best way possible.

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How to Wear Pastels for Beginners? Rule Number Five!

how to wear pastels and style them this spring 2023 fashion trends

The last rule when it comes to pastel clothing is that you can match them with the neutrals – white and black. Wearing a suit in a pastel color with a white classic shirt is the perfect office outfit. This will bring you a lot of compliments, you can thank us later!

How Do You Style a Pastel Outfit?

If you want to know how to style pastel outfit like a true fashion queen, then you need to simply remember that these type of outfits have one enemy only – the different types of prints and patterns. Because of the color combination, you have to be strict and keep it simple like we already mentioned. This will turn your pastel outfit into something super elegant, feminine and chic at the same time!

how do you style a pastel outfit spring summer ideas 2023

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