Festive Half Up Hairstyles: Beautiful and Simple Hairdos for an Elegant Look!

by Kremy

Are you tired of the classic ponytail and elaborate braided hairstyles are not for you either? Whether for short or long hair – festive half up hairstyles are super practical for the summer and always a great eye-catcher!

In addition to our outfits, the hair also plays a very important role in our appearance. And as soon as it gets really hot outside, we start looking for cool yet quick ideas to keep our hair out of our faces. The popular ponytail always works, but eventually it becomes too boring. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to dress up a bit, festive half up hairstyles are done in no time and always look great! It doesn’t matter if you have short, medium or long hair – we have thought of each of you!

Festive Half Up Hairstyles: We Will Wear These Looks in Summer 2023

wedding hairstyles medium length hair festive half up hairstyles instructions

Whether to put short hair up or as festive hairdo for a formal occasion – half-up hairstyles set the tone in terms of trends this summer No wonder, the trendy hairstyles feel wonderfully light in the summer heat and, in contrast to elaborate braided hairstyles, are much easier to style. Don’t believe us? Then you should definitely read on, because we have some of the coolest and at the same time easiest half up hairstyles that absolutely anyone can wear.

The Simple Twist

diy festive half up hairstyle with long waves


Braided hairstyles in all possible variations are always a real eye-catcher. But if you’re like us and have two left hands, then you know how disappointing the final result is. But that’s over now, because with a very simple trick, festive half up hairstyles look like a real masterpiece. Instead of braiding your hair, take two thicker strands on the sides and divide them into two. Then simply wrap the strands around each other and fix at the back of the head with a transparent hair tie or hair clips. The updo works with both long and short hair and exudes cool summer vibes.

A Ponytail with a Twist

ponytail variations festive half up hairstyles long hair

At first glance, festive half up hairstyles look much more complicated than they actually are. And that’s exactly the case with this updo! This ponytail variation looks super casual and, in combination with gentle soft waves creates a romantic, girly look. Simply take two strands on the sides and tie them loosely together in a small braid at the back of your head. Twist the braid once through the hair tie and voilà – that’s how easy it is to achieve this cool half up hairstyle.

Half Up Hairstyles with Side Braids

quick braiding instructions festive half up hairstyles

Looking for simple yet gorgeous prom hairstyles? Then look no further and remember our instructions for this festive half up hairstyle!

  • Comb your hair well and separate two thick strands on either side.
  • Divide the strand into three equal parts and braid them close to the head.
  • Secure with a thin elastic band and repeat on the other side.
  • For more volume, gently pull the braids with your fingers.
  • Then wrap one braid under and then over the other and twist the hanging parts around each other.
  • Fix the two parts with a thin hair band and complete the updo with beach waves.

Festive Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

festive half up hairdos instructions quick updos medium length hair

And here is a really cool festive hairstyle for medium-length hair to spice it up in no time.

  • Take two sections of hair just above the ear and tie them together with an elastic band.
  • Take two more strands on both sides and put them in the braid as shown in the photo.
  • Repeat the process again and fix the half up hairstyle with plenty of hairspray.
  • Whether you wear the festive hairstyle with straight hair or complement it with small curls is entirely up to you.

Spice Up Half Up Hairstyles with Hair Accessories

wedding hair accessories trends 2023 awesome half up hairstyles

Whether it’s a festive, half up hairstyle or playful soft waves – hair accessories are one of the easiest ways to upgrade even the simplest look in no time at all. Small pearls, statement hairpins, hair clips, scrunchies, etc. – the selection of trendy hair accessories is now huge and there is something for every taste. To create the illusion of more volume and dynamics, you can complement the half up hairstyle with hair extensions.

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Flowers in The Hair for a Romantic Look

flowers in the hair diy wedding hairstyles festive half up hairstyles

Festive half up hairstyles are great eye-catchers in themselves. But with a few flowers in your hair, you’ll instantly take your updo to the next level! The dainty flowers are totally in right now and give our mane a romantic touch.

Bubble Braids Are the Trendy Hairstyle In Summer

bubble braids trendy hairstyle 2023 festive half up hairstyles long hair

Braided hairstyles are so yesterday – this summer we are all wearing the trendy bubble braids. Styling takes less than 5 minutes and the trendy look is ideal for spicing up any half up hairstyle. It’s that easy to get the look.

  • Tie the hair at the top of your head into a ponytail. If you want, you can do it as in the photo and complete the hairstyle with several small braids.
  • Tie the hair along the braid with several small hair ties.
  • Then gently pull the sections of hair apart with your fingers to create more volume.
  • Fix with hairspray and you are ready to go.

Festive Half Up Hairstyles to Copy

festive curls elegant half up long hair

Half Up Hairstyles and Beach Waves Are a Trendy Duo Par Excellence

elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair

Half Up Hairstyles Always Create a Noble Appearance

festive half up hairstyles with braids

Hair Accessories Transform Every Half-Up Hairstyle into a Great Eye-Catcher

festive hairstyles shoulder length half up hairstyles diy instructions

The Festive Styles Are Easier to Replicate Than You Might Think

long hair half up updos summer hairstyles trends 2023

Different Ponytail Variations Are Fun

diy prom hairstyles festive half up hairstyles instructions

Festive Hairstyles with Curls

prom hairstyles long hair half up with braids and bun

Updos Always Look Classy and Guarantee a Wow Look

half up updos summer hairstyles ideas 2023

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