What are the Perfect Nail Polish Colors for Short Nails? – A Foolproof Guide to Your Best Manicure

by Stephanie Yankova

Most of you are probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling you get when you go to the nail salon, and you’re presented with 4 nail display wheels, 18 colors each, and at that moment you either love or hate all of them so much you simply can’t choose! In this case, I usually start to visualize my closet in the hope of coming up with something unique that will match all my seasonal outfits. Other times I just shoot in the dark and pick something that I find cool or interesting at first glance. Over the years I’ve come to realize that pretty much anything looks good on long nails and the real hurdle comes when I decide to cut them short. So, the question in place is, what color do you choose to make short nails look elegant and refined rather than childlike? Here are the tips we got from our favorite nail techs!

The Best Nail Polish Colors for Short Nails

short rounded square shape nails milky white color with subtle glitter particles

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Any pale colors such as mauve, or nude look beautiful on short nails. They promote a clean, well-put-together appearance and are suitable for every season, which makes them incredibly versatile. According to Svetoslava Koeva, a renowned manicurist with years of experience and our trusted collaborator, neons are the best color option for short nails for the summer. They add a dazzling flair and character to your look, and you don’t even have to worry about accessorizing because they are a statement on their own! Metallic nails are also another big trend for 2023 that looks stunning on any nail shape and size and are a great way to add some edge to your style this season. Take a look at our selection of nail polish colors below!

Neon Nail Polish Colors

hot neon pink color short square nails summer manicure design ideas


Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

What better way to get in the joyful spirit of the upcoming summer than getting a set of bright, neon nails? This hot neon pink will immediately draw all looks to you! If you’re someone who enjoys going to clubs and music festivals, this manicure is definitely a sight worth seeing under the laser lights!

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Classic Red Nail Polish on Short Oval Nails

classic red color short oval nail shape women over 50 manicure ideas

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Timeless and chic, the classic red manicure never goes out of style! It’s sensual, daring, and unquestionably elegant. Perfectly suitable for all ages and seasons, this nail polish is the easiest way to elevate any outfit regardless of the occasion!

Metallic Galaxy Short Oval Nails

purple green metallic color short oval nails design ideas

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

There is something mystical and alluring in the way metallic nails reflect light that makes it impossible for me to take my eyes off them! If you have a hard time choosing a color or a design, this nail polish may just be your new favorite thing! Thanks to the multicolored metallic particles that it consists of when exposed to light your nails will appear as if they are changing color!

Minimalist Gold Leaf Manicure

short oval nails classic pink base gold leaf minimalist manicure design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Who needs color when you have gold? This simple, minimalist manicure is the only piece of jewelry you’re going to need this season! The gold leaf manicure is perfectly suitable for people with short nails who usually find it difficult to incorporate more intricate designs into their nail art due to the lack of space on the nail plate. It’s also a really subtle and gentle way to add a little bit of glam and character to your appearance without overdoing it!

Hot Chocolate Brown Nail Polish Color for Short Nails

dark brown color squoval shape short nails mature women over 50 manicure ideas

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

I got a chocolate brown manicure for the first time not too long ago, and I have to say – I’ve never seen my hands prettier! It looks so effortlessly elegant and delicious all at the same time that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. This is a true “old money aesthetic” manicure that suits every skin tone, weather, and occasion!

Matte Nail Polish on Short Square Nails

lavender purple matte color short square nails spring summer manicure ideas

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Matte nails are great for people who want a more subtle manicure that’s still interesting and elevates their appearance. However, one thing to keep in mind before your next nail appointment – matte nails do not suit super short nail shapes. Because the formula of the matte top coat is denser than the regular, glossy one, it adds more thickness to your nail plate. If you have really short nails, this thickness will make your nails look rather unappealing. If you still want to give this design a go, make sure that you let your nails grow at least half a centimeter above the tip of your finger.

Rose Pink Leaf Nail Polish for Short Nails

pink leaf design short oval nails spring summer manicure ideas

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

A great alternative to the gold leaf manicure for the upcoming summer is this stunning rose pink leaf nail design! It’s clean, feminine, and reminiscent of rose petals sprinkled all over your nails!

More Nail Polish Ideas for Short Nails

graphic short nails black white lines design ideas minimalist manicure

Minimalist White Negative Space Design 

negative space white short nails minimalist design ideas

Purple Pop Art Cartoon Short Nails Design

purple pop art cartoon short nails color ideas

Two-Tone Orange and Mint Blue Swirly Short Nails

two tone swirl design orange mint green short nails color ideas summer 2023 manicure

Gold Glitter Reverse French Short Nails Manicure

gold glitter reverse french manicure short nails color ideas

Dark Burgundy Nail Polish for Short Nails

dark burgundy short nails color ideas springs summer 2023

Classic French Manicure with Small Brown Heart

classic french manicure small brown heart minimalist nails ideas

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