Outgrown bob – the top hairstyle for medium-length hair when you want to let it grow!

by Kremy

When browsing the latest hair trends in online magazines, you may come across such mysterious terms as “laidback”, “chopped”, “boyfriend” or “shoulder blade”, among others. Of course, it seems that the terms describing the multiple variations of the bob hairstyle are surpassed only by the seeds of sand at the beach. Nevertheless, there is no enigma or ambiguity when you ask yourself the question: “What is the best hairstyle if I want to let my bob haircut grow longer? Be careful, because we are about to mention another term, but this one is to be remembered! This is the hairstyle for medium-length hair known as “outgrown bob”.

The top hairstyle for medium-length hair when you let it grow

medium length hairstyle trendy transitional haircut outgrown bob lucy hale

Easy to style and flattering, this hairstyle for medium length hair is a real lifesaver when you want to let your hair grow out, but you don’t know how to do it without looking helpless. Yes, the maintenance of the outgrown bob is minimal and at the same time it looks flawless! What more could you want from a medium long haircut whose ultimate goal is to give you a few weeks (or months) of beauty? Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is an outgrown bob?

outgrown bob hairstyle for medium length hair when you want to grow it


Outgrown means “outdated”, but it is in no way in the sense of old-fashioned. On the contrary, it’s the trendiest way to let your hair grow without compromising on your style. It’s simply a bob hairstyle that’s already passed its intended length, but not yet at the risk of looking sloppy. In short, it’s the ideal short-to-long transition haircut!

Why choose this short-long medium length hairstyle?

medium length hairstyle hair trend outgrown bob haircut

We’ll put our cards on the table and admit that our top hairstyle for medium-length hair is not new. In fact, it was in 2021 that it made its grand premiere and it’s been capturing the hearts of hip girls of all ages ever since. But why do we appreciate it so much? Well, to begin with, you can style the outgrown bob in several different ways.

outgrown bob hairstyle medium length thin hair trendy haircut

For example, its shoulder length allows you to make a small bun or low ponytail. At the same time, wearing your hair down with a few nice waves is an equally attractive option. Strongly off-center parting to the side is another fabulous variation. In addition, this hairstyle for medium-length hair is perfect for all face shapes and hair types.

The outgrown bob suits any face shape!

outgrown bob hairstyle for medium length hair without volume trendy haircut


Want to visually reduce the volume of full cheeks on a round face? The outgrown bob is just for you! Do you want to soften the pronounced lower jaw? It’s always our medium length hairstyle that will save the day! It works in any situation and almost all hair types are suitable for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a rebellious curly bob, have straight, fine hair or are somewhere in between!

A hairstyle for medium long hair approved by the stars

outgrown bob lucy hale hairstyle for medium length hair trendy haircut

One last point in favor of our mid-length hairstyle: several Hollywood celebrities, popular models and network influencers have already embraced the outgrown bob and are wearing it with pleasure. We can even say that the beautiful American actress Lucy Hale has become its ambassador, as she has worn the no-short-no-long hairstyle at several exclusive events over the past few seasons and the paparazzi didn’t miss the opportunity to take pictures of it.

Lucy Hale has become the ambassador for this mesmerizing hairstyle for medium length hair

outgrown bob lucy hale hairstyle for medium length hair trend

Vanessa Hudgens goes for the outgrown wavy bob with side parting

outgrown bob what hairstyle when you want to grow hair trendy haircuts

This is the perfect medium cut for blondes, right?

what hairstyle when you want to grow hair outgrown bob

The outgrown bob works perfectly with several types of fringe including curtain bangs

hairstyle for medium length hair trendy letting grow medium long haircut

Let a curly bob grow out by turning it into a trendy outgrown bob

medium length hairstyle curly hair outgrown bob haircut trend


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