Short Oval Nails for Women Over 50: Discover the Latest Spring 2023 Manicure Trends for Mature Women

by Stephanie Yankova

With all the up-and-coming trends in nail art, it can be hard to keep up with them, let alone choose a favorite! From bold animal patterns to neon nails and intricate designs, the list goes on and on. While it may be fun and exciting for the younger generations to switch up their nails according to the latest viral nail craze, this may not always be the case for the more mature women. Long stiletto nails and vibrant colors are definitely not the go-to for most women over 50. However, I’ve made sure they don’t feel left out of the latest spring nail trends! Short oval nails are becoming a significantly more desired option amongst the older beauty audience, which is why I’ve selected some of the most modern and elegant designs for you to bring to your next nail appointment!

Spring Design Ideas for Short Oval Nails for Women Over 50

simple minimalist nude short oval nails manicure women over 50

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Marieta G.

This Spring season we’re seeing more and more people leaning toward classic designs, pastel colors, and minimalist nail art. Floral motifs continue to be a prevalent nail art choice for many people, but it’s far more refined and simplistic than what we may remember it to have been in previous years. Let’s have a look at some of the most suitable designs for women over 50 that you should definitely give a try this season!

Classic French Nails with Simple Colorful Flowers

short oval nails for women over 50 classic french tips minimalist flowers floral accents


Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Svetoslava Koeva

Nothing beats a good classic French manicure! It’s chic, simple and gives you an instant “clean girl aesthetic” appearance! This spring season you can try to funk up this timeless design by adding some colorful floral accents! There’s no doubt that you’ll be instantly put in a great mood as soon as you take a look at these adorable minimalist flowers!

Short Oval Nails with Real Flowers

simple minimalist short oval nails design for mature women over 50 nude manicure real flowers

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Svetoslava Koeva

Spring is here, the flowers have bloomed and everyone is making fresh bouquets to help them bring the seasonal spirit into their favorite spaces! So instead of bouquets, why not carry the spring everywhere you go by putting real flowers on your nails? This minimalist nail design is one of the most beautiful trends of the year and if you can get your hands on some little dried flowers, definitely bring them to your nail artist next time you book an appointment – the results are going to be stunning!

Silver Glitter Ombre Effect French Tips

short oval nails women over 50 silver glitter ombre french tips

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Svetoslava Koeva

A fun twist of the French tips is this silver glitter ombre effect French manicure. Eye-catching, yet elegant and incredibly versatile, this is a design that would look just as flattering on people of all ages. Depending on your skin tone you can switch up the silver for gold glitter. If you want to try a more edgy look, then why not give the chrome nails trend a try?

Pastel Blue Short Oval Nails for Women over 50

manicure for women over 50 pastel blue black leaves drawing short oval nails

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Svetoslava Koeva

Pastel colors are a great option for people with darker skin complexion as they create a truly flattering contrast that makes your manicure pop! Add a touch of spring motifs with minimalist black liner leaves as an accent while still keeping the design sleek and simple!

Short Oval Nails with Colorful Mismatched French Tips

trendy colorful mismatched french tips manicure short oval nails for mature women over 50

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Marieta G.

Spring is all about bright colors and positivity, and this manicure embodies just that! Just because you’re in your 50s, that doesn’t mean you should stick strictly to nudes and simplistic designs. Get out of your comfort zone and give this fun manicure a go – you might just like it! And if you do, here are some other groovy, colorful spring nail designs to try this season!

Classic Red Short Oval Nails with Realistic Flower Design

short oval nails mature women red manicure floral accents flower drawings

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Svetoslava Koeva

I must admit, red nails are a timeless classic that I can see myself wearing until the dawn of time. Quite frankly, it looks flawless on every nail shape and suits people of all ages. How can you possibly get tired of something so versatile? Well, I don’t believe you can. However, you can try to switch it up every now and then depending on the season, or occasion. Just like these beautiful accent drawings of realistic flowers incorporated in the design that make it look oh, so fresh and perfect for the spring!

More Short Oval Nails Designs for Women Over 50

classic red matte top coat oval shape nails design ideas for women over 50

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Marieta G.

Milky White Base with Marble Nail Design and Gold Accents

milky white marble gold accents short oval shape nails mature women nail art ideas

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Marieta G.

Pink Base and Silver Glitter French Tips on Short Oval Nails

pink base silver glitter french tips manicure short oval nails for over 50

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Marieta G.

Classic French Tips with Minimalist Half-Flower Drawings

short oval nails for women over 50 minimalist design classic french nails flower drawing

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery: Svetoslava Koeva


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