Babylights vs Balayage: What are the Main Differences between the two Trending Hair Coloring Techniques?

by Anjelina

Natural beauty is an inspiration for all those who dictate fashion trends. For example, the new hair dyeing techniques that are constantly emerging try to give the most natural and beautiful look that is deeply appreciated. But sometimes from so many trends one can get confused and not know exactly which to try, and what exactly the differences are. That’s why in today’s article, we are going to make a comparison between some of the most widely used hair coloring techniques namely – babylights vs balayage. Keep reading to find out which is better for you!

Babylights vs Balayage: Do they have anything in common?

babylights vs balayage main differences

As already mentioned, there are so many hair coloring techniques that sometimes we can get confused and not know exactly how they differ from each other. If you’re experiencing something similar, don’t worry, we will clarify in detail what the difference between babylights and balayage is in just a few moments.

Let’s first mention some of their common characteristics, which are most likely also what makes most of the people think they are very similar (which is actually not the case). We’re talking about highlights in both cases. What’s more, the techniques are extremely popular and are used to achieve the most natural sun-kissed hair effect. But that’s where the commonalities between the two stop. Let us now see what is the essential thing that differentiates them from each other. For this purpose, we will look at them in detail separately. Let’s get started!

What Exactly are Babylights?

cute babylights look trendy hair coloring techniques


Babylights are very thin highlights in the top layer of the hair and mimic the natural lightening from the sun on hot summer days. The effect that is achieved should be as natural as possible, and there should be no contrasting and bright colors. Just think of how gently the hair is lightened at the end of summer – this is exactly the aim of babylights. They are suitable for women of all ages and add a lot of movement and volume to the hair.

trendy babylights on dark medium length hair

Are Babylights always Blonde?

The aim of the technique is to make the hair look like it has been kissed by the sun, i.e. to achieve the most natural and unobtrusive lightening that happens in summer. This is why warm tones are most often used, but they are only a few shades (no more than two or three) lighter than the main hair color. In general, there are ways to reap the benefits of the technique no matter your current hair color.

Balayage: What Technique is This?

balayage for dark wavy hair

So adored by many beauties, the balayage technique originated in France and is used to create a natural summer sun-kissed hair. Hairdressers apply the dye with a brush, without foil, and usually combine several shades of the same color to achieve a smooth gradient from darker to lighter.

Some Main Differences: Balayage vs Babylights

babylights vs balayage comparison

Unlike balayage where the hairdresser applies the dye with a brush and does not insulate the strands from each other with foil, babylights use foil.

Another significant difference between the two techniques is that with babylights only the top layer of hair is lightened, and furthermore the palette of shades is very limited (several tones lighter than the base color). This is not the case with balayage, where there is a smooth transition from darker to lighter shades. At the roots, the shade is closest to the base color, while at the ends the lightest shade is applied.

Are Babylights Less Damaging than Balayage?

In general, both techniques are very hair-friendly. But certainly, since babylights are only applied to the top layer of hair, this makes them less damaging than balayage. Whichever technique you choose (and even if you decide to combine them, because that’s also possible) keep in mind that you’ll have to take good care of your hair. Stock up on nourishing masks as well as shampoos to eliminate brassy tones.

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