Virgo Nails 2023 – Celebrate Your Birthday in Style with These Celestial Manicure Designs!

by Stephanie Yankova

Happy Birthday, Virgos! Your season has officially commenced! This year not only the Sun but Mars and Mercury (in retrograde) are also under the rulership of your sign, which is a cause for a special celebration! Put the hard work on pause just for a day and pamper yourself with a beautiful set of thematic birthday Virgo nails!

What Nail Polish Color Suits a Virgo’s Personality the Most?

best virgo nail polish colors green brown red burgundy 2023

Virgos are a mutable Earth sign, which makes them incredibly neat and order-oriented, with a tendency to scatter their energy in the wrong places. This calls for a constant need to seek balance and ways to ground themselves. Some Virgos gravitate more toward pastel shades because they create a sense of cleanliness and simplicity. Other Virgo natives are drawn more to darker, earthy tones which give off a serene and sophisticated vibe. Whether you’re leaning more toward the bright or dark side, these are the colors that normally resonate with you the most:

  • Green (Sage, Olive, Emerald, Juniper)
  • Brown (Sand, Mocha, Bronze, Chocolate)
  • Red (Blush, Crimson Berry, Mahogany)

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Virgo Nails 2023

minimalist zodiac nails gold virgo leo sagittarius zodiac sign symbols stars birth chart manicure


If the Barbie movie caused a shortage of the fluorescent fuchsia color on a global scale, I’m sure the Beyoncé Renaissance tour is getting close to doing the same with silver chrome. In fact, as a wish for her birthday (04/04 – Queen Mother Virgo) she asked anyone who attends her show to wear their boldest and brightest silver metallic outfit! Well, why not add a stunning chrome manicure to the mix, too? Whether you’re going to the Renaissance show or not, a little touch of silver or gold in your nails never hurt anybody! If you know your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, you can incorporate their astrological symbols in this beautiful minimalist manicure design!

Unicorn Chrome French Tips with Gold Astro Decorations

purple unicorn chrome french tips gold sun moon stars virgo zodiac sign symbol astrology nails birthday manicure 2023

Magic is in the air with these iridescent chrome astro nails! Adorn your fingers for your birthday celebration with a set of unicorn French tips and chrome constellations. Add a couple of stars, an evil eye for protection, and the most important bit – your Virgo zodiac sign symbol! You may not be a witch, but these nails will be casting spells on anyone who takes a glance at them!

Dark Velvet Galaxy Nails

velvet galaxy nails virgo constellation stars birthday manicure ideas 2023

Virgo is the sign that marks the end of the summer. As such, you have all the leeway to whip out the dark nail polishes and give yourself a moody dark manicure! This dark color shifting velvet polish is perfect for an astrology themed manicure as it makes it look like you’re staring right into the depths of our galaxy! You can add a couple of stars in a contrasting white color and let’s not forget the beautiful Virgo constellation!

Sage Green and Chrome Virgo Season Nails

sage green metallic virgo nails zodiac sign symbol decoration astrology manicure

As we mentioned above, sage green is one of the most suitable colors for my beloved Virgos. It embodies perfectly their earthy and orderly nature and gives them a refined and minimalist appearance. Now, Virgos may be all about that zen energy, but they do like to let loose now and then, and boy when they do – it’s memorable! Get your mani party-ready by throwing in some light reflective chrome in there, and go celebrate like there’s no tomorrow!

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Virgo Gothic Lettering Nails

pastel yellow french tips virgo lettering nails astrology manicure ideas 2023

Our birthday is only once a year, so if you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and going for something big and bold – DO IT! This long almond manicure with pastel yellow French tips looks stunning with the black and gold gothic “Virgo” lettering! Because it’s a 5-letter word you can choose to either get one letter painted on each nail or fit them on 3 fingers. It will look fabulous either way!

Minimalist Virgo + Scorpio Nails

minimalist virgo scorpio zodiac sign astrology nails birthday manicure ideas

Did you know that, historically speaking, Virgo and Scorpio used to be the same zodiac sign? Originally they were known as the sign Spica and Libra did not exist. Spica represented a union of the divine feminine and masculine energy.  Then, with the creation of the human kind and their assigned genders, the masculine and feminine energies were separated, as well. This is how Virgo and Scorpio formed. You can see how their zodiac symbols are almost identical. The Virgo’s M has a tail that’s pointing inwards. It’s the carrier of the feminine energy and the symbol represents the female genitalia. The Scorpio’s M, however, has a tail that’s pointing outwards. It represents the masculine energy and male genitalia. When this separation occurred, a new zodiac sign emerged – Libra. This is the sign of love, beauty and marriage, and it acts as a bridge between Hades (Scorpio) and Persephone (Virgo). If you have these two signs in your natal chart, this is a beautiful way to signify their unique and symbolic union.

More Virgo Season Nail Design Ideas

elegant gold virgo nail design sun moon charms zodiac sign symbol birthday manicure 2023

Cobalt Blue Ombre French Tips and Virgo Constellation Nails

cobalt blue ombre french tips virgo constellation astrology nails design idea 2023

Brown Ombre French Tips with Virgo Gemstone Zodiac Sign Symbol

brown ombre french tip nails gemstone virgo zodiac sign symbol charms birthday manicure design ideas

Blue Glitter Metallic Nails with Silver Chrome Astro Decorations

blue glitter metallic manicure silver sun moon stars virgo zodiac sign symbol nails 2023

Mismatched Colorful Virgo Birthday Nails with Creative Decorations

abstract colorful mismatched virgo season nails design idea birthday manicure 2023

Minimalist White Watercolor Manicure with Gold Chrome Virgo Constellation 

minimalist white watercolor nails gold virgo constellation zodiac sign symbol manicure idea 2023

Black and White Crocodile Print Manicure with a Gold Virgo Charm 

long coffin virgo nails 2023 gold charm black white crocodile print

Elegant Marble and Gold Leaf manicure with Gold Celestial Decorations

marble effect gold leaf elegant manicure virgo nails gold zodiac sign symbol

Purple Metallic Virgo Season Nails with Silver Chrome Decorations

purple metallic short coffin virgo nails silver zodiac sign symbol decoration

Pastel Pink and Green Ombre Virgo Constellation Nails

pastel pink green ombre virgo zodiac sign symbol constellation birthday nails design 2023

Orange Zebra French Tips Manicure with a Gold Virgo Charm

orange zebra french tips golden virgo charm birthday nails ideas 2023

Simple Black French Tip Manicure with a Virgo Zodiac Sign Symbol 

short square black french tips virgo nails zodiac sign symbol simple minimalist birthday manicure idea 2023


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