How to hide belly fat in jeans? Check out all the fashion tips and tricks that you need!

by Gabby

It’s clear that not all of us women are blessed with the figure of models and Instagram “it girls”. Therefore, inventing the dubious ideals of beauty for themselves, we often complicate our lives by doing a strict diet. I am not going to explain how this is bad for the health! We are convinced that there are no ugly figures – there are only improperly chosen clothes. Absolutely every person is beautiful, the main thing is to be able to emphasize this beauty. In this article I will show you how to hide belly fat in jeans! Let’s get started!

How to hide belly fat in jeans? Check out all the tips and tricks!

how to hide belly fat with jeans body positivity fashion tricks and tips

One can tell just by looking at the Instagram accounts of some of the most well-known plus-size models and Instagram influencers that support a body-positive mindset that weight or size is in no way associated with good taste or confidence. So, we provide you with some visual inspiration along with some useful tips that aren’t really “strict laws.” It all comes down to perception, and sometimes the distinctive personal touch is what divides victory from failure. Now let’s see how to hide some of your belly fat with jeans!

High-waisted jeans are the way to go!

types of jeans to hide belly fat 2023


For starters, there is no doubt that high-waisted jeans are the most appropriate when it comes to hiding belly fat. They will hug your stomach in the best way possible and will elevate your figure. When it comes to a snatched waist and long legs, these jeans are definitely the way to go! They elongate the legs and sculpt them, and who doesn’t want that? What to avoid then if you are going to wear high-waisted jeans? Be aware that white denim will emphasize on the belly area. In general, lighter denim colors can make us look bigger. You can also check which type of jeans is best for a curvy figure, for more inspiration!

How to hide my belly when wearing jeans?

You can’t deny that many of us make that mistake of buying clothes that are super tight. We always hope that they will hide away a few pounds and we will feel extra confident. The truth is that we end up feeling super uncomfortable since these clothes are not only stiff, but they are not really our size. How to change that? Simply opt for denim that is really stretchy and it has a nice fabric round the belly area. Like that the outfit will not highlight your “flaws”, but it will hide them perfectly. You can even wear a top that is really fit, since your stomach will be hugged correctly with your perfect jeans.

what jeans to wear when we have belly fat fashion tips and tricks

Straight-leg jeans

straight leg jeans to cover up belly fat fashion tips and tricks 2023

If you want to make your belly smaller with help of your jeans, then you have to aim to make your silhouette longer. This will magically make you look slimmer and will give you that snatched effect without even trying hard. How to make it possible? Choose a straight-leg jeans that will make your curves slightly smaller. They are one of the jeans spring trends in 2023! You want to draw attention from your belly, so if you have amazing hips or long legs highlight them properly! Try wearing bootcut or flair jeans and remember to always opt for a darker denim color!

How to style high-waisted jeans with a belly?

I love repeating this, there are no strict rules when it comes to fashion. However, there are always good tricks to adapt that will make us feel more confident by looking better. The best way to hide your belly with jeans is by wearing a high-waisted pair that will snatch your waist, no doubt! But how to style it? How to wear them like a fashion icon? There are 3 tips that you can find in that video that you can apply in 2023! No strict diets and hard workouts, only these fashion advices will make you feel good about your belly!

How to hide belly fat in jeans? Find some other ideas!

how to hide belly fat in jeans 2023 ideas fashion tips and tricks

Try wearing shapewear underneath!

shapewear to hide belly fat under jeans

Wear a high-waisted denim skirt for the spring 2023!

high waisted denim skirt plus size models 2023

Always match your jeans with the right top to hide belly fat!

how to hide belly fat with jeans ideas 2023

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