Red and Blonde Highlights: Try This Trendy Duo to Spice Up Your Look and Achieve Gorgeous Results!

by Anjelina

Nowadays, hair color trends are constantly changing, but no matter what, there’s definitely always the option to freshen up your look by adding beautiful highlights. Moreover, the possibilities are endless, and today we have decided to pay special attention to an unusual combination that has been gaining popularity among fashion lovers lately. We are talking about red and blonde highlights which, it turns out, can look stunning together and add personality and character to anyone who decides to give them a chance!

Red and Blonde Highlights to Spice up Your Look

red and blonde highlights short choppy bob

Adding highlights to your hair is definitely among the most preferred hair coloring techniques, which allows you to spice up your look without the need to change it drastically. This is what has made them so popular for several decades in a row now. When we talk about highlights, most often what comes to our minds are the light shades. But nowadays, as we already mentioned, the possibilities are endless and when it comes to choosing colors, we can experiment with anything we can think of.

red and strawberry blonde highlights on long hair


The combination of blonde and red highlights is really a winning one and worth trying if you want to add some more charm, create dimension and visual interest to your hair. In fact, mixing these two colors, regardless of your main color, will add a lot of warmth and softness to your look. What is more, red and blonde highlights can be very versatile, as you will see if you continue reading this article! We are about to give you some great ideas that will definitely make you book a hair appointment and give the trendy duo a chance.

air touch red and blonde

Chunky Red and Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

chunky red and blonde highlights in brown hair

We start with a really bold idea that might appeal to brunettes. Chunky red and blonde highlights add amazing accents to brown hair. They contrast with the dark base color, which can’t go unnoticed. It’s the large sections of hair in red and blonde that catch the eye, but they also complement the brown and blend in perfectly together, which is especially satisfying when the hair is wavy or curly.

Coppery Red and Caramel Blonde Highlights

coppery red and caramel blonde highlights

Of course, we immediately move on to a suggestion for those of you with lighter hair. Take advantage of it and add warm caramel blonde and coppery red highlights, which together with your naturally fair hair will create an incredibly eye-pleasing combination of soft tones. We recommend trying thinner highlights, as chunky ones won’t have the same effect, and will stand out more (i.e. the sense of unity and naturalness in the look will be lost).

Curly Blonde and Light Coppery Red Hair

curly blonde and light coppery red hair

This combination of light blonde and coppery red locks along with naturally curly hair is every girl’s dream. A hairstyle straight out of fairy tales, it takes us back to the naturally red hair that lightens in summer and takes on soft and warm light shades. The only downside is the maintenance of these colors – you’ll definitely need the advice of a hairdresser on how to take care of your hair, and you’ll need to visit them quite often to maintain the beautiful iridescent shades.

Ash Blonde and Burgundy Red

ash blonde and burgundy red

We continue with another extremely beautiful idea for a modern combination of highlights in dark hair. With the muted shades of ash blonde and burgundy red, you can achieve a spectacular look that by no means seems intrusive, but can even be said to be close to natural shades. In this case, the hairdresser has very carefully chosen where to add the blonde and red highlights so as to obtain a harmonious effect.

Thin Cherry Red and Blonde Highlights

thin cherry red and blonde highlights

Try the bold combination of cherry red and blonde that looks amazing on hair of any length and texture. Your main color doesn’t really matter, as an experienced hairdresser will be able to achieve these shades however long it takes. Modern and chic, these highlights are sure to give you a more youthful look and individuality!

Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

brown hair with blonde and red highlights

Add a few thin blonde and red highlights here and there if you have dark brown hair. This idea is a great option for ladies who aren’t ready for drastic changes in their look, but would like to try something new. Best of all, if you like the end result (which we’re sure you will) you can always decide to add more highlights in red and blonde. This definitely sounds good as you have freedom of choice.

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