Bun Hairstyles for Women Over 50 Depending on Face Shape and Occasion + Video Tutorial

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The evolution of a woman’s hair into her 50s and beyond is quite radical if you look at it in photos. The carefree nature of very long, messy hair in your twenties no longer quite reflects the person you are in your fifties. A 50-year-old woman has a clearer sense of style and class. And to celebrate in a fashionable way, we’re going to talk about the main topic of the day: the bun! So, to end the year in style, the DeaVita team offers you some great hairstyle ideas to try! What are the best bun hairstyles for women over 50 depending on face shape and occasion? Let’s talk about it!

Bun Hairstyles for Women Over 50

what are the best bun hairstyles for women over 50

Ever since Brigitte Bardot sported her famous messy, elegant hairstyle in the 60s and 70s, we’ve all tried at least once to recreate it! In fact, the bun has quite a history! For centuries, women have spent hours styling their hair, creating beautiful waves and assembling them into intricate hairstyles. Most often it was buns. All that changed in the 1920s, when feminism spread like wildfire and women decided to take matters into their own hands to feel empowered and free from the grip of patriarchy. One of the first things to change was their physical appearance, which was largely based on their beautiful, long locks that defined their femininity. They cut them very short to rebel, but also to feel free to express themselves. Since then, hair trends have changed radically every few decades. And as we all have a soft spot for vintage styles, in 2023 and 2024, the bun is back! But which hairstyle will suit you best and highlight your natural beauty? Let’s talk about face shapes first and then styles!

What Bun to Choose According to Your Face Shape?

bun hairstyles for women over 50 depending on face shaoe

No two face shapes are the same, so one hairstyle may not match your features as well as another. Most often, when the time comes to choose a new haircut, we look for the one that will best suit our appearance. If you don’t like having your hair tied up because it doesn’t suit you, let us tell you why and what bun style you should choose:

  • Heart-Shaped Face: A romantic low bun with curly strands flowing gracefully over the sides of your cheeks will look great.
  • Oval face: A bun with bangs is best to avoid making your face appear longer than it really is.
  • Square face: For you, the perfect style is the low bun! It will soften your pronounced jawline and give you a more feminine look.
  • Round face: You need a lot of volume to elongate your little round face! A bun without bangs, whether low or high, will suit you best.
  • Diamond Shaped Face: To highlight your cheeks and lips, make sure there is no hair in the front of your face. A smooth bun at the back will look great on you.

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Bun Hairstyles for Women Over 50 Depending on the Occasion

bun hairstyles for women over 50

The messy bun that looks like you slept in it, woke up and rushed out without taming your locks is actually the perfect everyday look! Okay, it may sound unattractive, but recently, the messy bun has been a big trend for women of all ages. Ideally this is a low bun, but you can wear it higher if you prefer. You can also leave sections of hair falling on the sides of the face, which gives an impression of effortless elegance.

bun ideas women 50 years old

The fishtail hairstyle involves braiding a “fishtail” with your hair, then interrupting the process in the middle to create a low bun. It’s perfect for nights out, to impress your colleagues at the office or if you’ve been invited to a wedding! And don’t think it’s super difficult to recreate! Here is a video tutorial on YouTube from Laineymariebeauty who shows us another version of the fishtail bun:

And if you have time to visit the hairdresser and you have an important event, he or she can create this little masterpiece with your hair! Otherwise, buns are versatile hairstyles that you can achieve in the comfort of your home and allow you to remedy any bad hair day in two minutes! Low or high, messy or smooth, you decide!

wedding guest hairstyles bun for women over 50

Video Tutorial: How to Do a Bun Easily?

Even the most beautiful hairstyle can be achieved easily if you have a video tutorial at hand! Forget spending 30+ minutes on your hair every morning before dragging yourself to the office. You can fix fine, flat hair and give it a whole new look by simply gathering it up in a bun. For a classy, elegant and effortless result, all you need is some small elastic bands and a few bobby pins! The rest of the hairstyle is up to you. Here’s an easy tutorial for an elegant low chignon that won’t take you more than five minutes:

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