Matte Nails for 2023: Leading Manicure Trends, Inspiring Nail Design Ideas and Much More!

by Anjelina

Matte manicure is preferred by women for its velvety effect and elegant, sophisticated look. It is a great addition to any outfit and depending on the design can be casual and business, or suitable for a special occasion. Matte nails for 2023 are a great alternative to glossy glitter nails, and the options that are currently trending right now will allow every lady to find what she likes best.

Are matte nails in style 2023?

Matte nails are ever so trendy. We are constantly discovering more and more interesting and impressive designs. Manicurists are introducing new techniques and styles from which we can draw inspiration, and offering new variations of matte nails – matte manicures combined with the trendy chrome effect, gradient matte nails, rhinestones and much more.

Matte manicure trends 2023

unique french manicure nail design matte finish

And now that we know matte nails won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon, let’s take a look at what the hot trends are for 2023. We’ll take a look at the color combinations worth considering, as well as the matte finish’s as part of some mixed-media nail designs. All of this is to be covered in the lines to come, so keep reading!

Matte French manicure designs

matte french manicure design with rhinestones


If you are a fan of clean, sophisticated and attractive nails, you should definitely give matte French manicure designs a chance. You can stick to the classic white-tipped nails with satin finish, or you can try a modern option like deconstructed French nails. What is more, you can change the base color with another one of your choice. Check out some great ideas for inspiration:

Yellow tips, French nails

french matte nails yellow tips trendy manicure idea

Matte French nails – different color tips

matte french nail design in different colors

Matte nails 2023 in nude colors

matte manicure in nude colors trends 2023

A manicure that is suitable for every occasion? Of course, it’s matte in one color, preferably in the natural range – for example, beige shades that come as close to skin tone as possible, make hands look well-groomed and clean. Plus, a matte beige manicure is unpretentious, and you can pair it with any outfit, which is a big plus, right?

Long beige stiletto nails

beige matte nails long stiletto nails nude color

Pink matte manicure

gorgeous matte nails in pink colors trends 2023

Pink will never go out of style – it’s one of the most preferred nail colors, regardless of shade. The matte finish in pink creates a subtle and delicate feel that is especially suitable for spring and summer. It’s not uncommon to find these matte nails designs complemented with flowers, for an even more romantic look.

Romantic pink nail design

matte rose nails trendy nail color for 2023

Matte gradient nails

matte gradient nails pink and blue airbrush design

Matte nails that gradually change colors are spectacular and suggest a wide variety of designs, given the possibilities of combining different shades. Manicure professionals suggest going for neon-colored designs that look magical, unique and, indeed, beautiful. Gradient nails in brighter shades will also put you in a very good mood every time you look at them.

Gradient manicure in bright colors

trendy gradient nails design long almond shaped nails

Matte manicure with rhinestones

burgundy matte nails with rhinestones

The elegant effect of a matte finish can look even more stunning when rhinestones are added to the design. Again, the possibilities are endless in terms of color preference, types of rhinestones and crystals, but one thing is for sure – the fashionable combination will suit every taste. Most often, one or two fingernails are chosen, on which a rhinestone accent is added. The rest of the nails are in one single color.

Nude nails and rhinestones

matte manicure in nude color with rhinestones

Gorgeous combination of matte and glossy finish

dark green matte and glossy long square nails

More and more often we see great manicure ideas that combine the two main oppositional finishes – matte and gloss. The results are really impressive, with some manicurists even able to combine both types of finishes on one nail. Playing with colors is also entirely up to the imagination, as both contrasting and very close shades can be used.

Matte nails, glossy tips

matte and glossy nails pinkish color pastel

Minimalistic designs with simple accents

minimalist design pinkish colors white lines

As already mentioned, the matte effect creates a very elegant and modern feel that can be accentuated and complemented with a minimalistic design. Some simple accents can also be added, such as a few lines in a contrasting color, for example. In this way, you get a manicure suitable for any occasion, which is by no means boring – on the contrary, very sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing!

Matte and chrome nails

matte and chrome nails in black and gold

Combine the two leading nail trends – matte and chrome – in one design. The results are more than impressive. The coatings both contrast and complement each other perfectly.

Geometric nail art

geometric shapes in nude colors matte finish

Our last matte nail design idea features geometric shapes, which are very on-trend at the moment and are suitable for any nail length. The colorful stripes and lines can be on all the nails or on just one or two for emphasis, making the manicure the perfect solution for a special occasion.

Long square nails, geometric design

geometric nail art long light beige nails with black lines


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