Half Up Half Down Hairstyle: With Our Tips, This Trendy Styling Always Works!

by Kremy

I always have those days where I just have no idea how I want to style my hair. Sure – a classic ponytail is always a great choice when things have to be done quickly in everyday life. But this winter we’re trying something new and doing things by halves! It’s not without reason that the half up half down hairstyle is the undisputed number one of all celebrities! And with our tips and instructions, the half-up look will always work perfectly!

half up half down hairstyle long hair quick updos everyday

Are you tired of styling your hair for hours? And this is exactly where half up hairstyles come into play. Once frowned upon as a hipster look, the half up half down hairstyle has become an absolute favorite – even among men with longer hair! And to make sure that the trendy hairstyle lasts and looks beautiful all day long, we have put together a few helpful tips for you.

What Makes the Half Up Half Down Hairstyle So Special?

half up half down hairstyle instructions for styling hair in winter

The half up hairstyle is actually exactly what it sounds like – only the top hair is tied into a bun rather than all of it. The rest of the hair is left loose and the hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their mane but doesn’t want annoying strands on their face. Straight, wavy, long or short hair – there is hardly any other look that is so versatile and easy to style at the same time. Even on bad hair days, the half bun looks really cool and adds a playful touch.

Who Can Wear Half Up Half Down Hairstyles?

romantic updos medium length hair half up hairstyle tips

Why we love the half up half down hairstyle? Depending on the version, the trendy hairstyle works with absolutely any hair length and flatters every face shape perfectly. Since only the top hair is pinned up, the half bun is ideal for adding an exciting touch to your favorite bob.

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Helpful Tips and Instructions for the Half Bun

updo hairstyles for short hair half up half down hairstyle tips

The half-up hairstyle is one of the simplest looks, but mishaps do happen. To avoid this and to ensure that the trendy hairstyle always looks its best, I have put together a few helpful tips for you that always work for me personally.

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Untangle the Hair Well And Brush It Smooth

half up half down hairstyle instructions

To make sure that the half bun lasts all day, you should brush your hair back so that it is free of knots and as straight as possible. Whether for messy buns or half-up braided hairstyles – knot-free hair is the ultimate starting point for every look. Here’s a little tip as a bonus – use anti-static brushes as they prevent the hair from becoming statically charged.

Wash Your Hair the Day Before

half up hairstyle instructions tips

What applies to playful braids also logically applies to the half up half down hairstyle – unfortunately, updos don’t hold well on freshly washed hair. For optimal hold, it would be best if you wash your hair the day before or use a dry shampoo if necessary.

Divide Hair Evenly on Top of the Head

half up half down hairstyle long hair elegant braided hairstyles

For a well-groomed and fashionable look, make sure that you section the hair evenly on top of your head. This works particularly well with a small comb or with your fingers. You should then comb the sectioned hair back again. If you have thicker hair, you can use a straightener to tame and shape it before styling.

Style the Half Bun

elegant updo hairstyles for long hair half up half down hairstyle tips

And now the fun begins! The half bun is now available in a wide variety of styles and there is something for every taste. Would you like a more casual everyday look or would you like something a little more elegant? For the bun base, pull the sectioned hair through a small hair tie and leave a loop the second time you pull it through. For a messy half bun, you can leave the resulting loop as is and gently pluck it apart with your fingers for more volume. For the classic bun, wrap the remaining hair around the loop and slide the end under the hair tie. Or maybe you would like a playful braid? Then tie the top hair into a classic ponytail and braid it as usual. No matter which version of the trendy hairstyle you choose, you should always pull your hair together tightly when braiding it for a better hold.

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Use Bobby Pins for Greater Stability

90s hairstyles space buns trendy hairstyle tutorial

After following all the tips above and being happy with the results, you obviously want the half up half down hairstyle to last as long as possible. Then you are in good hands with bobby pins. For an elegant look, always use bobby pins that are similar to your own hair color. Fix the half bun with several bobby pins, preferably pinning them into the hair with the wavy side down.


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