Cotton Candy Aura Nails 2023: Get Inspired from Megan Fox’s New Manicure

by Gabby

What was youre favorite treat when you were a kid? Do you happen to love cotton candy? Today, we are hopping on a new nail trend that came straight from Megan Fox’s nail artist. What are cotton candy aura nails? What are the colors to try? How to wear them?

megan fox cotton candy aura nails 2023

What Are Cotton Candy Aura Nails?

If you follow fashion trends or if you’re a fan of Megan Fox, then you know that the star has been experimenting with her looks lately. We already know that Meghan likes to make bold choices in fashion, but we didn’t know that would be the case with her nails as well. Exactly 5 days ago, her manicurist Brittney Boyce, uploaded a photo on her Instagram, where she showed off Fox’s latest manicure that Boyce created especially for her. She named it cotton candy aura nails. Inspired by the colors of our childhood favorite treat, she created the perfect nail design. The shape is, of course, long stilettos that has been Megan’s favorite for some time now. For a base color, she used this pastel baby blue that highlights the cotton candy pink in the best way possible.

Inspired from Boyce’s creation, today we are going to show you cotton candy aura nails that are in the colors of this sugary childhood memory. Prepare yourself for a lot of pink, purple and blue auras!

cotton candy aura nails 2023 pink and blue long stiletto shape


Purple and Pink Aura Nails with Glitter: Cotton Candy Inspired

purple and pink aura nails almond shaped 2023

I know fall is almost upon us and you’re probably wondering “But can I wear pink and purple nails this season?”. Well, let us tell you that these cotton candy colors will actually be very relevant during the rainy season to bring in the mood and make us feel cute.

As you already know aura nails have become a super hit even amongst our most favorite stars. If you are wondering what your next manicure should be and want something adventurous, then these purple and pink nails are just for you. And for an extra sugary effect, adapt them with glitter.

Aura French Tip Nails with Cotton Candy Purple

aura french tip nails with purple almond shaped virgo season manicure ideas

But if you want something minimalistic but in the range of cotton candy, we present you an aura French manicure that will make your nails look stunning. Let’s not overlook the fact that Virgo season has officially started and this design is very suitable if you happen to have a birthday soon… These beautiful decorations in silver chrome are just the icing on the cake.

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Pink and White Almond Shaped Aura Nails

pink and white aura nails almond shaped with decoration

As you know there is cotton candy in all sorts of colors already, but the main tones that remind us of it are pink, pastel purple and blue. Yes, however you can now combine any shades to adapt cotton candy nails, according to manicure experts. Just look at this candy land temptation in pink and white. Again, we see decorations in chrome, which have been quite popular lately. Aura nails go hand in hand with them and it’s these type of decorations that give them that extra va va voom vibe.

Short Almond Aura Nails in Cotton Candy Colors

short almond aura nails cotton candy colors pink purple 2023

Can aura nails be short? A lot of people believe that aura pattern can look a bit weird on short nails, but that’s not the case with the cotton candy ones. If you want to spice things up with your short manicure, try these candy pink and purple colors. We ensure you that you are going to fall in love with it and your shorties will look like tiny candies. Super cute, I know! You can also add some trendy decoration to spice things up, or make the aura pattern smaller of a subtle look. Also, if you want to make your short nails look a bit alongated, keep in mind that the aura color should be aplied in an oval shape, instead of a rounder one.

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Cotton Candy Aura Nails 2023 Ideas

cotton candy almond shaped aura nails with purple

Purple and Pink Almond Aura Nails with Pearl Decoration

short purple aura nails 2023 cotton candy colors

3D Pink Almond Shape Aura Nails for Dark Skin

3d aura nails 2023 pink colors almond shape

3 Colors Airbrush Aura Nails in Almond Shape

blue and purple aura nails airbrush almond shaped cotton candy 2023

Pink Chrome Aura Nails Inspired by Cotton Candy Colors

chrome aura nails 2023 oink and purple cotton candy

Purple and Pink Aura Nails with Silver Chrome Decoration

aura nails with chrome decoration almond shaped ideas 2023

Blue and Purple Cotton Candy Short Almond Aura Nails

short aura nails 2023 purple blue and pink colors

Airbrush Cotton Candy Aura Nails for Virgo Season

airbrush aura nails 2023 almond

Purple and Pink Short Almond Aura Nails for Dark Skin

aura nails for dark skin with pink almond shaped

Megan Fox Inspired Cotton Candy Aura Nails Long Stiletto Shape

cotton candy airbrush aura nails 2023


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