Short bob after 50: What haircut to choose for a youthful and rejuvenating look in 2023?

by Gabby

Although it is far from being an obligation, adopting a short haircut at 50 (or more) is a step that many women take… and it is not for nothing. In addition to being super easy to style, the 50-year-old woman’s short haircut is an excellent hair option to boost weakened white hair after a certain age. The short also has the undeniable advantage of bringing volume to fine and flat hair, unlike long hair which tends to weigh down the mane and age the face. But then what short bob after 50 to adapt in 2023? We’ve said it over and over again: to make the right choice and to look at least 10 years younger, there’s nothing like the bob haircut. Here is the rejuvenating short bob that we will love this year, according to the hair artists of Deavita!

short bob after 50 haircut trends for women what hairstyle will make me look younger

Does short bob make you look older?

Yes and no ! Let me say it, the choice of a haircut that rejuvenates is not trivial. It can make us look younger, or it can give us a few more years. This is particularly the case of the short square. Therefore, it must be chosen carefully. But in this year of bob styles that are multiplying every day, it’s easy to get lost. After the fifties, we favor models that flatter mature facial features and white or gray hair. In short, a square can rejuvenate if it is well done and age you, if it is not adapted to your age. A good hairstylist can help you find the perfect bob haircut for your face and body type.

Haircut trends 2023: What is the best short square bob after 50?

short square bob French haircut style after 50


Fortunately (or not), there are a thousand and one variants of adapting the shot square bob after 50. But the fuzzy and wavy short square will be at the top of the hairstyle trends for 50-year-old women this year. Why is that? When we mature, the face changes and it is completely normal! After fifty, the skin sags, wrinkles appear and features evolve. How to cover this up? Choose a short square bob with bangs! In addition to rejuvenating the face, it boosts the volume and it brings a romantic look to its wearer. The French bob, the layered square with unstructured bangs and the straight square with a central parting are also great anti-aging options to consider choosing this year!

Shaggy bob haircut

shaggy bob haircut for women over 50 trends 2023

Which short square to rejuvenate a rectangular face? Besides the lob, you can opt for a shorter cut that is the shaggy bob. The only requirement? Choose wavy style to boost the volume of the hair and blur the rectangular side of the face. And good news for the ladies over 50! It looks good at 25 just as at 55! Thanks to its fuzzy look and natural waves, this bob cut gives a youthful look to its wearer. However, please do not draw your curls too tight. Replace the curling iron with a leave-in moisturizer that will help you define your curls.

What short bob to choose after 50? Try layered bob haircut!

what short bob haircut to choose after 50 layerd volume

The layered square bob is attracting more and more people in their fifties. Sophisticated and full of movement, it highlights all face shapes. The downside? It is a strict and very graphic cut that requires a lot of effort in terms of styling and maintenance. And after 50, straightening your hair every day is out of the question. So, we adopt the layered square with a gradient. Add unstructured bangs, tapered, curtain, trendy shag bangs or Birkin-style bangs. There is a lot of choice when it comes to this rejuvenating haircut! You can also check what are the trendiest short gray hairstyles in 2023!

Short bob after 50 with central parting

short square bob with central parting after 50 women haircut trends 2023

Whether you opt for a red, blond or brown square to look younger in 2023, wear it with a parting in the middle. For what ? Well, simply because this type of rejuvenating short square is a great timeless hairstyle that always works and at any age. However, after the fifties, it can have this geometric effect on your facial features. To avoid this effect, wear it wavy. Women with thick and voluminous hair can easily bet on the Italian square bob with a central parting. If you are wondering how to style your thick hair, check out which are the best short haircuts for it in 2023!

Try short bob with bangs to look younger!

what short square bob after 50 to choose to look younger for women over 50

At 45, 55 or even 65, please don’t give up the fringe. Trendy, anti-ageing as desired, it conceals wrinkles, while revitalizing mature hair. Okay, but what bangs to wear with a short square to look younger? Our hair artists say to themselves: the tapered fringe will be worn by everyone in 2023. Rejuvenating, glamorous and easy to maintain, they can be put in place without styling products or brushing, which makes them a perfect choice for mature manes that are fragile. Throughout the day, it remains intact and does not require any touch-ups. You can wear it on the side or separated in two, according to your desires.

How to maintain short bob after 50?

short bob after 50 how to maintain

The only downside with the rejuvenating short bob? To maintain its length and its look, it is essential to visit the salon frequently, that is, every 4–5 weeks. You should take care of your ends with suitable products that nourish and moisturize – homemade masks for dry hair, hair oils, anti-aging shampoos are also essential to give pep to your XS hair. Anyway, the short and layered square is the best way to wear the timeless haircut.

square short bob haircuts for women over 50 hairstyle trends 2023

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