TOP 20 Square Chrome Nails Design Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try in Fall 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

As much as I want the long summer nights, afternoon walks down the beach, and the smell of sunscreen and sea foam to last forever, I’m sure we can all feel the fall vibes creeping in! It’s time to put the fun neons aside and get in the spirit for more moody autumn manicures. No, I don’t mean to go full burgundy, brown and black! Just because the leaves are starting to fall doesn’t mean we have to go all dark and grumpy, do we? The party is far from being over, and these square chrome nails are going to make sure you’re in the center of it!

short square pink chrome nails pearl powder manicure 2023

Who Suits Square Nails?

The square nail shape is best suitable for people who have thin fingers and a narrow nail bed. It will make your fingers appear longer and give them an elegant and well-kept appearance. This is an excellent shape if you want to get a more intricate and detailed decoration painted on your nails. It’s also suitable for classic, micro, and reverse French manicures.

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Square Chrome Nails Design Ideas for Fall 2023

silver chrome short square nails gold metallic french tips manicure ideas 2023


I’m one of those people who love the summer/autumn transitional period and naturally begin to gravitate towards more simplistic designs. However, simple does not equate to boring! Here’s a stunning example of a classic French manicure with a funky metallic twist! The silver chrome base and micro gold tips give your hands an elegant yet edgy appearance that’s bound to get noticed!

Lavender Chrome Nails

unicorn purple short square chrome nails iridescent manicure fall 2023

Milky purple, or lavender, nails quickly stole the spotlight and became one of the most popular nail polish colors for this month. While I do enjoy the occasional plain manicure, I always prefer to have a little bit of zhuzh. It just makes it harder for me to get bored with them until my next visit to the nail salon. Does that make sense? Well, this manicure checks off all the boxes! The iridescent unicorn chrome powder rubbed on top of the lavender nail polish will make it look like a completely different manicure every time it gets hit by the sun!

Color Block Black and Gold Chrome Nails

color block black gold chrome nails short square fall manicure 2023

Some people have a love-hate relationship with black nail polish. I personally think it can give you a really elegant and elevated appearance when paired with a statement element. Here we have a fabulous abstract color block design that’s super effective and easy to make! The glossy black tips in combination with smoothly laid gold leaf will make your fingers look like a true accessory!

Cyber Sigilism Silver Chrome Nails

cyber sigilism nail art long square milky white manicure silver chrome abstract decorations

If you’ve spent some time scrolling through the latest TikTok manicure trends you’ve probably come across this abstract chrome design. What is it called? This is cyber sigilism – a technique that merges traditional symbolism, mysticism and technology to create a unique design. If you want to try a unique out-of-the-box nail art design, this milky white square manicure with silver chrome tech-inspired decorations is one to add to your list!

Matte Yellow and Gold Chrome French Manicure

matte yellow short square nails gold chrome french tips 2023

Abstract French manicures have been all the craze this year, and we are most definitely not done with exploring the possibilities of this versatile trend! Yellow is amongst one of the more tricky nail polish colors to pull off as it’s made of red and green. This means that people who have a cool skin undertone might appear more pale if they decide to go for this shade. However, if you have a warm or neutral undertone, this manicure would look absolutely stunning on you! The matte finish gives a smooth and refined look to your nails and the slim gold chrome tips add a subtle elegant touch that makes the yellow pop even more!

Iridescent Matte Square Chrome Nails

matte iridescent square chrome nails fun fall manicure ideas 2023

Have you ever wondered what chrome nails would look like if you applied a matte top coat over them? Well, ask and you shall receive, my loves! These magical iridescent matte chrome nails are the only inspiration I need to start applying a matte top coat over every chrome manicure I get from now on!

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More Square Chrome Nails Inspo

white chrome long square nails elegant fall manicure 2023

Champagne Gold Short Square Chrome Nails 

champagne gold chrome nails short square manicure fall 2023

Long Burgundy Pearl Chrome Square Nails 

burgundy pearl chrom long square nails fall 2023

Mystical Black and Gradient Green Chrome Powder Square Fall Nails

black square chrome nails gradient green metallic powder

Matte Brown and Rose Gold Chrome Short Square Nails 

matte dark brown rose gold square chrome nails fall 2023

Matte Black and Reverse Silver Chrome French Manicure on Long Square Nails

matte black reverse french silver chrome square nails design fall 2023

Black Metallic Ombre Manicure on Long Square Nails 

long square chrome nails black metallic ombre manicure fall 2023

Long Square Brown Chrome Nails

long square brown chrome nails metallic manicure ideas fall 2023

Minimalist Gold Chrome French Tip Manicure on Short Square Nails

short square chrome nails gold metallic french tip manicure fall 2023

Short Square Rose Gold Chrome Manicure 

rose gold chrome nails metallic short square metallic manicure

Matte Milky White Short Square Nails with an Abstract Melting Gold Chrome Design

milky white matte square nails gold lava abstract chrome french tip manicure fall 2023

Long Square Classic Red Chrome Nails 

red chrome nails long square manicure fall design ideas 2023

Short Square Nails in Yellow Chrome 

short square yellow chrome nails fall 2023 manicure ideas

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