Conceal thick upper arms: 9 fashion secrets how to look better thanks to the right clothes

by Anjelina

We know that all women long for a perfectly shaped body. Many of them even work very hard to make this dream come true. But let’s be honest! Not all women are blessed with a perfect, model-like body. Even if your fitness program helps you achieve a slim waistline, your upper arms don’t always tell the same success story. Flabby arms are not only a disappointment for many women, but also spoil their dream of looking stylish. Learn about the best tricks to conceal thick upper arms while looking modern and elegant.

How to conceal thick upper arms with clothing?

conceal thick upper arms fashion secrets how to look better

Whether you’re looking for the right top or dress, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the cut and fit of clothing that can flatter larger upper arms. You don’t always have to cover your upper arms to conceal what you think is a problem area. Often it is enough to draw the eye to other assets of your figure. With our little tricks, thick upper arms immediately become less noticeable.

Tops with elbow-length sleeves

blouses and shirts with elbow-length sleeves


If you wear short sleeves that reach the middle of the upper arm, they are probably not right for you and a bit tight. In fact, a too tight fit anywhere on your body is unflattering. The same goes for your plain t-shirts. Choose ones with elbow-length sleeves.

Wear clothes with three-quarter sleeves

three-quarter sleeves for thick upper arms

You don’t always have to hide your upper arms under long sleeves. A three-quarter sleeve ends at a narrow part of the arm and makes your whole body look slimmer. Your upper arms are covered, and your overall appearance is spiced up a bit. Three-quarter sleeves are generally flattering and easy to find. They are among the best sleeves for thick arms. After all, there is no reason to be ashamed of your forearms and wrists, as they should be significantly smaller than your upper arms.

Hide thick upper arms with V-neckline

a V-neckline dress for hiding thick upper arms

The neckline you choose will help draw focus to your collarbone, chest area, and pretty face rather than your arms. The beautiful way a V-neck defines the silhouette from the shoulders to the waist really helps to visually minimize the size of your arms. Not only is a V-neck suitable for casual occasions, but it is also a versatile look for a going out outfit, and in fact it looks pretty in all seasons.

Wear off-the-shoulder tops

yellow off-the-shoulder top for women with thick upper arms

Draw attention with an off-the-shoulder top. Most women have beautiful shoulders, so show them off. Wear your hair down, a necklace, scarf or other accessory that can have a sophisticated effect on your look. An off-the-shoulder blouse is wonderful to combine with trousers or a skirt.

Rolled up long sleeves

long sleeves rolled up linen cotton shirts for summer

Choose lightweight cotton or linen button-up blouses and roll up the sleeves to about 3/4 length. This tip applies to all seasons, not just summer. If you roll up or push up the sleeves a little, you won’t look old-fashioned or stuffy.

Dresses and tops with cap sleeves

dresses and tops with cap sleeves

If you have thicker upper arms, you will probably find that tops that have loose fitting sleeves really fit you better. So the search is not always easy. Therefore, the cap sleeves are a great option if you want to wear short sleeves because they are definitely a way to minimize the upper arms.

What dress looks good on thick upper arms?

dark green v-neck tight dress

Stay away from sleeveless dresses and strap dresses that are too tight if you have thick upper arms. You don’t want to accentuate them too much. Opt for a dress with wide sleeves or off-the-shoulder. The V-neck also helps to elongate the neck and make the upper arms look less wide.

Hide thick upper arms with an extra layer

hide thick upper arms with scarfs, kimonos or other layers of fabric

A light cardigan, kimono or scarf will serve this purpose.

The cardigan combines well with a sleeveless top and protects from low temperatures indoors in the summer. It is also light enough to wear outside when you go for a walk or eat in the shade.

A kimono is also a suitable summer layer. Wear the t-shirts and tops that are not so flattering and put on a kimono over them.

Working out the proportions

accentuate waistline to distract from other parts of the body

One of the absolute best ways to conceal large upper arms has nothing to do with what you wear on your arms, but with your upper body. A well-fitted waist creates more space between your arms and your body and makes your upper arms look smaller.

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